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Ado13 01-11-2014 03:51 AM

Adding Kotor and Kotor 2 to the Nexus
Hello friends, i want to suggest that we add Kotors and TSL mods to the Nexus mods and
I suggest this because i think that its the best way to preserve the mods for the future generations.

Prime 02-04-2014 03:00 PM

Not sure if that is something "requestable" or not?

The Doctor 03-26-2014 01:02 PM

The thing is, many of the authors of KotOR and TSL mods are difficult to reach, and it's thus very difficult to gain permission to post them to the Nexus. Robin and the staff over there are pretty strict about posting "stolen" files without permission, even when due credit is given.

But for those who can be reached, I think their mods should definitely be posted to the Nexus.

Prime 04-14-2014 03:37 PM

I'd be willing to post mine :)

ChAiNz.2da 08-23-2014 09:31 AM

Just got through posting mine. :D

Been a NEXUS fan for quite awhile, and it makes managing them super simple. Not to mention the gaming communities(s) are flocking there now that they've opened up the "mods for ANY game" upload wizard.

Darth333 10-08-2014 11:11 PM

Am nexus member too (Toutatis) will see what I can dig...

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