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WinterJedi 10-02-2001 01:29 PM

New screenshots.
I've peeked into and came across this URL:

Check it out. :)

cossack1812 10-02-2001 01:39 PM

Yeah man these screenshots are kewl
Is it just me or is Raven really putting the q3 engine to good use?
JKO will definatly top JK

Darth Lunatic 10-02-2001 02:34 PM

The characters look really good there.

AHAHAH!! Now what are you gonna do !

I really wanna see a high res video of this game in action now. So far it all seems to good to be true. There has to be something wrong ...somewhere! Give us a video Raven!

[ October 02, 2001: Message edited by: Darth Lunatic ]

GonkH8er 10-02-2001 03:18 PM

thanks winter
Right hand kyle- double barrelled weapon. perhaps the flechette, following q2's super nailgun style?
Some delicious looking architecture there!

So you dont have to go to the site to the links, here they are.

<a href="">Close Combat</a>[*]<a href="">Nice Weapon</a>[*]<a href="">Fire in Cloud City</a>[*]<a href="">Jedi Knight</a>[*]<a href="">Multiplayer</a>[*]<a href="">The Green Menace</a>[*]<a href="">2 on 1</a>

Discuss! we've seen a couple of them, but there IS some newies. Once you get past the bas scan quality, theres some amazing stuff there.

CaptainRAVE 10-02-2001 05:28 PM

The rodian in screenshot 6 looks real cool. Look at all that detail on the face. Even the eyes seem to glow. The arm thing is probably and hopefully just an early bug. The only thing i have noticed with the graphics is that the textures and levels look no better that those of Elite Force and Q3 Team arena. The character models look much better though :).

StormHammer 10-02-2001 06:32 PM

Well, I must say this game is looking sweet.

The architecture looks okay...but I'm more interested in the scale of it. In the Nice Weapon pic, for example, you can see people in the distance - and they are quite far away. I believe my concerns about the size of the levels in JK2 could be laid to rest. Especially if the same scale is used vertically.

In the pic Close Combat, you can really see the detail on the Gran - including the fact that his mouth is properly modelled, not just a texture. It would be really cool if the three eyes are independently animated. And is that a Thermal Detonator I see before me? It has a more utilitarian look, and I think I like it.

There's not really much to say about the Multiplayer pic except that gun looks a little bit too big. I initially thought it was the Bryar pistol, but it seems to be different. Could be the Flechette gun as someone else suggested.

The Rodian in the Green Menace pic is also very good. Why are they all wearing white though?

I like the model of the ship in the background.

The 2 on 1 pic again shows the sheer scale of the level being played. Look how far away that green Bowcaster shot is, and the player just to the left of it. And that's a very nice arch those two Kyle's are coming through. Nice.

The characters and weapons have been very nicely modelled and textured throughout.

I hope they will add a lot of other objects to break up some of the sparser-looking on JK's Baron's Hed level. You know, people selling wares, maybe some wall tapestries...things like that to add some colour. I'm sure we'll see lots of NPCs, droids etc. as well.

I have a feeling this is going to be another one of my favourite games of all time.

Great work, Raven. ;-)

wardz 10-02-2001 07:14 PM

Good work Raven... (i am having to say that each time you release something new, you keep surpassing yourself!) :)

the architechture looks nice, the aliens look nice, and that new crosshair looks nice!


Stormhammer, do you think that could that thermal be a flash bomb?


StormHammer 10-02-2001 07:46 PM


Originally posted by wardz:
Stormhammer, do you think that could that thermal be a flash bomb?
Anything is possible. It has more of a grenade-type look, though, and does not have the same features as the FBs we're used to, from MotS. Perhaps it is a different type of device...which would certainly be welcome. As long as it does the bouncy-thing in secondary fire mode, I don't mind. ;-)

[EDIT: altered reference from JK to MotS. Ooops. ;-)]

[ October 02, 2001: Message edited by: StormHammer ]

GonkH8er 10-03-2001 02:43 AM

I'm pretty sure that big fat weapon is the bryar. It looks kinda goofy. In the other shot, with the 2 kyles, when I saw it in the hands of the left side kyle, I thought it was a rocket launcher :)

Darth Lunatic 10-03-2001 04:36 AM

If that is the Bryar Pistol, then it looks a tad out of proportion there. Just looks too big compared to the original JK.

DrIfTeR 10-03-2001 05:59 AM

is it me or is the bryar pistol huge compared to what it really is?

Darth Lunatic 10-03-2001 07:34 AM

Yes drifter, we've noticed that.

GonkH8er 10-03-2001 07:35 AM

whoa. that bryars huge! anyone else see that?


StephenG 10-03-2001 07:57 AM


Originally posted by GonkH8er:
<STRONG>whoa. that bryars huge! anyone else see that?
yep they are really big, to BIG. looks like quake rocket Launchers...LOL

They had better change it- it's sux!

GonkH8er 10-03-2001 08:06 AM

StephenG, did i just see you in a CS game?

StephenG 10-03-2001 08:09 AM

Yes i play CS on wireplay australia servers

GonkH8er 10-03-2001 08:20 AM

I saw you not long ago on wireplay #5 :)

I was playing under the name Evolution

thats weird. I come out of a game with you and Letalis, which i did not organise with you, and here you are.

odd :)

StephenG 10-03-2001 08:25 AM

Evolution, i know that name on CS. Your quite good at CS. ii'l say hi next time your playin'

Syndrix 10-03-2001 02:19 PM

I have to make comment on the architecture, its design. I think this is of the major things people will judge JK2 on. Many people seem to love JK's multilayered verticality, fighting on many levels. I can understand this (even if I think JK's level design was average, CO may have levels but it was still shoddy).

As StormHammer said, it is quite big, and the city looks very nice (I'm talking about design, not texture). If you are able to actually get to those bridge it would be good, especially if they had things like that in MP. In JK you could have seprate battles going on but they were never really "seperate", only 3 seconds of force speed away. If we have maps that size the possiblities are huge, imagine running into that area to see the distant flashes of sabers colliding as two Jedi duel on one of the bridges, while on the ground someone somwehere has a crosshair over you and your first clue is a flurry of blasts that you quickly try to avoid while similtaniously working out where they are coming from.

I dont know what everyone else thinks but this is the kind of multi-faceted, vertically layered, very expansive levels I want to see in JK2.

Edit: Also I think that in that scan it is a "chain gun looking" heavy weapon, or perhaps the flechette gun, not the bryar. I thinks it looks similar because it has coils around it similar to the look of the bryar (only scaled up). If you examine its end it has more than one barrel like a spinning minigun. I doubt it is the bryar.

[ October 03, 2001: Message edited by: Syndrix ]

SlowbieOne 10-03-2001 02:55 PM

Wow! Cloud City is looking sweeeeeeeet! I have a feeling it will be the best level.

Myxale 10-03-2001 03:41 PM

Look at all those cool Levels and Chars.
”utstanding + high quadrat 14.

But i still feel something like...!?!

...Well why im such as sure that my new Jedi adventure will need an new PC.
Well why not.... :rolleyes:

CaptainRAVE 10-03-2001 04:09 PM

The bryar is big because the player is using the zoom feature. That kind of thing happened on Elite Force and Quake 3.

Syndrix 10-03-2001 04:46 PM

Ok, look at the guy on the left, is he using the zoom feature and we can see it too? I still say that it is just a heavy weapon that we dont know of. Something along those lines.

Rancor 10-03-2001 04:52 PM

The most obvious explanation is that they know the scale of the model is off, but are working on other things that are more important. Assuming it is a bryar pistol, I don't doubt it would be scaled down to a realistic size.

Kurgan 10-03-2001 04:53 PM

Yeah, if that's the bryar, it has grown from pistol size to Concussion Rifle size!

Wouldn't make much sense, because as we all know, the Bryar pistol is a modified Bryar rifle that Kyle modified (sawed off and attached a new handle).

Perhaps it's just an early model, or perhaps it's some other weapon that just happens to resemble it...

It does remind me of the Bryar pistol as shown in Dark Forces though (which was round.. the JK one was squareish, due to it being low poly).


CaptainRAVE 10-03-2001 05:35 PM

I didnt notice that screenshot. But Raven have loads of time to sort out minor things like that, im just surprised they are showing all these bad shots :)

StormHammer 10-03-2001 07:16 PM

Well, I've just looked very, very carefully at the shot of the two Kyles, and I noticed something interesting. Here is the guy with the gun up close...

You may notice that there is more than one hole on the end of that barrel...which I don't think the Bryar pistol has.

I think it may be the flechette gun.

Looks very nice, too. ;-)

Syndrix 10-04-2001 03:19 PM


Edit: Also I think that in that scan it is a "chain gun looking" heavy weapon, or perhaps the flechette gun, not the bryar. I thinks it looks similar because it has coils around it similar to the look of the bryar (only scaled up). If you examine its end it has more than one barrel like a spinning minigun. I doubt it is the bryar.
*Points to part of an earlier post by myself everyone seems to have overlooked*

Rancor 10-04-2001 04:19 PM


I didnt notice that screenshot. But Raven have loads of time to sort out minor things like that, im just surprised they are showing all these bad shots
Agreed. Something about this whole thing seems weird. SoF2 has posted lots of great looking things in the past couple of months, but yet we hardly see any new stuff on JKII...and the stuff we do see looks like it is obviously unpolished.

Maybe Raven doesn't have much control over what JK2 screenshots are being released?? Maybe some mgmt/mrktg guy at Activision/LEC has access to a version of the game, and not knowing anything about games, just randomly presses the screenshot button...then passes the not so good "goods" off to appease sites and mags banging on their door for more info?

StormHammer 10-04-2001 05:55 PM


On the contrary. I read it. I even referred to your post in my first post (about someone mentioning the flechette gun). In my last post I was trying to add weight to your argument. ;)

Lord_FinnSon 10-05-2001 04:29 PM

If you look closely, you can also found out interesting little thing that people didn't seem to notice when this same pic was posted earlier on the LEC's main site...
Kyle's missed grey hair! ;)

[ October 05, 2001: Message edited by: Lord_FinnSon ]

GonkH8er 10-05-2001 04:39 PM

we did notice it..... we made a big deal out of it..... out came the geriatric jokes... :)

and all the kooky old man force powers.... like force 'dont-make-it-to-the-toilet-in-time'

and as long as we're nit picking hirsuitness....... pony tail man is getting a bald spot :)

[ October 05, 2001: Message edited by: GonkH8er ]

ed_silvergun 10-06-2001 10:00 PM

Hi guys! Long time no see... but I'm back, now with a 1.4GHz Athlon in place of my old K6-2 system, so I'm currently a very happy man... :D

Anywayz, my two cents on the screenshots... they are very low quality, but I wouldn't take it as a reflection on the quality of the actual game. That pic with Kyle fighting the Dark Jedi with the saber in mid-air (originally titles "disarming" on we have already seen in high quality from both LEC and IGN. If you imagine the other shots in that kind of resolution, you can take that as a truer representation of the quality of the game.

I wouldn't worry, folks, JKII will kick arse! :)

Kurt Plummer 10-06-2001 11:43 PM

To me it looks like an 'enhanced Mega repeater' like the one I picked up in one of the JKORS levels.

Which is to say less a _rotary_ weapon than a pepperbox style firecracker.

Completely worthless piece of junk that didn't fire far enough to matter and scattered like crazy besides.

OTOH, the definitions of weapons should be better used, if only to make the game designers realize we aren't exactly thrilled with their renditions-

Linear Action:
Back and Forth reciprocation on a gas or blowback (recoil spring) driven bolt. Firing Rate is set by the the strength of the bolt spring and the gas peak-to-bleed pressures between rounds. Barrel is usually single per action though actions may be doubled. ROF depends on caliber but seldom exceeds 1,200, cyclic.

Chain Gun:
Weapon Breach runs on a block that goes 'round and 'round attached to a chainlink in a recessed track like a bicycle or garage door opener. Speed is set by the loop speed in closing and opening the bolt to accept new rounds. Barrel is single. Ex: AH-64 and M2 Bradley weapons. ROF is anywhere from 1-2 to about 750.

Weapon has multiple barrels, each with it's own bolt/receiver assembly, which are spun from behind using hydraulic or electric power.

It takes a minimum 1-2hp to do so, at 'impressive' rates, even in rifle caliber. This means a lot of juice and short man-carry firing times in our world.

Weapon loads/unloads and fires in a cam controlled sequence from a common feed which is also often powered and very frequently 2-3 times the size and weight of the gun itself.

Allows high to very high ROF (GAU-19/GECAL-50 in six barrel mode does 8,000rpm) because no single barrel is firing more than 1/3-1/7th of the time to suffer gas erosion and thermal expansion.

Torque is a beach of another sand, as is base-weight and in the (very) few 'hand held' variants, a large _vertical_ handle is used to 'hold down' the fire as a streaming saturation effect rather than truly 'steer' it as an aimed effect.

In any case, _barrels must be kept unjacketed to allow cooling_ in static use. And no, I don't care what force mode you use, you can't run fast enough to cool down a gat.

Weapon has single barrel with multiple chambers that function as a gatlings do but which are ROF constrained by barrel wear. The F-5 and many European guns (Mirage and Eurofighter among others) are all Revolvers.

ROF is 1,200 and up to the limit of the barrel wear or about 2,700rpm.

Multiple barrels, firing all at once or in sequence. Common on derringers but also a few full scale Machine Guns (including the very first). Original design can be traced to Leonardo Da Vinci IIRR.

ROF varies by design but is capable of 'instantaneous' to the total barrel count.

It just bites my butt that these game designers apply such overblown titles to weapons that not only DON'T WORK but don't look very good as failures.

I mean if you want interesting, 'new', looking guns put a little effort into it!

The 'gatling' (rotary) goes back at least to Doom (and IRL: Project Vulcan of about 1947) and is completely out of style for an energy repeater in the SW universe IMO.

The only thing that comes close to looking like a rotary is one of the side mounts on the ATST and it has never been seen to fire (so it could be anything, including a sensor).

If you want a neat looking weapon that (_at it's lightest_) doesn't weigh about 230lbs with battery and ammo, try making something modelled on say the Gast principle (double barrel, one side fires to cock and load the other).

Feed it from an overhead longitudinal or banana clip magazine (ala G-11 or Bren) to keep the overall firepower:length ratio short enough to allow SHOULDER aiming.

Speaking of which, nobody with an ounce of training fires ANY autoweapon 'from the hip'.

Even in assault mode with anything from Uzis to M-60/M-249 you ALWAYS bring out the stock and put the bulletline to the sightline at your highest-eye rest point which is naturally along the arm to the shoulder.

It is the same as F1 switching between 'held like a pistol in front' vs. 'held like an idiot' from external-side.

Accuracy just goes straight to hell if you don't adopt a proper firing stance (snicker, why do you think the Imps miss so much, hmmmm??;-) and the SW guns simply don't fire fast enough, with enough lethality, to make up the difference in 'walking on the tracer' strafe mode.

IMO, Kurt Plummer

StormHammer 10-07-2001 03:19 PM


Originally posted by ed_silvergun:
I wouldn't worry, folks, JKII will kick arse! :)
Absolutely right. Sounds like you have a nice PC there. And welcome back, BTW. ;-)

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