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Flint_A 06-08-2014 02:25 PM

I wonder whether I've broken something...
Hi guys. I wanted to play as a Jedi from the start for my second playthrough. I was lazy, so I just Googled "kotor jedi mod" and used the first result that wasn't on FileFront.(FileFront doesn't work outside the US.) That was this:

Everything was going well. I was using Prototype Vibroblade in my main hand and the short lightsaber the mod gave me in my off-hand. Today, when I loaded my game, my hands were empty and there was no Prototype Vibroblade in my inventory. I shrugged and kept going. I put Mission's Vibroblade in my main hand, short lightsaber in my off, moved on.

Then when I changed areas from Dantooine Courtyard to Matale Grounds, the game said "items lost". Mission's Vibroblade disappeared(Feedback confirmed) and the short lightsaber switched to my main hand. I got angry. I figured the mod must me forcing the lightsaber into my hand somehow.

So in my anger I struck down the mod and deleted everything in the override folder. Then I kept playing. So far it seems like the game is working fine. When I loaded and switched areas again, the blade did not disappear.

My question is, how likely is this action to break something? I mean deleting the files halfway and continuing with the game. The mod is supposed to change only the start, I think. But I haven't officially become a Jedi yet in the story, so...

Should I keep going? Should I do a fresh install and start over with the same mod and/or another mod? Help me LucasForums, you're my only hope.

Sithspecter 06-08-2014 09:41 PM

I think you'll be okay. If anything goes wrong, you can always start a new game or use the KotOR Savegame Editor to remove your Jedi status.

Shigar Konshi 06-09-2014 03:13 AM


Originally Posted by Flint_A (Post 2849521)
(FileFront doesn't work outside the US.)

Uuhh.. Yeah it does

Flint_A 06-09-2014 03:46 AM

Correction: FileFront does not work most of the time in Middle Eastern and most Asian countries. As they don't make much money from ads, they've seriously limited if not completely removed their bandwidth towards these areas.

And I like my Jedi status...

Shigar Konshi 06-09-2014 02:43 PM

It works all the time here in the uk

Flint_A 06-09-2014 03:46 PM

Yeah, I've never heard of it not working in the UK. Works in Australia and such too. But in non-English countries, it rarely works.

Shigar Konshi 06-09-2014 04:07 PM

Well I live in Scotland and it works all the time for me

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