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Sith Holocron 11-08-2013 10:33 AM

Issues with a Peragus II planet texture replacement
Hello all. I'm having some trouble and perhaps one or more of you can assist. Recently, I was inspired by a wallpaper I saw posted up at LucasForums created by a LF member named Trench.

I was quite taken with it so I asked Trench if he could render the planet on a transparent background so I could release it as a mod - which he was happy to do. I placed the planet, ensured the transparencies were working, converted it to a TGA, renamed it to "PER_Plnt01", placed it in the Override, and . . . it doesn't show up. Well . . . at least not outside, when you're on the walkway on the exterior of the asteroid. When you're inside, you can see the new texture just fine!
Photo taken by InsanitySorrow

I'm just trying to figure out why my new texture isn't showing up in both places.

A before and after may helpful here. The old, original version of the planet looks like this in the game:

Here's what I want it to look like:
(Obviously on a transparent background rather than the white.)

A possible clue: I wonder if Malkior and sELFiNDUCEDcOMA are talking about here (specifically posts 195 and 196) is the key to this issue. If this is this case, I might need some baby steps to guide me through this. Seeing as I didn't create the original picture but I do have permission to to release it a mod, I just want to get this released (and off my hands) as soon as possible. (I'm going to be busy pretty soon with something else and I hate having a backlog.) At this point, I don't even want any of the credit but any that can help this get done will be listed in the read-me along with Trench.

InsanitySorrow 11-08-2013 10:40 AM

I think what they are discussing is what is needed here. The exterior scene model needs to be edited so the planet model uses the "PER_Plnt01" texture rather than having it "baked" into the model as it seems to be currently.

As long as that's the only edit made it'll be compatible with any and all texture replacers.

Sith Holocron 11-08-2013 10:43 AM

Seeing as you're working on Peragus, this will likely be helpful to you too! Where would I start?

InsanitySorrow 11-08-2013 10:45 AM

It will be yep.

I'm not sure but I'm going to take a look now and see what I need to learn to get this done :D

Quanon 11-08-2013 01:35 PM

Perhaps extracting the models and importing them into 3Ds Max or Gmax might reveal some clues on how the models are constructed. Plus you'll also be able to use the material palette in Gmax or 3Ds Max to know what textures are being used.

It's pretty odd sometimes, but the kotor games mostly use the same texture plastered everywhere :lol:
But there are exceptions, which ofcourse are very suprising to discover.

Any idea what the model names are for this area. I'dd be willing to reconstruct in Max.
Don't feel like modding my own stuff anyway at the moment :p

Sith Holocron 11-08-2013 02:46 PM

Thanks for the generous offer, Quanon! I don't know the model name but hopefully someone else right be able to assist with that. Anybody?

By the way, if the smallish group of asteroids in front of the Peragus II texture can be named and dealt with, I might have a bonus texture to include in this. To be specific, it's NOT the floating rocks I am talking about here but these non-moving rocks.

InsanitySorrow 11-08-2013 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by Quanon (Post 2840039)
Any idea what the model names are for this area. I'dd be willing to reconstruct in Max.

Going by the posts in the topic linked to in the OP the model is 104perg.

Quanon 11-09-2013 11:02 AM

Thanks InsanitySorrow! Last night I picked out some random model files from Peragus, but none where about the outside of the astroid.

I'll check this out ASAP!

Okay; found out that 104pera is the model with the big astroid base and the catwalks.
104perb has the 'broken' planet and astroids belt. Outerspace is a big hollow ball.

Textures used: EBO_neb for the nebula.
EBO_Per for the wasted planet.
Per_Stars02 for the background.

104perg has only the Harbinger model.
Other 104perk to 104pern contain mostly emitters and some aurora lights.

But I guess that is what you guys already know. In that model all astroids are 3D models of various sizes. No flat planes.
I'll now start to find how the outside scene is made when you're inside the base, when you first can catch a glimpse of Peragus.

EDIT: Seems like there are 2 textures for the hammerhead.
Per_Hammrhd01 and V_Hammrhd01, though it's only the last one that is used for the Harbinger.
I would guess the other texture might be used in the Dxun blockade.

EDIT2: 101perbl seems to be the model you're looking for SH. It has a small circle in it. Which has the following texture asigned to it: Per_Plnt01.tga
instead of the EBO_Per.tga used in the astroid exterior model. Same goes for the nebula, in this model it's Per_nebula01.tga instead of EBO_neb.tga

Sith Holocron 11-15-2013 07:44 PM

Thanks to Darth Sapiens, I now have this figured out. News to come, shortly.

Mod released . . . TUCE Thread

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