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Rogue15 12-06-2001 05:08 PM

oh, is there a way u could increase the amount of memory u could use for an avatar, or would that slow things down?

Metallus 12-06-2001 07:12 PM

What's the limit now, 20K? That seems sufficient for any static/animated sig. You just gotta know how to optimize those animated ones.

Swoosh 12-06-2001 07:20 PM

Try uploading it somewhere and linking to it. I think that will fix your problem.

Rogue15 12-06-2001 08:15 PM

no, that doesn't work i've already tried.

Metallus 12-06-2001 08:18 PM

Was the image broken? If you were using a free service like geocities or tripod, those don't allow offsite hosting of images, so you can't link to them. If you pick a good one, you should be able to see your avatar.

Schmatz 12-06-2001 10:02 PM

If you use
they let you link images off-site. That's what I always use ;)

Eets 12-07-2001 02:02 AM and are good too.

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