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Roger 06-28-2001 08:49 PM

PC Gamer scan
Isn't that image copyrighted by the PC Gamer magazine?

I don't think you're allowed to put a scanned image out of a magazine on your webpage...

Kurgan 06-28-2001 10:13 PM

I think it would count as "fair use."

And anyway, the game is property of LucasArts, so I think that they would have a right to complain and not PC Gamer. After all, they supplied PCG with the image.


matt-- 06-28-2001 11:17 PM

The term "Jedi" is copyrighted.

Kurgan 06-29-2001 12:23 AM

Maybe we should just designate this a "lawyer- free zone" (with one exception of course).

; )

Any takers?


matt-- 06-29-2001 12:39 AM

here here

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