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Darth_Octan222 01-09-2014 10:32 PM

Mod request
I have EAW for the mac. I have some great ideas for a mod for this game. I wanted to make a new GC scenario that includes a lot of brand new units, a new faction and planets.

I'm new to this whole modding scene so I don't know what is possible and what isn't.

New planets
malachor v
nar shadaa

New units

Vader's SSD
Tie interceptor
Mara Jade's Acclamator (Hero unit)
Imperial Escort Frigate
Capital ship escorts
carrack class cruiser
Lancer class frigates
starviper fighters
Imperial Guards recruitable on coruscant
501st vader's fist hero unit (4 platoons) stronger storm trooper units with a special venator class cruiser
Give Emperor his own special ship

MC80 cruiser
Venator cruiser
Moldy Krow (kyle Katarn) Hero
Rebel escort figate
Nebulon B2
All MC cruisers have hangers
Give mon mothma a special ship unit
Princess Leia as hero unit with Tantive VI
Providence-class cruisers
Lucrehulk battleships
Recusant light destroyers
Munificant star frigate.
Add Lando to the game to replace han solo as milennium falcon pilot and make him able to destroy the death star
Make Han solo as general and a elite ground unit
Make Luke skywalker a jedi ground unit and put red squadron as escorts of lando
Make wookie warrior and wookie elite warriors recruitable on Kashyyk only
Make Bothan soldiers recruitable on Bothawui
Make bothan spy recruitable on Bothawui (replaces han solo as unit that isn't detected by enemy space craft.
Mandalorian soldiers, mandalorian elite soldiers, mandalorian commander and mandalore (hero) recruitable on Mandalore and dxun.

New faction New CIS

Super battle droid
Battle droid
Magna guard
Grievous bodyguard
General Grievous (hero) Special command ship
Droid fleet commander
Droid ground commander
Spider droid
Spider walker
Hailfire tank droid
heavy missle platform
Viceroy (leader)
vulture droid
CIS strike bomber
droid tri fighter
Trade federation frigate
CIS capital ship
bx series droid commando
rocket battle droid
AAT tanks
Bio Cannon
Defoliator tank
Flitknot speeder
Ground Armored Tank
Heavy Artillery Gun
IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank
Impeding Assault Tank
Seismic tank
Single Trooper Aerial Platform
Sith Enforcer
Super tank
Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike
Umbaran hover tank
Mobile heavy cannon
Geonosian elite units recruitable only on Geonosis
can recruit mandalorian units from respectable planets
Change boba fett from empire to CIS

Open to all ideas about units

Make it so all 3 factions compete against each other in 1 GC scenario. All are enemies to each other

Make geonosis home planet for CIS

Change rules so that only way to win is to conquer enemy factions home planet Rebel-Hoth, Empire-coruscant and CIS-Geonosis.

Change indiginous population on onderon to onderonian royal guard on onderon and to mandalorian warriors on mandalore and dxun.

Make it so Onderon's indiginous population is loyal to whoever claims the planet.

Make it so only infantry based units and heroes can be used in dxun land battle.

Make it so only smaller type craft and effectively manuever in space battle on malachor v.

If anyone wants to try to make this mod then I would be very happy, I know mods like this exist out there, but most are buggy and don't work well. As i said before, i have the mac version, so the mod must work with a mac. Also I want all the new units to not be invisible and to have weaknesses and descriptions

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