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CaptainRAVE 05-31-2001 06:50 PM

Only Early Screenshots......
Many people are sayin the screenshots arnt so good.....lines in the badkground, lightsabers too long. Remember that these are the shots from the E3 preview.....that was rushed in order to get it completed in time for E3......these are EARLY shots poeple :rolleyes:

matt-- 05-31-2001 07:10 PM

i concur. The e3 demo was done in only a month. Keep that in mind.

SithSeeD 05-31-2001 07:15 PM

All the critics should shut their mouths. For 1 months work it looks damn good.

Exoddus 05-31-2001 07:18 PM

i think the pics look pretty dam good, but the only thing i find is that Kyle looks a bit to skinny and it doesn't look like he has any muscle what so ever. :cool:

CaptainRAVE 05-31-2001 08:27 PM

But remember...jedi dont need muscle....did u see much on luke.....they just use the force!!!! :D

StormHammer 06-02-2001 01:58 PM

Kyle looks fine, the saber looks great, the Stormtroopers are something else, and judging by that E3 video footage, the game is going to be awesome when it's released.

I agree that some of the environments do look a little sparse, and there are too many grey textures, IMHO. I wouldn't mind seeing a few more black and white textures, like in the original Dark Forces. And some more colourful environments, like DF's Gromas Mines level, and coloured lights, like in MotS. I think these things could spice up the environments a little bit.

Of course, it is very early days yet, and they could be planning all of this for the final game.

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