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Swoosh 06-03-2001 02:09 PM

So what do you guys think?
How's the desktop that I created? Just want to see if you guys like it because maybe I'll make another one soon...any ideas?


ZeroXcape 06-03-2001 02:15 PM

Also, while you are giving ideas:

How do you want the forums to open up?

A) In a seperate window.
B) Like they currently do in the frame.

wardz 06-03-2001 02:25 PM

Hi lads, I would prefer it if it opens seperately. That desktop is nice swoosh, rest assured i am using it.

Zero, I will leave that little flash creation on my FTP, if you want you could put it in the fan art section or something...


ZeroXcape 06-03-2001 02:31 PM

wardz: will do, we're working on our concept art section now anyway.. we got some really good stuff being submitted.

bsbuckeye21 06-03-2001 02:45 PM

Opening in a new window would be best. I just Shift+Click as it is.

Jedi Howell 06-03-2001 04:25 PM

New window.


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