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Ice Man 06-02-2001 01:21 AM

In Depth Screenshot Analysis
Okay, hi everyone. I'm Ice Man and I'm glad to get into the JKII community while it's young. That way someday newbies will see me as a veteran. Hehehe. Anyway, as the subject title reads, I'm going to apply my more or less extensive knowledge of Star Wars to the screenshots we currently have available and then I'll want to hear your views.
Let's start with my favourite screenshot:

Let's take a closer look.

Okay I conclude that we must be in some Imperial base or ship of some sort. Observe the metal floor, the storm trooper (duh!) and the aurabesh (Imperial language) on the monitor.

Now let's observe the blue haze around the trooper. This is from Kyle, I think. Kyle's hand is outstretched in some force maneuver. Judging by the way the storm trooper is being bent over, this is probably a force-push.

Just want to metion as well: Observe the light saber glow on both the ceiling and the flore. That's a nice effect. Even the light saber itself is worth salivating for. :cool:

Anyway, that's enough for that post. I'll analyse the other pictures some other time. Tell me what you think about the screenshot.
Any idea what each of the numbers mean?
Which numbers correspond to health, shield, ammo and force strength respectively?

Jedi Howell 06-02-2001 02:33 AM

One: There are only 2 numbers; Why?

Two: There is a problem with those blue circles on the ceiling; the glow should be on the monitor and consoles and stuff; Everywhere!!!

Three: I hate the blue haze; it should be a blur effect around the trooper, the blue haze looks lame.

Four: What the hell is Kyle doing with his body? It looks like he's got a serious case of cramps, and the motion with the hand is odd, unnatural.


ZeroXcape 06-02-2001 02:52 AM

Jedi Howell: These screens aren't taken from builds right before the game is going gold. JKII production didn't even start until after the cancellation of Obi-Wan. So here goes:

One: The numbers that represent health and Force are confusing. I thought they changed colors to represent how high or low they were. This is not the case. On four of the screen shots, the left number, (which I think is health,) is red. On <a href="">one screen</a>, this is not the case. I'm guessing the number on the right is Force power. So far, it appears in three different colors. Dark blue, blue, and yellow. I think it is Force power simply, because it goes higher then 100. The smaller number under what I think is the health is probably sheilding.

two: I don't have a problem with the blue ceiling circle; however, if the ground is going to be effect by the saber, near by objects should as well. Notice the computers don't seem to show any visible effect yet. Once again though, we're still VERY early in development.

three: A blur effect is really the same thing as the blue haze, it's just emphasized with the color. It's not like Raven is going overboard with it: this isn't Black & White ;). I think it looks pretty good... a lot better then good ole Force Blinding does on JK.

four: While the animations are still probably rough, the screen shot looks like it was taken at an odd time. I'm sure with motion added to that Force, it won't look anything like that. I do see what you are saying though. :)

Archie 06-02-2001 09:08 AM

The way that the sabre does the dynamic lighting on the ceiling is a result of the Quake engine, if you remember back to Quake or Quake two, when shooting a rocket down a corridor, you would get four lit up circles following it on the walls as it goes down. Quake3 hasn't a per-pixel lighting engine, if your really wanted a proper environment affecting sabre-glow you would need to look at the Doom3 engine or something ;). So, there's always JDIII to look foward to.

Jedi Howell 06-02-2001 09:14 AM

I'm still skeptical about the blue haze, although I don't mind it as much now, since figure that it couldn't look too bad, 'cause this is Raven, and that the shot was taken at an odd time.


Seryl Cann 06-02-2001 09:15 AM

The first thing I noticed about this screenshot was the sparkles: They're not triangles! :D
The second thing: the numbers. They will probably change them. Try to remember that these screenshots are of an E3 demo that Raven made in 1 or 2 months. There are probably going to be a lot of changes before the game is ready.

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Archie 06-02-2001 09:16 AM

The blue haze is so cheap that I can only assuming it's a placeholder graphic. Hell, nearly everything seen so far isn't that likely to turn up in the final game unchanged.

Aragorn 06-02-2001 10:01 AM

And that goes for the HUD too. Do you think that these numbers on the left and right are going to stay?
These screens are just a taste of what we'll see in a year from now. :)

Hell, with the game being in development for a few months now what did you expect? Doom 3 or something? ;)

GonkH8er 06-02-2001 10:37 AM

what i quite like is the glass shattering effect. it looks quite nice in the 1600x1200 shot over at voodooextreme.

it breaks into irregular chunks, and itll add a certain zest to what may have been a rather boring death without it :)

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ZeroXcape 06-02-2001 12:20 PM

We uploaded our 1600x1200 screens if you check the <a href="">screen shot</a> section. We're going to use the TGA files to make some pretty sweet wall papers if anyone is interested.

Speaking of Doom 3, who here already has a geForce3? :)

Ice Man 06-02-2001 12:51 PM

Ooo, I would indeed like some wallpapers. :) Yeah, you guys are right. They'll have some fancy HUD up soon. Still, I'm curious what each of the numbers mean.
After the release of the new screenshots by LucasArts, I'm not sure what the number on the right means. It could be ammo, since it reads 300 on this pic:

<center><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank> </center></A>
Just a thought really.

[ June 02, 2001: Message edited by: Ice Man ]

[ June 02, 2001: Message edited by: Ice Man ]

wardz 06-02-2001 12:59 PM

AMMO! I didn't think of that, good idea.

Look at that rifle, I can't see what some people are complaining about. I would take those graphics any day of the week..


Ninja-Elite 06-02-2001 01:09 PM

Knowing Raven, they will replace the blue haze and the textures on the console with the Imperial writing will probably change as well seeing as how they are a bit...bland.

Oh and if you notice, that same right number says 100 when kyle has the lightsaber equipped in this shot ( ). Maybe you can only see how much force power you have when you have your lightsaber equipped. And if you also take notice that that number is yellow in the pic thats analyzed. I know in Elite Force, the numbers hightlighted when you got shot or when you shot so maybe that would be a measure of your force power since Kyle is using a power and the number declined by 9 from the above shot.
[ June 02, 2001: Message edited by: Ninja-Elite ]

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CaptainRAVE 06-02-2001 01:38 PM

Hey for a rushed level completed in a month these screenshots RULE......pretty much have to expect some glitches this early on! :D

digl 06-02-2001 09:20 PM

Dont start trying to analize the HUD of a game with a few months of development, Its really a waste of time
The OW HUD also changed trough time, as new screenshots were released

ed_silvergun 06-02-2001 09:31 PM

Are we allowed to pic-link back to the site's own screenshots section?

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