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Qet Remel 05-31-2001 04:17 AM

The Banner
Well, first post on the new forums, but hopefully this message doesn't sound demeaning in any way.

I was just curious as to why the banner for a post ROTJ, Kyle Katarn-based game features characters from Episode I- The Phantom Menace.

Not to say that the banner is poor, far from it. In fact, its slick, well-designed, and seamless in quality. However, it seems a tad misplaced. I know the site has just now been launched, and I've probably set myself up for flames aplenty, but I just thought I'd comment on it :)

Other than that, spotless work across the board.

Suggestion for a header banner? Perhaps an evolution collage (from left to right) of the Dark Forces Kyle Katarn, then the Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn, and then the Jedi Outcast (JK2) Kyle Katarn. Just an idea :)



matt-- 05-31-2001 04:19 AM I agree. The characters are misplaced indeed.

matt-- 05-31-2001 04:20 AM

Why is there an altimeter to the left if there is no need to a craft's wings level in space. Better yet, what is level in space?

Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 04:22 AM

Just wait for them to release some JK2 screenshots and more info the banner will change you will see

Qet Remel 05-31-2001 04:22 AM

I'd be more than willing to try to make a banner if I can reacquire my copy of Adobe Photoshop that I misplaced, if the webmasters are interested in me trying out such a project :)

-Qet :D

Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 04:22 AM

The altimeter aye, what's an altimeter captain?

matt-- 05-31-2001 04:25 AM

There is a banner contest. Look on the main page.

matt-- 05-31-2001 04:26 AM tool...used for...flying.

Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 04:26 AM

yes, to matt-windu you listen

matt-- 05-31-2001 04:27 AM it?

Qet Remel 05-31-2001 04:30 AM

I thought it was a button contest, for advertising on other sites

*smacks himself on the forehead*

When will I ever learn.

Qet :D

matt-- 05-31-2001 04:31 AM

No, you are correct.

Aristotle 05-31-2001 04:33 AM

You guys should reload the site.. we've been playing with the logo tonight... just testing out a few...

matt-- 05-31-2001 04:33 AM

Late it is, and soon twilight must fall.

I'm goin to bed. See ya in the forums tomorrow.

Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 04:35 AM

aye its about 2130 hours let's reload this site now see what's going on in the minds of jedi webmasters

Qet Remel 05-31-2001 04:36 AM

Ohh... sorry Aristotle, I didn't mean to sound pompous or high and mighty or anything :( I was just curious about it


Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 04:36 AM

oh very impressive, they took the ep1 junk out, thank you very much hehehe

Tre Lightshadow 05-31-2001 04:36 AM

Changed banner fast! The new one Rocks! :eek:

Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 04:42 AM

I'm going to get 100 posts tonight damn it, talk to me people!

GonkH8er 05-31-2001 07:04 AM

ur a sad sad person :)

SithSeeD 05-31-2001 03:16 PM

I made a banner.. they said they would use it but they didn't... I'll upload it so you can see what you think.

SithSeeD :mad:

SithSeeD 05-31-2001 04:51 PM

what do you people think of this banner ? there we go

SithSeeD :mad:

[ May 31, 2001: Message edited by: SithSeeD ]

[ May 31, 2001: Message edited by: SithSeeD ]

[ May 31, 2001: Message edited by: SithSeeD ]

ChrisC3po 05-31-2001 05:28 PM

We are still playing around with the logo, and although we have only announced a button contest feel free to <a”>submit</a> banners as well.

Bartolo_JCS 05-31-2001 05:32 PM

lol sithseed

Wilhuf 05-31-2001 05:42 PM

It's not an altimeter, it's an artificial horizon. It looks cool, but why is it there?

BTW I like the banner as is. It seems kind of '70s-style classic era.' Keep it as is!

ChrisC3po 05-31-2001 05:48 PM

Apparently that’s Aristotle’s “prop”. Personally I think that’s his favorite part of the site. :)

SithSeeD 05-31-2001 08:33 PM

hehe what about this one ?


SithSeeD 05-31-2001 09:34 PM


SithSeeD :mad:

matt-- 05-31-2001 09:42 PM

Personally, I like it. It has more color than the red and gold that's up there now.

bsbuckeye21 06-02-2001 01:49 AM

I like the direction you're going, but don't cover up the logo and maybe clean it up a little. :)

Kwup 06-02-2001 01:54 AM

the problem with that banner is you don't know if those charactors will be in DF2, I mean, you did sorta cut their asses up into kibbles-n-bits in JK1 :D

Kwup 06-02-2001 02:10 AM

Moldy Crow = ugly

DrIfTeR 06-02-2001 02:14 AM

i like that one just clean it up and maybe shrink the people a bit and it should own.

Ice Man 06-02-2001 02:22 AM

Ooo. Keep the Moldy Crow though. That looks nice. :)

Ice Man 06-02-2001 02:23 AM

Ooo. I like the Moldy Crow. Have that in the banner!

runab0ut 06-02-2001 04:34 AM

errr... what banner?!?

banner ads? or the main header of the website?!?


ill make both... :D

Bartolo_JCS 06-02-2001 05:48 AM

Moldy Crow, definately.....

DrIfTeR 06-02-2001 07:53 AM

anyone wanna make me a ad banner for this link ill give you a cookie.

matt-- 06-02-2001 06:52 PM

Bart, why do you insist upon posting the same thing three times?

Ki-Adi-Mundi 06-02-2001 09:45 PM

I don't like the current one. But who cares what I think?

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