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NeJJa 06-17-2001 10:46 PM

cool JK1 players...
sometimes i get bored of doing the same stuff in jedi knight.
if you guys want to get together for a big IP game in some godly hughe level off massassi, let me know cause id like to play with some of you guys.
not to mention screenshots of me winning would make for an awesome sig. ;)

NeJJa 06-17-2001 10:47 PM

btw my ZoneName is HDK_NeJJa
or icq 20338666

GonkH8er 06-18-2001 12:02 AM

how bout a big game of drazen this saturday :)

16+ people

NeJJa 06-18-2001 01:07 AM

if we can do it earlier cause i am leaving sat for vacation :( oh wait i mean :)

Masamune 06-18-2001 01:23 PM

A JK game with the the people from the forums sounds like an excellent idea.

I'd play. We'd have to decide which level(s) to play and if we want any other skin packs or whatever to play with. Anyone else interested?

KillerBee 06-18-2001 01:57 PM

has this place got a irc channel anywhere?
I thought had one.. but I never found it..
(well I didnt look too hard)
that would be the easiest way to find it..
and drazen is no force <sulk> :)
caridia, FF!!

GonkH8er 06-18-2001 10:28 PM


i think....

Drazen + Spork.... 15+ players... how does that grab ya? hehehe

we gotta get jeff into it... after all, it IS his level

matt-- 06-18-2001 10:38 PM

I have some sort of problem with JK on the zone.

GonkH8er 06-18-2001 10:44 PM

dont worry. it WONT be on the zone....

itll be an ip game, and we'll have a room on the zone with details of the ip so other can find it, if they dont see the announcement...

ReAcToR 06-18-2001 11:00 PM

mIRC -

Server -

Channel - #JediKnight

Everyone is always welcome to come hang out and talk/play JK/MotS in our channel. We sometimes even hold tournaments, or setup fake dedicated servers on DSL+. We usually play IP games and sometimes we even post our games on the Zone, Gamespy Arcade and the JediBoard all at the same time.

NeJJa 06-19-2001 03:54 PM

ok anyone who is interested join the channel #jediknight
wednesday (the 20th) at 4:30

we can either play then or just discuss when to play or what to play or wahtever. :eek:

NeJJa 06-19-2001 03:55 PM


make that 7:00 pm EST

( i have to work :( )

GEJoeSolo 06-19-2001 05:21 PM

I haven't played much JK since I got my super computer, ware can I get BFP II?

NeJJa 06-19-2001 05:34 PM

i dont have it heeheh
get it at JKMAG

KillerBee 06-21-2001 10:32 AM

Ahh Ive finished my exams.. which means my poots escaped the dark recesses of my cuboard.. and I can play again.. w00p!

just a thought.. spork = graple = all that hard work jeff put in to stop us getting to places wif fractional fps going to waste.

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