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LEC_WebJedi 06-26-2001 03:32 PM Chat Event | Galactic Battlegrounds
Note: The following post is not JKII specific, but I thought some of you might be interested. Thanks~ LEC WebJedi


Stop by for a chat! Garry Gaber, Director for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, will be our featured guest for the next exclusive Chat Event at Galactic Battlegrounds, scheduled for a Winter 2001 release, lets you lead the armies of Star Wars in intense, real-time strategy clashes. Garry will be on hand to answer your questions and give you the latest development news.

The chat will take place at 6pm (pst) on Wednesday, June 27th. The room will open at 5:00pm (pst), so stop by early to send in your questions and chat with other Galactic Battlegrounds fans.

Hope to see you there!

ChrisC3po 06-26-2001 05:11 PM

For all of you who are planning on attending the Battle Ground chat, I would suggest that you start working on your questions now. These chats seem to go by in just a few minutes, so it really helps if you already have two or three well thought out questions ready to go. Also, to keep from bombarding LEC with the same question and to start the rest of the community thinking it would be great if those who are planning on attending post their questions ahead of time on this thread. Iíll start things off with the three following questions.

-How long do you believe the single player campaign will take for the typical gamer to complete?

-How will the battlefield be affected by air units, what units will balance them out?

-What will take the place of Age of Empiresí infantry units? There are obviously a lot of choices for archer units (everyone has at least a laser gun on the Rebel and Imperial sides), but their arenít many characters who fight with swords besides Jedi of course.

digl 06-26-2001 10:41 PM

Ill try to be there
I dont have any questions right now, but Im sure Ill think of a few good ones

ESE_Sithlord 06-27-2001 01:35 AM

ill be there

ed_silvergun 06-27-2001 09:23 AM

How about:

"Why did you choose the AoE engine rather than the newer AoK engine? What changes (if any) have you made to the engine?"

TheJackal_jk2 06-27-2001 06:27 PM

I want to know why they made the graphics look wierd. Age Of Empires bosted to be the first game to feature buildings bigger then units...but in the screenshots of BattleGround it looks like stroomtroopers are the same height of the buildings.

Also... those AT-AT, AT-ST, etc are way too small.

OnlyOneCanoli 06-27-2001 07:08 PM

At's forums, Garry Gaber posts in our BattleGrounds thread. You can see the thread here. I'm Dan, btw.

And I'm pretty sure they're using the AoK engine... at least I really really hope it's not AoE.

As for questions, I think I'll just sit back and relax.

digl 06-28-2001 02:02 AM

Duh! I missed it
Ill have to wait till tomorrow for the transcription

OnlyOneCanoli 06-28-2001 03:14 AM

It was easily the best LEC chat I've been to. Got in a good group with Zero, ChrisC3PO, and all of my TF.N forum regulars.

They actually gave out some info, too!

OnlyOneCanoli 06-28-2001 05:44 AM

They put up a new site for GBG. Official Site. They have 7 screens, some concept art, and 5 unit pics.

digl 06-29-2001 01:06 AM

Good site
I hope something like that will be available for JO in a few weeks

Ice Man 06-29-2001 06:58 PM

I just read the transcript and from what I heard I was wrong. I was afraid that because Force Commander didn't turn out so well and because Battlegrounds has the same project leader, it might not be so great. But now, I have a new opinion on Gary Gaber. Battlegrounds sounds very good. Very good indeed.

digl 06-30-2001 12:31 AM

Yes it does.The only concern I have is graphics

Ice Man 06-30-2001 01:19 AM

The screens Lucasarts had at their little E3 page looked good for Battlegrounds. Then come these new ones on the official site and I began to be a little worried too. Oh well, they're balancing the whole thing out now. I guess we can get the demo first, right?

digl 06-30-2001 01:34 AM

I totally agree
Is it posibble with the AOK engine to make a high res version?
I doubt they will at this time of development tough

Sure Its good to have low requirements, and graphics are not the most important aspect in a game, but this shots arent good looking
It looks fun, but also ugly
Maybe in movement its better

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