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Lord Turec 06-23-2001 05:59 PM

MP Customizing
I hope that we will be able to customize our characters in Mp again. Our own skins, sabre colors, force powers, etc. I found that with the ablity to customize the game, that it gave the game a more personal feel. I enjoyed seeing how the Jedi's and Sith Knights I was playing against had made their skins, giving them their own identity. MP with JK was always a lot of fun. I never really played all that much on the Zone, but I used's "IP messege board" to host and play games. I just hope that JKII will be just as customizable.

Mafia_Jabba 06-23-2001 11:09 PM

yea..but I don't wanna see ten thousand kyle's running around again and more customization means more hacking...

I am all for customization..just as long it doesn't mean hacking like with the "bacta" skins if anyone has ever done that lmao...

but really...I'd like to see a circulation on the default skin besides than just the regular kyle

Kettch 06-24-2001 09:24 AM

Would be cool if we could choose our skin colour/hair colour/ clothes colour, hair style etc. :rolleyes:

wardz 06-24-2001 09:28 AM

Yeah, how much customisation do people want? Same as MOTS? or more?


CaptainRAVE 06-24-2001 10:25 AM

More.... We should be able to choose our skin colour/hair colour/ clothes colour, hair style etc, like Kettch said. I also think we should not just be able to change lightsabre colour, but style of handle aswell. Remembering that jedi all have different styles. I also think we should be able to choose between double and single bladed aswell. Hopefully there will be more interesting force powers aswell.

DeathBoLT 06-24-2001 10:54 AM

i think double sabers, lightstaffs, etc. should be left out. if they have no other function and act like lightstaffs and multiple sabers in jk, that'd be pretty lousy..

CaptainRAVE 06-24-2001 11:23 AM

If they were included theyd have to have their own set of moves. That might be a reason for Raven not to include them as it would be a lot of extra work. They might have a boss or something in sinlge player who has one. Unlikely though.

Tap[RR] 06-24-2001 12:32 PM


Originally posted by Mafia_Jabba:
<STRONG>yea..but I don't wanna see ten thousand kyle's running around again and more customization means more hacking...

I am all for customization..just as long it doesn't mean hacking like with the "bacta" skins if anyone has ever done that lmao
i have not seen the q3 engine get hacked,and you can use custom models for q3...just put the model/skin in the directory then select it like a normal model/skin. So im sure jk2 will support custom skins and models without it being hacked. :p

[ June 24, 2001: Message edited by: Tap[RR] ]

Kurgan 06-24-2001 07:20 PM

I would LOVE to see custom-type lightsabers (ie: an alternative to having everyone have the same exact size and style saber).

As to the color, I'm sure we'll get to pick our colors again as in the past. I would like to see two sets of RGB sliders in setup:

one for the core
one for the blade

That way you could have potentially huge array of colors to choose from.

But if a person could pick a lightstaff or dual sabers, they would have an advantage over somebody with just a single saber.

So in that respect, I would think that the special sabers would have to be a weapon you would find (ie: a pickup) or else you could toggle it off. Or else they would have to program in some kinds of balancing features for the other types, so they wouldn't simply dominate every game.

Maybe you could have "lightstaff arena" or something.

As to balancing different melee weapons, see games like the Bushido Blade series (still the best one on one melee combat in any 3D games, IMHO).

I would definately like to see them available in multiplayer though, even if it was just in a mutator or something like that (that would be a nice feature to have in JK2 incidentally.. something like the mutators in UT and Rune, etc).


[ June 24, 2001: Message edited by: Kurgan ]

acdcfanbill 06-24-2001 08:34 PM

well, maybe a lighstaff or two sabers wouldnt be that much of a dominating force. remimber Kyle beat Boc, and he had two sabers. there would have to be different controls for each, and maybe you could pick which one you wanted in SP too. All Jedi's build there own sabers, and Kyle hasnt built his own yet, so maybe the first thing you would do is pick out the style and look of you saber. that way you would get used to it right away, and the more you use one type, the better you would be with it. so i doubt that a person with a single saber could be easly beat by a person with a lightstaff, or such. and also, the lightstaff should be able to be switched to one blade to be controlled like the regular saber.

Mafia_Jabba 06-24-2001 10:33 PM

you just need advantages and disadvantages to having the staff and 2 sabs

Jimi-Wan 06-25-2001 03:35 AM

im all about full customization, hair color, clothes color, etc. i really do think that raven should include the dual sabers and lightstaff aspect in multiplayer, i know it means more work for them, but id live to see it. if they dont do this in the original release, then definately put it in an add-on. having dual sabers or a lightstaff is a considerable advantage over just one saber, but they should be harder to master, since they're better.

something else that i think would be awesome, a blacklite saber, heh heh heh.

SnaKe 06-25-2001 05:05 AM

I was thinking about how that if they had it to where when u pressed the arrow key twice u dodged like on UT.. that would be pretty cool because then it wouldnt just be moving in straight lines and jumping and all that other crap. Now if we could dodge it would add a lil excitement to the game. What ya'll think?

Mafia_Jabba 06-25-2001 02:37 PM

I never used the dodge thingy

Lord Turec 06-25-2001 09:45 PM

I like being able to create my own Identity in game. I hope that they add in other species too when adding MP characters. Not just all having the same bi-pedal human frame, with a different texture, but actually having different species with their own unique framework.

Masamune 06-26-2001 01:00 AM

I would love to see a double bladed lightsaber in multiplayer.

They could just add it as something you could turn on or off as a setting on the server. That way those that want to play with only single bladed sabers can, and those of us who want to play with double bladed sabers sometimes, could as well.

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