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FOG-Wraith 06-24-2001 09:23 PM

Katarn looks kinda wussy...
Looking at the screenshots...doesnt anyone else think Kyle looks kinda wussy now? He looks scrawny and girly. Compare him now to his debut in Dark Forces...he looked badass in that game.

TheJackal_jk2 06-24-2001 09:36 PM

He IS old. Even Jedi become OLD.

FOG-Wraith 06-24-2001 09:48 PM

i don't really think being old has anything to do with it...if hes old give him gray hair and a pot belly..but dont make him look like a girl.

ZeroXcape 06-26-2001 11:18 PM

hehe, /me changes his nick to FOG-ZeroXcape.

Good to have Wraith back on Jedi related boards ;)

KillerBee 06-27-2001 12:02 AM

its a simple relation ship
as time progresses kyle looks more of a wuss.
Df, mercanry tough kyle, JK he is wearing a blouse! MotS.. ermm well mots..

FOG-Wraith 06-27-2001 12:12 AM

lol zero

actually the tag is FOG| now but i couldnt get the boards to let me use that character ;)

HeavyGear 06-27-2001 12:14 AM

Don't forget guys, the game has only been green lighted for about 3 onths now. Maybe the model of Katarn is preliminary and it is expected to change later on. It isn't uncommon.

DeathBoLT 06-27-2001 04:56 AM

i noticed it too.. he seems to be lacking anything around the crotch area.. u know, that certain mound, that indicates a penis..

Letalis 06-27-2001 05:42 AM


Originally posted by [eVe]DeathBoLT:
<STRONG>i noticed it too.. he seems to be lacking anything around the crotch area.. u know, that certain mound, that indicates a penis..</STRONG>
Please tell me you're female? Otherwise, why are you looking at his balls?

Seryl Cann 06-27-2001 05:50 AM

He's on the lightside of the force. Of cource he's a wuss :D
Remember what Vader looked like after straying from the path of the Dark Side? (when he killed the Emperor, just before he died) :p

FOG-Wraith 06-27-2001 06:17 AM

well, in anycase i really do hope thats just a preliminary model for kyle...cause i would enjoy it a little better if his body and face didnt look girly...
he looks like a hippy tree huggin liberal right now.

runab0ut 06-27-2001 08:12 AM

he really needs to get on LSD and crack! :p

acdcfanbill 06-27-2001 02:48 PM

LSD and crack? what you want him bouncing off the walls with force powers, and REALLY skinny? Although i have to agree, he is a scrawny stick boy in those shots. im pretty sure they will spice him up before release though.

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