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Vader's Apprentice 10-13-2001 10:22 PM

Equal to bosses
I thing that In JKO you should be able to take on stuff that dont count as bosses but have equal power. For example - In Shadows of the Empire in the second level "Escape from Echo base" - the boss was an At-St but later on in the "Gall Spaceport" level you had to kill an At-St again but it wasnt the Boss - Boba Fett & his Slave 1 was. I think you should be able to fight something like a Turret and deflect the Laser Bolts with your saber. and then mabye do what Luke did in TESB(the empire striks back) and use a robe to swing up to under a AT-AT walker and slash open a panel under the hull a put in Sequncer Charges that explode and bring the AT-At tumbling to its knees or joints or whatever they are, besides raven said they eould e focusing on using the Lightsaber to do puzzles and stuff, slashin a panel counts I guess. Then there would be more lastability to the game. :p :rolleyes: :eek: :confused: :)

StormHammer 10-14-2001 01:46 AM

The idea of using progressively harder bosses - which is what you are really talking about - is nothing new. In fact, it goes all the way back to Wolfenstein...where the boss at the end of the first mission was a big blue guy with chainguns. You get to meet the same guy mid-level in later missions, with more difficult bosses at the end of those missions.

I see nothing wrong with that trend continuing, because it makes the game more challenging as you progress.

I also like the idea of being able to bring an AT-AT to it's knees. ;-)

digl 10-14-2001 02:28 AM

Thats also done in serious sam
cool game
Im waiting 4 the 2nd

Kurt Plummer 10-14-2001 04:07 AM

Yes, but...

It should always be EASIER to kill the early/mid level bosses 'later on' and often it isn't.

People put a lot of challenges into a game and that's good but sometimes the most fun of your life is coming back to the neighborhood where a block bully made you sweat too much of your childhood and _Kicking The Living Crap_ out of him.

Not very 'Jedi' minded but it is true and so whether with new weapons or new abilities or just a simple understanding (an AI key behavior for instance) of how you did so the first time it should be as much reward as new-struggle to beat respawned bosses.

It would also help if they were at least differently skinned (markings/clothing/armament etc.)

There should also be instances where you are NOT rewarded for going at it again and one of the best would be having say TWO ATST or ATAT type walkers to face off against where the enemy walkers use team work (shooting you off their legs for instance or moving around your sabre blocking arc) so that you 'know better this time', from the hard time you had last, than to try at all.

That is one of the most bothersome things about the game and indeed the myth, realworld Military tactics win by cooperative team play and crosscovered firepower.

The Imps simply don't do that.

If there was a girder running across over an ATST bay with 20-50 (mechanic, driver, MPs, not just generic soldiers but differently uniformed/equipped _support troops_) men and five Walkers in it, at least two with hatch-open crews running 'systems checks', would you choose the big red-X vacuum rated armor doors leading straight into the bay or would you look for a way to go up and take advantage of the free catwalk?

Kurt Plummer

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