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SaberRage 06-20-2001 12:44 PM

Real Jedi Knight Tips :p
OK this was ment for DLS but im so kind & all.. You can see what makes me the super cool Jedi Knight player today :) see i dont hack im just smart hehe & im not just a pretty face :p

---===////DLS ONLY\\\===---

Ok this File is intended for DLS eyes only do not give it to anyone else or ill be angry. **** like this is helpful to
those who want to be helped. Anyway this thing is ****en long so i suggest yah start an mp3 or something hehe, close
off zone friends. The reason for making this file is it makes training alot easier than before where im repeating myself
to every member. I hope you who read this get better & learn things from it. Anyone who has any ideas or comments which i
can add to this please do. Icq me it & ill add it in. Also dont hesitate to ask for any help with anything, i will if i can.
Try get past any spelling errors may want to read this in sections it would be very hard to take it all in. I didnt write all
of this but i have changed it about in the places others wrote.

4 star speed
4 star jump
4 star seeing
4 star pull
4 star grip
4 star destruction

Use aiming crosshair on, even though u won't really need it, use auto saber camera, USE ALWAYS RUN OPTION IN SETUP, that
helps a lot. Use the keyboard & Mouse combined (like me), I can recommend some other hotkeys (the ones that I use) here's
my hotkeys: r = Force Jump e=Grip q=Destruction left Ctrl=Speed f=pull z=force Seeing, s=secondary fire spacebar=jump
C=crouch a= left strafe D=right strafe mouse1=fire 1 mouse2=Previous weapon mouse3=next this may seem strange but they
work well for me, the next & previous weapon is important because it lets you rotate between Con rifle, Rail Gun & Saber.

T tab team# (the # is the number of team colour)
T tab framerate
T tab kick personsnamehere (for booting)
T tab ping all (gives you the lag for everyone like the zone does when u click on their names, very handy)
T tab endlevel (if you don't have single level only checked off, by using this command you can skip to the next level
in the episode. it wont tell you its doing it, u have to wait like 10 sec then your screen changes).

When you enter a game you usually want to have a reasonable idea on the lag delay. So you know how far infront of the
player to strike. Start off slow & experiment. I usually dont want to play in games which seem to have a long delay or
warp badly. When fighting there is small combination strikes that you can use which can help the saber moving the whole
time quicker. 2 small swings 1 large is the typical one I use.. Experiment with them. Move in a "U" shape is good in lagged
matches where you attack forward & back away.. You can also big swing and sidestep around them aiming for their back.
When saber fighting defence is main key so always keep your back out of way were it wont be exposed. Face your oponent at
all times. If in group bashes move up and down from wall helps (in cave etc) it protects your back some more.
Always move from side to side etc never stand still & always reframe from jumping as when you land you have a second delay
from swinging where you are exposed to a possible hit. Jumping however can get you out of tight spots but i only ever do it
defencivly. On levels such as BGJ there are spots where you fight like a cheap ass & are likely to get a free hit.. Eg.
Jumping up by cave.., Jumping across up top..., in cave running up the bridgeway.. All work good 4 me. Also quite cheap but
yeah well thats how you play to be successful. In nf sabers teams im not sure if anyone does this but i always think its
sensible to let your teammate know you have been hit by typing "t". This is good because it lets your teammate know they
can hit you without the shield loss effecting a quicker death. If both People in your team get hit & have both typed "t"
its also good to both go into a small area like in the cave to see if yah can make the opposition hit each other.
Another thing which is good to do is if you see your partner is fighting 2 people at once is to let them deal with it
themselves because the opposition have more chance of hitting each other. If you think "**** he needs help", you prob make
it worse by dying yourself or even hitting him... in Nf sabers it typically takes 2 hit for a death.
Overall hitting your partner is bad if they havent already been hit cause it means 1 more & they are dead. But if they
have already been hit its ok cause you cannot kill him it only takes shield off.

In nf sabers teams im not sure if anyone does this but i always think its sensible to let your teammate know you have been
hit by typing "t". This is good because it lets your teammate know they can hit you without the shield loss effecting a
quicker death. If both People in your team get hit & have both typed "t" its also good to both go into a small area like
in the cave to see if yah can make the opposition hit each other. Another thing which is good to do is if you see your
partner is fighting 2 people at once is to let them deal with it themselves because the opposition have more chance of
hitting each other. If you think "**** he needs help", you prob make it worse by dying yourself or even hitting him... in
Nf sabers it typically takes 2 hit for a death. Overall hitting your partner is bad if they havent already been hit cause
it means 1 more & they are dead. But if they ahve already been hit its ok cause you cannot kill him it only takes shield

In oasis ff 1 on 1 play load-up. Load-up is where the two people get all that they need. When one is done they
say ready when you are. Then the other person says go. In ff bgj the goal of the game is basically get the surge, in ff
oasis it is not, if someone's going for the surge blast the surge bed with a destruction from the bridge, and gobble
up any useful item you can (bacta health, etc). Its a good idea to FORCE PULL every item, especially the surge. When you
force pull an item it returns a lot faster, for instance, if you pull the surge, when it starts to wear off it will return
in its bed 10 seconds after its worn off. This is how people time the surge, if they run over it, it returns in 60 seconds,
if you pull it its back 10 sec after it wears off, I think that would be 30 seconds. Now the big thing about surging and
timing and everything isn't just remembering, if you forget there's always a way to SEE, which is what force seeing is used
for. Now that you're using 4 star force seeing you should know what it's used for. Force seeing allows you to see lighties
using protection, and prevents lighties from blinding you. Also, force seeing allows you to MAP, its known as mapping
because you turn on the map hitting the tab key when you're playing, then you hit the minus key (-) until the map is small
enough to see all of it on your screen, now hit your force seeing hotkey, you will see where all the items are plus you
opponent and you as red dots, the line in the red dot shows where your opponent is going, it helps to predict where your
opponent is going, and what they're thinking. This is one of the best force powers. Next ill talk about using the items,
basically, if u don't need an item, pull it, it just means the other person cant get it. Pulling is a great defense too,
if you're facing someone with a good shot, simply pull plus grip him or her and start shooting them. Pull is a good force
power, don't think it's cheap at all, unless used by a lightie with absorb. The trick is to take the game slow, and time
all the shields, frequently switch weapons, so they never know what your doing, guard narrow entrances with your 2ndary
fire of saber, btw, saber is a good weapon if used correctly. Grip + saber = kill if you learn to use it. I prefer a gun,
but I use a saber every now and then. Guns are better. When facing light you should also use mines in fire 1. You really
can't mine much with an experienced mapper, they just see the mines on a map and blow them up. If someone pulls your mines
away, just hit the mine key again, they can only pull one at a time, so u still have more mines (unless u had 1 mine).
When coming to a narrow hallway, someone might hit u with saber, so force jump over and grip them as u do it. In bgj ff
dark is an advantage. Next thing ill talk about is something not too widely used, its called stalls. Stalls is where u
wait until you're sure you're opponent doesn't have enough force for destruct, then u wait in one place for them, they
come to attack and u shoot them with destruction then grip them. After u use destruction grip them right away, it can be
used as a combo, they work together really easy, its like you're being gripped and destruct at same time if u do it well.
Now ill talk about practicing, to get better, a lot of people say u need to face ppl better than you, ill tell you right
now, that's not it, to get better u need to face people who are not QUITE as good as you.
They're almost as good as you, but they can't beat you. They help with your timing a ton, because you do better when
winning, you remember to do more, and it's easier. Basically it helps a lot more than playing someone u can't kill;
striving for a kill, while they have every item timed, and are just playing with you. If someone has all the items
its good to pull their weapon and waste their destruction's by out maneuvering them, u got about 1 and a half seconds
before they can fire another, so try to grip them and back off, gripping and backing off is a big thing. When you grip
someone, move far away so they can't grip you to stop your grip. A nice trick is when you're fighting in the pool to
force jump, pull their weapon, come down for grip then swim up to the side of the pool, and stand between two pillars,
they'd have to hit you directly with a destruction to stop the grip, so it's a good way to kill a surger. When gripping
u don't need to be looking at the person to grip them, they'd just have to be able to be seen if u turned around, as soon
as u cant see them, or any part of their body is no longer exposed to any part of your body the grip is broken, grip goes
to 8 pulses and takes off 80 health at maximum.. Try to pull all the bacta and constantly get it, go for the surge too.
If you fire destruction from the bridge to the surge pool, it will hurt them even if they're at the bottom of the pool.
So force them away from the surge, chances are if they back off they're really hurt, so try to grab any health before
they do, once u have, if they try for the surge again just kill them because they'd be really weak, or beat them to the
surge and start surging. If someone's weak without the surge make them pay. Get used to all the respawning points in your
head, as soon as u respawn u have to have speed on, be moving, have the map and force seeing on all within a second, so
you don't get hurt when u respawn from taking too much time. When mapping try looking at the red dot that represents you
instead of trying to read the map, its much easier, just kind of pretend your in a 2 d game and its just mapping, u follow
your character. FFA's don't really help much (ones with good ppl) they're just annoying because you can't time anything
really, and fighting over items isn't so fun. Playing with newbies can help you reaction time, a lot of them do nothing
but run, its good practice, even though that may have sounded kind of sick its true. Next is getting to know the right ppl,
they best guys, its good to know who can beat you, you know where u stand. In bgj surge guarding isn't too advised, because
it's easy to hurt a surge-camper. You just jump up waste their 1 destruction and guard the surge with your destruction.
You have to remember to gobble up items though, it's a major part of the game, and its what allows ppl to go through a
game un-killed. They just keep getting items. Think of ff as standing for Full Fun and NF as No fun. Putting yourself in
good positions is a really good defense or offense, there's lots of ways to run so that you can't be killed. They usually
end up with you dying if u just keep running. If you must run, run kind backwardsish, firing at your opponent, if he has
the surge active, waste his destruct, go in for grip then run away, try going in for short attacks, until your ready for a
long attack. Shot attack, get items, short attacks,let items, short attack, get items with BODY, short attack get surge
and long attack. Something like that, short attacks are good, they can make your opponent think too much, thinking too much
is what makes them lose, they forget to time items etc. its like in nf sabers, if u get hit u act as if u didn't get hit,
and just keep playing, running wont do u any good in the meantime if u freak out, u got to stay calm, and go in for short
attacks, a surger will always go to the surge, that gives u time to come out of running and get some items, then mount up
a bit of an offence. Grab the boosts, you need them, u can't be running out of force in the middle of a battle, that would
suck so badly, I hate it when that happens. If you spawn next to someone, attack them with grip and back off right away.
When gripping always back off, try to get behind your opponent, so they can't see = grip you. You have to see someone to
grip them, so don't let them see you stay under in pool/over, etc. don't be afraid of a flyby. When leaving the surge area
don't always go one way and if your coming through the bottom, go all the way to the pool, don't just jump out of the canal
like most do, ppl don't expect that, and its safer. Try to lead your opponent to dangerous areas like on the bridge then
blow them off with destruct. Self killing is a nice way to win, I've won games insanely like that, winning by as much as
something like 10 - -16 against people who were almost as good as me. You should know when your opponent is going to die,
finish them off quickly, don't wait to talk. That's another thing, don't type, unless the game is over. It gives them that
extra second to respawn after they die, if you die, same thing don't type saying lag kill or whatever, just respawn and come
furiously at them (of course first grab any items you can). Style is another thing. Make a mark, if u got someone
gripped and they cant do anything, do a little dance or something to piss them off. eheehehehheheh..... Sorry I just
think its funny when I gripping someone, I back off and start swinging saber and spinning. hehehe. Don't mess with
sysops under your name, I swear unless you know them. Now, in bgj, its a lot easier to avoid destructions than u
think, theres a few areas u gotta stay away from though. one is the light cliff, the other is the ship, meanwhile,
just run around all over the place lookin for grips, jump up top on the ship etc, theres a lot of things to do. a little
trick is to jump from the dark surge cliff to the big curve (the one u land on too not get hurt thats big), and as
ur in the air u fire at the lightside cliff and anyone following will get hit by the destruction and fall to their doom.
wait at the very top of the ship, and when they come to get you try to bloew them off with a destruction so they self
ill. Do not create patterns, do things randomly, so they cant think what youre going to do next, pull a fake when
your leaving the ship, make it look like your leaving one way, then turn sharp and theyll have wasted their
destruction on that one way, so u can leave with enough time before their next destruction. Like i said how not to
create patterns, try to find patterns in your opponents strategy. things can be a crucial part of the game. if someones
really good in a certain area, lead them away from it, try playing defensively, if your offensive strategy isnt working.
Never go easy on an opponent, even if they have no chance of winning. If youre having a laggy game, remember to fire/swing
to the area in front of where they are going. gripping in a laggy game can really screw people up, things like being gripped
from far away etc. the lag goes both ways, so dont wory about it too much. in bgj ff a saber is imperative, when u come
close to people play defensive with your saber, this means to cover a lot of area with your saber swing by strafing backwards
in a circle while swinging. When you see a persons skin, don't think of it as them, think of it as their shadow, always
staying behind them a bit. Remember you're not trying to hit them, but the areas around them. Try to swing in the area the
person is heading towards, instead of where they are (unless they're barely moving). Try to land on curves to avoid getting
hurt, this helped most in BGJ, and in oasis, try to learn what hurts and what doesnt. If you join a game in oasis, the
lightning in the ramp will not hurt you, unless you stay in it for a long period of time. this means most likely that the
only person that takes dammage from the lightning is the host. when facing lighties host for sure, because a lightie would
use absorb and absorb the lightning for mana, and if dark its up to you. I personally like hosting because Im used to it.
Some people have bad lag when you join their games, and you cant get items. The trick to this is to run over the places
where the items are when theyre NOT there, then when the lag catches up to the items, and they return, you will get them
instantly. Another trick to to use the rocket-jump. This is a jump where you take out a concussion rifle on the bottem level
of oasis (area under concussion rifle den), and look down at the ground, then force jump and fire. the concussion blast
will propell you with the force jump and you will reach the concussion den. You have to fire after you jump a bit, dont
fire and jump at the same time. Another trick in the pool is to not fall in the water but fall on the rims around it, off
the bridge, most people dont seem to have this skill for some reason, and its very useful, since falling in the water is
much slower, and exposes yourself to a lot more punishment. now heres a special attack you use on surgers that you cant
seem to beat, its called the build attack: first off you dont expose yourself to anything, gathering items until youre
completely full (concussion, rail, mines, 100 health 5 bacta 200 shields), then you time the surge by wacthing when they
pull it, then count to 20, you should be in the surge hole by the count of 20 guarding, now pull out the rail, and fire
secondary fire rails(sticky ones) up at the area where they have to enter the pool, keep firing the rails like that, as
soon as they get close fire a destrution, then if they still come, go inside the surge den, and take it with your body,
then grip and blast them as much as you can, and go back for the bacta. when doing this its agood idea to take the bacta
with your body when they go for the surge, then when u get surge they wont have bacta, but u will in another 30 seconds
(when u run over the bacta it takes 60 seconds to return, and if u puill it it takes 30, so if u run over bacta when he
takes surge, then get the surge next, close to the end of your surge the bacta will appear). I cant stress enough to not
go in the pool move on the ledge.

NeJJa 06-20-2001 05:33 PM


CaptainRAVE 07-07-2001 09:57 AM

Mega long post :D

GEJoeSolo 07-10-2001 03:01 PM

ha, even after all that I can think of a bunch things you didn;t say.

oh and oasis sux if you didn;t know. there is nothing to that level. and the water level's are *****ed coz they are not level.

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