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bsbuckeye21 06-30-2001 10:58 PM

Blaster deflecting with saber
I think this topic might have been lightly touched on in the past, but here's my idea anyway:

There has been some dispute on how the player would relfect back blaster shots with the saber. Some would like it JK style, some would like it as a force power, and some would like it as something else. I want "something else". :) I think it'd be fun addition to the gameplay if the player could reflect the blaster shots back by holding down your alternate fire key and the game will automatically hold your saber perpindicular to the ground to deflect. This would be a nuisance if this always happened when you'd hit your alt-fire key, but the game would just automatically do this when a blaster shot is in range. It could also be useful to have the alt-fire key as a defense key during a saber battle. (...maybe? There is the chance there would be some players that wouldn't let down their guard in MP.)

Don't think it'd work or it'd be fun? Well... some of you might be familier with a little game called Zelda (any of 'em). When an arrow or whatever would come toward you, you could usually deflect it back or just knock it out of the sky (with your sword). This kept you on your toes and added some gameplay variety from just the player always being on the offensive.

Now the real question is: what will determine how accurately the blaster shots are deflected back? This does get a little bit hairy here, but how about where your crosshair is? This could be a little too easy for one or two enemies, but in a big unit of troopers it could get hairy. (Or maybe it'd reflect back even more accurately with using some force power, or it might improve over time?) Hmmm...


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Tap[RR] 06-30-2001 11:14 PM

Well one thing i always hated was the reflected blaster damage, it seemed to be half the damage of a reg bolt fired. It was very very frustrating having to reflect 3-6 bolts back at him (half of the time they missed!) to kill a fricken attacker!!! Also i think the saber blocking should be more acurate and when in a duel should be faster than the jk1 blocking I hope its more sensitive, also when someone swinged at you and you swing at the same time the sabers would just go through each other and you'd both be hit. I'd liked that fixed or improved so that they actually cancel out each other. It would make it realistic and closer to the movies. :D

mattpitt 07-01-2001 10:14 AM

I agree with u 2. I am a jedi and i want the best performance out of my sabre as i can get.

May the force be with you :)

The Wanderer 07-01-2001 03:17 PM

Hey, oddly enough I just posted something that touched on blocking and refered to Zelda back in the acrobatics thread. Specifically I was discussing the lock on ability in Zelda though.

Anyway, I think just about anything other than auto-blocking would work. Auto-blocking worked nice against blaster fire, but it killed saber battles. saber battles turned into a whole lot of straffing around trying to hit the other player somewhere where he couldn't auto-block.

I don't like blocking being a force power, its used way too much, and blocking is too important for using the saber without getting mauled. I think there should be a seperate non-force induced block button (it doesn't have to be the secondary fire, and I think it'd work nice on a three buttoned mouse).

As far as people never letting their guard down in MP... here's where I've got a neat idea for you > :)

maybe when you press the block button, unless you get hit you can only hold up your guard for a second or so (maybe less). Of course, if you get hit, you continue to block untill the attack stops. this way you'd have to time your blocks well, and it would add a major skill factor to saber battles. It would put a k-bosh on straffing around to hit someone in the back.

NeJJa 07-01-2001 04:07 PM

as long as it cant reflect the concussion rifle, im set. :eek:

The Wanderer 07-01-2001 04:35 PM

are you kidding? I'd love to lob a few volleys back at a concker :) besides, it's only fair if you make it harder to block with the saber in general. The game is Jedi Knight, not Conc Master

Gabrobot 07-01-2001 08:01 PM

I think that blocking should be combined with attacking so that to deflect a attack you press the primary fire button and the swing will deflect the attack as well as if the enemy is close enough they will be hit by your swinging saber. That way if a bunch of storm troopers are shooting at you, you can deflect their shots while taking out the closer troopers with your light saber. also with saber duels in the movies most attacks are either blocked or they are formed into a block. that would also make the two interlocked saber thing posible.

bsbuckeye21 07-01-2001 09:18 PM


Originally posted by The Wanderer:
<STRONG>Hey, oddly enough I just posted something that touched on blocking and refered to Zelda back in the acrobatics thread. Specifically I was discussing the lock on ability in Zelda though.</STRONG>
Sorry, I guess I haven't read that thread sinece your post.

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