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Jeff Walters 07-28-2001 03:09 AM

"Jedi Knight II is going to kick ass."

Woot! I do beleive, this is what we've all been eager to hear :D

Swoosh 07-28-2001 07:20 AM

Hell yeah! My only question is why weren't we invited to this media party up at the Ranch? Oh well, maybe someday :)

I can't wait to play the game!!!


Seryl Cann 07-28-2001 07:47 AM

New things we learned from the new preview:

The bowcaster will be almost the same as in JK1 (including the 5 shot second fire option)

We're going to get "acrobatic-style moves". I wonder how they're doing this. If this is going to be Oni-style key-combos or something else.

The AI is going to be fantastic! :D

Force lightning will be a force power in JK2. Will they make it as in JK1 or as in MotS?

There will be actual weather effects like rain and snow that will affect the gameplay (make the ground slippery or something)

There will be 8 different locations, with multiple sublevels. This doesn't really say much, because we don't know how long the levels will be.

I think that's about it. Overall I'd have to agree with this preview: It's going to kick ass!

GonkH8er 07-28-2001 08:11 AM

and leg choppy-offyness

and the ability to harm your opponents in ways which they will psysically display the result of. (eg limping)

*dreamy sigh*

:) im content again........

CaptainRAVE 07-28-2001 08:21 AM

Hey, that sounds real good.

KillerBee 07-28-2001 08:40 AM

yeah great preview..

wardz 07-28-2001 09:38 AM

Sounds good. But I will be more enthusiastic when i see it a little closer. Like in my hands..

I got so excited about obiwan I dont dare tempt fate..


CaptainRAVE 07-28-2001 10:56 AM

Did you see all the hate mail lucasarts got because of that....quite funny methinks.

Rogue15 07-28-2001 12:34 PM

they should make it so the planet's gravity affects the player too, not all planets have the same gravity you know!

GonkH8er 07-28-2001 12:52 PM

i was wondering about that not long ago. i havent seen any alterations in gravity in all the sw planets we've seen in movies..... whats the go with that?

PreTZeL 07-28-2001 01:11 PM

umm...i like this reading...heh
yeah, as for gravity...
"I don't think they had Wookiees in mind when they made this thing."
hope that clears things up :D

KillerBee 07-28-2001 02:34 PM

mmm the moon of Endor kinda had Earth like gravity.. wierd.. unless the moon was the size of Earth..

Wilhuf 07-28-2001 02:50 PM

The article also mentions that Raven will be using motion capture for the animations.


wardz 07-28-2001 03:08 PM

Could they not use the motion capture they were going to use for ObiWan. I have the videos for them and they look really good..


acdcfanbill 07-28-2001 06:25 PM

speaking of gravity, i though a cool idea for a level, prob MP would be an old, VERY old (in SW tech terms) space station. one that is so old that it uses cintrifigal force to create artifical gravity. it could have six to ten levels or something like that, the center of course would have no gravity, but the outer level would have say, 3x normal gravity, so everyone moved sluggish, and things like saber throw arced WAY down. the middle levels of course would work their way out, gradually raising gravity. that would be a pretty cool level, no?

Krayt Tion 07-28-2001 07:06 PM

ya it was nice of them to elaborate on the squad-base stormie AI...time to snipe the officers first :p

and i haven't slipped around on ice without cleats in the SW universe since the days of Ice Station Beta, good. :p

i think that's what we all wanted to hear and i only have one complaint.

When the **** did JK have a Stun Baton?? That's the second time IGNPC has said it will be a weapon that is returning from JK. Hello? Who has been smoking too much crack while playing Deus Ex. Katarn does not work for UNATCO.

Denise 07-28-2001 07:14 PM

Well, what with the Dragon's Tooth in that game I could see reason for the confusion. :D
Funny, the tech descriptions say it's a regular blade with nanites cleaning and sharpening the surfaces, but then when you get it it looks suspiciously like an energy sword... ;)

nykel007 07-28-2001 10:49 PM

This motion-capture, it'll be great to see how it is implemented in the game. You'll maybe be flipping over and away from your opponent and stuff like that.

ed_silvergun 07-28-2001 11:17 PM

Yes, the motion capture news interested me too, mainly because I've heard a couple of members of Id, including Carmack himself say that they think it's a bit of a waste of time...

Still, those Obi-Wan motion-capture videos looked great, so let's hope Outcast's are as good. Seems like <A HREF=""></A> were impressed, anyway...

calendar 07-29-2001 12:08 AM

Lets hope the game is as good as they make it out to be! :D

Gabrobot 07-29-2001 12:34 AM

Heh heh, like what they said about the AI. ;)

Kurgan 07-29-2001 03:00 AM

The Bowcastor actually sounds very similar to JK's.

In JK the primary fire was a five shot spread (you had to charge it a bit, just tapping the button fired one shot). Secondary fire was a stronger BOUNCING shot.

So it sounds like they just switched them and made the bouncy shot an exploding shot. Hope they improve the range of the spread (range sucked in JK, it was more like a shotgun).

The Stun Baton.. hmm. Maybe they are thinking of the TUSKEN PROD that was planned for JK, but never made it.

Y'know, this is there chance to add in all the stuff that was planned for JK, but never made it into the final release:

Tusken Prod weapon

Saber Throw (we saw this in MotS of course, and Obi-Wan)

Speeder Bikes (drivable by player and enemies)

Ride Animals (Kell Dragons, enemies only?)

Kick attack, in addition to punches (we saw this in Obi-Wan)

Ground Rolls (Obi-Wan has 'em, probably see them here too; and no, not the pastry)

Unfortunately I don't have the screenshots anymore, but they released some back in the day of the Tusken Prod and Speeders.

Another thing I remember that sounded cool from JK was a sequence where Kyle was in a sewer tunnel, and an AT-ST hopped down into the tunnel and chased him.. ; )


Wilhuf 07-29-2001 03:23 AM

The mo-cap animations in tribes1 and 2 were pretty impressive and I wouldn't call them a waste of time.

I remember reading a long time ago, before Jedi Knight was published that Jedi Knight animations would also use motion capture. I don't know whether that actually happened or not. Anyone got any info on this?

skyler 07-29-2001 03:43 AM

JKO sounds so good i am almost afraid to believe its true.(i know it is still early in developement) It has been four long years since JK came out. JKO looks worth the wait. :cool:

CaptainRAVE 07-29-2001 08:44 AM

Yea, if its on different planets there should be different strengths of gravity. That would be easy for Raven to implement.

ed_silvergun 07-29-2001 01:08 PM


Originally posted by Wilhuf:
<STRONG>The mo-cap animations in tribes1 and 2 were pretty impressive and I wouldn't call them a waste of time.</STRONG>
Yes, I know. From what I remember, the gist of the argument was not that they looked bad, it was just that doing the animations manually gave them a lot more "hands-on" control.

Syndrix 07-29-2001 01:09 PM

Well Wilhuf, apparently motion capture implementation did not go ahead in Jedi knight. Not stable and flexible enough at the time, or so is stated.


[ July 29, 2001: Message edited by: Syndrix ]

Krayt Tion 07-29-2001 01:59 PM

The purpose of that sentence in the IGNPC follow up preview was clearly to mention what weapons that we used in JK that we would get to use again. It is a pretty glaring oversight, maybe I should email them.

nykel007 07-29-2001 02:34 PM

One more thing, it'll be cool to see kyle go up against an AS-AT/AT-AT. I know he came up against one in MOTS, it be nice to do what Luke did in Empire and chop off a few heads. :D

CaptainRAVE 07-29-2001 03:38 PM

Hi, i aint seen you round these forums before. Welcome. Yea, it will be cool to chop heads off. Im gonna enjoy torturing the enemy :)

Wilhuf 07-29-2001 04:39 PM

Thanks Syndrix for the link to the interview. Interesting backstory.

Chewie_Rips 07-29-2001 05:50 PM

Motion Capture Animations-New Saber Control System-Acrobatics-Acurate Blocking-Body Specific Hits-Weapon Based Puzzle Elements...." Show me to bathroom, I just shiat my pants".. :eek:

" I have a crap on deck that could choke a donkey"....Fat Bastard APTPWSM

CaptainRAVE 07-29-2001 05:58 PM

Yea there was quite a lot of information released. I really like the idea of acrobatics.....but then, isnt this taking the same path as Obi-Wan so far :eek: ...ekk indeed

C.H.A.S. 07-30-2001 03:13 AM

I liked the info the preview gave and hope it all gets into the game.
Also I doubt JK2 will do an Obi-Wan on us because the Jedi Knight franchise was strictly PC except for Dark Forces.

P.S. What is motion capture.

[ July 30, 2001: Message edited by: C.H.A.S. ]

Davo 07-30-2001 11:02 AM

yeah im really gonna enjoy slicing a few ewoks up!
damn those Ewoks.... damn them to HELL!!!
im gonna amputate each of their limbs.
i want to take their faces....... OFF!!!
yum :p

just a little hungry and getting tired
and no im not serious
i dont really enjoy eating little fury ewoks ..... but i must. :D
enough of this crap
im going to sleep
and no im not crazy

nykel007 07-30-2001 11:32 AM

Did anyone notice? but in the E3 clip kyle's opponent drops her l.saber. I hope this doesn't happen in the real game, it could be quite annoying.

nykel007 07-30-2001 11:53 AM

I hope we'll be able to play another charater (luke ;)) rather than kyle. maybe like a special mission.

Rancor 07-30-2001 01:53 PM

C.H.A.S..... Motion capture is a way of getting high quality animations based on the way things move in real life...basically, the people doing the motion capture attach little glowy balls to specific spots on a stunt actor, then they record that actor performing different moves. Next, they have a computer track the motion of the balls on a computer and build a realistic representation of that stunt/whatever. Finally, they take this motion captured data and apply it to a character in the game. Voila..the animation looks very realistic.

So, that's more or less how it works.

[ July 30, 2001: Message edited by: Rancor ]

C.H.A.S. 07-30-2001 02:53 PM

Thank you. I got lost whenever somebody mentioned it. Anyway that sounds cool and I sure hopes it gets in JK2.

Oh I remember hearing about that at a computer show. Duh!

One more thing what does EU or UE or whatever stand for.

Thanks Again

Yes looking back I did see the lightsaber being droped but something like that they'll probably have a toggle for in options.

[ July 30, 2001: Message edited by: C.H.A.S. ]

wardz 07-30-2001 04:08 PM

Extended Universe. Books and that.


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