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ukdumpsta 12-05-2001 05:07 PM

herman toothrot's memory
i have jogged toothrots memory with the coconut and found the milk bottle, bt no matter how many times i try, hitting him in the head with the milk bottle has no effect.

is there something painfully simple and obvious that im forgetting?



Metallus 12-05-2001 05:50 PM

Hitting him more than once with the same object will make his memory go back to amnesiac state. You have to do it in careful order. Remember, first things first.

ukdumpsta 12-05-2001 11:10 PM

doing them in order didnt help. now that i have reduced him to his amnesiatic state, is there any way to undo the damage i have done, cause ive already saved my game with him being a moron.

Grannen 12-06-2001 01:04 PM

If you hit him in the wrong order you have to start from the beginning again with the first item. It is important that you talk to him and he'll recognise his name. He'll also give you a hint about the next item to be thown at him. Hit him again and talk to him and ask him about everything and you'll know what the third item has to be. :)

bmusicus 12-08-2001 12:37 PM

Herman Toothrot memory loss bug
I got into the same bind. Herman would no longer talk to me at all. I threw everything I could at him, and nothing helped. I almost positive this is a bug.

There is a great saved game by RandomEnergy. You can find a URL for it in the Tech Help forum on this site. If you follow his directions it will get you past the bug.

Perfume Pusher 12-10-2001 02:14 AM

I thought I had a similar problem, I left to find something else when he lost his memory again (I smacked him with the weed whacker), but when I came back he knew who he was, try leaving and re-entering the screen.
In addition after hitting him with the milk bottle and talking to him, it seemed like he lost his memory (Who? etc...) I was somewhat confused, but I tried talking to him anyway. Turns out he was just playing with my mind.

REN89 05-05-2007 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by bmusicus
There is a great saved game by RandomEnergy. You can find a URL for it in the Tech Help forum on this site. If you follow his directions it will get you past the bug.

sry I dont understand well... where can I get this great saved game??
please if u can, post the direct link

Joshi 05-16-2007 03:56 AM

It's a bug, your only solution is to go back to a previously saved game and play on from there, hitting him in the right order this time (or if you don't have a previously saved game, to start again or download some savegames from the internet).

player1_die 06-07-2007 11:07 PM

Another solution to the problem...!
Hello... The bug happened to me... HT all the time answered "Where?"... so I thought "Well, ok, I'm going to continue doing everything else I can do and then I'll try to get a savegame to continue"... and I continued doing Monkey combat until I won Jojo, and had every other possible thing done. So, when the only thing left to do was talking to HT, I went to him and throwed him the coconut and the bug had gone away! He started talking, so then I throwed the 2 other items and the story went on... Miracle?? I dont know, but I did not have to load a previous savegame or get any savegame from other player. Try it, It's worth to!

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