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TrUeFoRcE 10-21-2001 12:25 AM

definite things to add in jk2
i think that player models should have more than just 1 arm that can get cut off...all key joints should be able to be seperated i think, also damage from a big fall or a force jump into a low ceiling should be optional....force sounds from the movies should also be in thegame..and saber trails and force auras should also be an option, 1 thing ide really like to see in this as well is the chat room feature, which allows u to talk to the people ur about to play with, or if u just wanna talk to a person in the game you could go in the chat and talk without having to be in the game, this also would make it easier to find people u know, thats a definite advantage that jk1 had over all multiplayer games today

Jedi Howell 10-21-2001 12:38 AM

i think that all quake3-based games have this feature, no? I may be wrong, as I don't hv Q3. Am I missing anything spectacular gameplay-wise?


TrUeFoRcE 10-21-2001 01:11 AM

quake 3 is nothing special, its a great game engine, but i didnt like the game very much

Darth Lunatic 10-21-2001 04:50 AM


Home_Sliced 10-21-2001 04:42 PM

As to the slicing and dicing of stormtroopers into small pieces, JK will use a nifty piece of coding called GHOUL2. Basically it seperates the body into many different areas (arms, legs, torso, head, etc) each of which can be lopped off on its own (well, probably not the head for this game). It also allows you to easily add in "extras" like sunglasses, backpacks, utility belts, etc by "bolting" them onto the player model. It sounds like a very cool system from what I have heard.

I can't say anything definitve about the others except to agree with you about eliminating fall/low cieling damage after a force jump (unless its a really big jump).

Dark-Obi-Wan 10-21-2001 05:42 PM

yeah the ghoul effects engine was used in soldier of fortune which made some really nasty effects, but it did make it more realistic from what i heard. jedi knight had some early body specific damage, am i correct?? like with the storm trooper rifle you could get an almost always fatal head shot with the scope

Kurgan 10-21-2001 07:04 PM

A JK editor came up with an area damage modification (head, body), but prior to that the game didn't have any real area specific damage. Shooting somebody in the leg with the Sniper rifle was the same as a head shot or torso shot.

Pain skins would be nice.. even Rune had those.


StormHammer 10-22-2001 12:01 AM


Originally posted by Dark-Obi-Wan:
yeah the ghoul effects engine was used in soldier of fortune which made some really nasty effects, but it did make it more realistic from what i heard.
Actually, it was a little bit overdone - like you could blow a leg off using a handgun. I believe they are focusing on making it more realistic in SOF2.


Originally posted by Kurgan:
Pain skins would be nice.. even Rune had those.
I totally agree. What's the point of shooting/slicing someone in the arm, leg or other body part if you can't see signs of the damage? I also want to see them limping away.

Darth Lunatic 10-22-2001 05:48 AM

Like in counter-strike, when you are shooting an opponent, they start to stagger and cant run away at full speed. This HAS to be put in JKO!

The visible damage on enemies after you scorch them with a blaster, or slash them with a saber should be seen, and obviously limbs can come off after slashing with sabers (which will be in the game yay!)

What do you ppl think of headshots? 1 shot kills? As long as it doesnt detract from the fun too much. Some headshots in counter-strike are...very questionable, to the point of anger.

Also, is there any chance we're gonna see cloaks/moving cloth? Like Sith lords or Jedi in there cloaks, and it moves like realstic cloth. Max Payne had that coat that would wave around when he ran, Nocturne had a little more complex cloth movement, which drained even the best computers at the time. It would be great to fight a sith lord in his black cloak, hood over the face and all. Similar to Darth Maul on Tatooine.

Oh yeah, and there has to be Sith statues (from MOTS) as bad guys in one of the levels!!

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StephenG 10-22-2001 03:14 PM

-Double sided Lightsaber. If not in singleplayer mode then in multiplayer mode. I wanna have a one on one double sided saber duel.
-Editing tools.
-Kyleís old ship
-AT-ST enemy. I hope that will be able to cut off one of itís leg
-Jawas- funny little buggers
-Force throw. I loved throwing objects around in JK.
-FETT!!!!!- my 2nd favourite star wars character
-At least one BIG city level
-A good co-op mode BESIDEDS CTF or team deathmatch

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Agen 10-22-2001 05:06 PM

I totally agree with almost everything every1's said here but i heard that raven aren't including blood in jk2.... what would be the point of cutting off a trooper's arm and look to c that the inside of his arm is white as well? i don't think troopers have milk running round their body do u?

StormHammer 10-22-2001 05:47 PM

I don't think the point of cutting off limbs is to see blood - it's just the fun of dissection. :D

As far as bloody stumps go...well, if you cut off a limb with a saber, I would expect more of a cauterised, blackened effect anyway.

The puffs of blood shown in the early game demo video would be enough for me. I certainly don't think gratuitous gore would be necessary in a SW game...though I'm looking forward to the grisly parts of SOF2. :D

TrUeFoRcE 10-22-2001 10:05 PM

so a ghoul system thats in SoF will be in JO and SoF2? thats awsome, ide love to dice up a few people with a light saber, or blast an arm off with a rail charge.

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