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Nixilus 11-23-2013 02:31 PM

Simple Interface Mod (S.I.M)
Simple Inteface mod (S.I.M) by Nixilus

Well, Simple Interfece mod - is a simple retexture of some ingame interfaces, such as Load\Character\inventory\Skills... menus, Workbench menu, Shop menu, Galaxy map and so on...

I made this mod because default interfaces was realy annoing to me and always distracted my attention when I try to read something or find something on screen:). Hope You find this mod useful too ;)

If necessary MAKE A BACKUP!
Then, copy files from "Simple Interface\Override" folder to yours "KOToR TSL\Override" folder and replace if necessary. If you don't have such folder - make one!

ATTENTION!!! There is "galaxymap_p.gui" file inside! S.I.M require this because I rescaled "Galaxy map" interface what is pretty useful in my opinion. Now Galaxy map is bigger and easy usable if you use such mods as TSL Galaxy map Fix (Changes the positions of the planets in the galaxy map to roughly their canonical positions) because there is almost planet on planet (like Onderon and Dxun) and time after time you need to try to select necessary planet :( (It's maybe just in my case. I do not wont to offend author of this really nice mod!!!) Anyway, I made this file compatible with all mods which also use "galaxymap_p.gui" what I could find...
Here is a list of compatible mods:
TSL Galaxy map Fix
Maybe some others if you lucky;)

You don't have to use "galaxymap_p.gui" file if you don't want or if it cause some troubles as any of interfaces this mod contains. You can install them separately. To do that just chose what interfaces you like and copy them to "Override" folder.
But if you will not use "galaxymap_p.gui" file then you should get something like this

Instead of THIS!

ATTENTION!!! All interfaces adapted for 1920x1080 (16:9) screen resolution and there is should be no problems but I do not know how they will work with other resolutions.

Just delete following files from yours "KOToR TSL\Override" folder
galaxymap_p.gui*******\File contains some variables for Galaxy map interface
pnl_computer_pc.tga****\All ingame computer interfaces
pnl_datapad.tga*******\Interface for datapads
pnl_galaxy_pc.tga******\Galaxy map interface
pnl_pause_pc.tga******\Load\Character\inventory\Sk ills... menus
pnl_store_pc.tga*******\Store menu
pnl_upgrade_pc.tga*****\Item upgrade interface
pnl_workbench_pc.tga***\Workbench item creation or breakdown interface
If necessary restore yours backup!

P.S. Please post a comments if you find some bugs or issues. I hope you like it :)



supreme kotor 11-23-2013 05:49 PM

This mod, I like it. Alot.

Very well done I seriously love the new pop-up box.

Nice job-Supreme Kotor

CptPriceless 11-24-2013 10:53 AM

Subtle, but pretty. I like it.

Nixilus 11-24-2013 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by supreme kotor (Post 2840548)
This mod, I like it. Alot.

Very well done I seriously love the new pop-up box.

Nice job-Supreme Kotor


Originally Posted by CptPriceless (Post 2840565)
Subtle, but pretty. I like it.

Thank you guys, I'm glad you like it :)

P.S. Also, if you like, you may comment what you don't like in my mod, and maybe some yours ideas. Maybe I'l be able to recreate something ;)

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