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GregD 12-06-2001 06:06 PM

Forum colour.. (and not color as some of you US people spell it :P)

nice forum layout but the colour is starting to get old... mojo needs new colours.

Metallus 12-06-2001 06:08 PM

No. :D

Huz 12-06-2001 06:16 PM

I like the colours! Much better than generic-o white/grey or "we can't be arsed coming up with decent colours so we'll just go with the black look" black.

Well done to whoever "did" the colours, they look great. (And on a related note, forums with white background = death)

telarium 12-06-2001 06:20 PM

Indeed. I think the purple colors (or colours) are Mixnmojo's exercise in branding, if you will. It's Mojo's look and feel... it's our trademark! And I do dig the colors. It's a little different from all the other gaming sites, conveying the fun of a LucasArts adventure game!

Hmm, have I given this too much thought? Time to go to class.

El Pollo Diablo 12-06-2001 06:27 PM

Theres no need in changing the forum colours.

Jake 12-06-2001 06:32 PM

If we changed our colors nobody would know we're us immediately. I agree with Andrew, branding is important and a unique color scheme is important with that.

GregD 12-06-2001 07:14 PM


Its not a cow you know it's a website :)

But anyway I see how much the purple colour means to you 5 :P

And for my next complaint:
107 smilies is not enough and there are too many SW based ones... like the damm games ;P

* gets ready for flamers*

:lsduel: :lightning :tie:

Dalixam 12-06-2001 07:29 PM

I think a bright neon green would be great for the page background (replacing the dark purple one) and a then a yellow for the forum background. (Replacing the light purple.) That would look great :D

GregD 12-06-2001 07:40 PM

Yes i think pink with green polkadots would be good also.

And tea stains everywhere!

Lemon Head 12-06-2001 07:55 PM

mmmm yummy, i think i'm gonna be sick just hearing about it

anyway, this isn't a drag show where mojo changes its dress and wig at half time. This is about news and games and beer and shyt like that if you want colour change, buy a chameleon....or michal jackson

Schmatz 12-06-2001 08:27 PM

Or just paint your monitor...

GregD 12-06-2001 08:36 PM

ive already been sick once in this thread.

Spaff 12-06-2001 09:43 PM

i agree about the smileys.. those SW ones are hoooriiblle..
i will sneakily delete a few day by day reducing their numbers BWAHAHAHAHAA in the mewan time if ppl want to make smileys - mail them to me!

GregD 12-07-2001 08:05 AM

Nice one Spaff, at least someone agrees with me there :)

We need some decent MI ones... indy ones etc. When I finish my uni courses next week ill make a few and send em along to you if you want.

Blondebeard 12-07-2001 09:27 AM

Don't forget to change the name of the avatars by a word started with an 'a', that way they will all show up on the main page.

(sorry I had to say that :p)

:monkey2: :monkey1:

Lemon Head 12-07-2001 09:36 AM

for some reason, this new mojo board is inspiring large quantities of maniacal laughter - i mean, would it hurt to have a simple guffaw once in a while?

Gabez 12-07-2001 02:04 PM

It hurts me just to smile - so a "simple" guffaw is quite out of the question, I'm afraid.

Lemon Head 12-07-2001 02:12 PM

As long as this whole place isn't going to turn into an "underground lay-er"

Blondebeard 12-07-2001 02:16 PM

It wasn't my fault. Blame Spaff! He influencing everyone with his evil power. We should stop him from ruling the world! :p

Lemon Head 12-07-2001 02:21 PM

that's not hard, just tell him the fridge is beer-less

Feral 12-07-2001 02:25 PM

Yes, there's no telling what he could do. Although it probably involves virgins, the Virgin Mary, Virgin Radio, and Richard Branson (humping, praying, shooting and killing, not necasseraliy in that order).

Or not.

sheaday6 12-07-2001 10:36 PM

Evil laughter is contagious...
...except Vincent Price evil laughter, thats reeeeal evil laughter, not like cartoon, evil-villian, haha funny evil laughter, but the kind real people do when they catch you in a situation where they can blackmail you - I bet spaff knows a little on that subject.


Frosty_V2.1 12-07-2001 10:58 PM

Hey! I shall destroy all SW smiley haters with my:lightning and then activate my:slsaber: to slice ur heads off for trophies and then throw ur bodies in to the Sarlac pit!
*dodges tomato*
This was a group of about 4 SW game forums and a coupla others before u came ya know.
*dodges rock*
U guys know I was joking right?
*dodges dagger*
Why r u all polishing ur guns?
Oh Crap...

sheaday6 12-07-2001 11:00 PM


sheaday6 12-07-2001 11:05 PM

actually i knew this guy who tried to threaten me for real, and it sounded almost exactly like that! something around the lines of "i'm gonna cut your head off with a lightsaber..."
:snear: :slsaber:

Metallus 12-07-2001 11:24 PM


Hey! I shall destroy all SW smiley haters with my and then activate my to slice ur heads off for trophies and then throw ur bodies in to the Sarlac pit!
*dodges tomato*
This was a group of about 4 SW game forums and a coupla others before u came ya know.
*dodges rock*
U guys know I was joking right?
*dodges dagger*
Why r u all polishing ur guns?
Oh Crap...

Heh, that's what it looked like to you anyway. These forums were here, but hidden from normal posters, until they were made public. All the supermods and admins could see them. There are still a few more that will be revealed to the public shortly. So, yeah, will be pretty balanced by the time everything's set up.

MtBlanc 12-07-2001 11:30 PM

Ah, ignorance is bliss. Or WAS bliss rather. Thanks a lot.

sheaday6 12-07-2001 11:33 PM

alright already, quit picking on me you forum bullies. I learned my lesson! :ball:

scabb 12-08-2001 04:07 PM


Originally posted by Blondebeard

:monkey2: :monkey1:

Please Mr Spaff, can we have some smilies better than THESE STUPID CRAPPY MONKEYS

Riffage 12-08-2001 04:19 PM

yeah spaff, your like degrading the monkeys, you better change it or youll have all the regulars in #monkey-island after you for degrading us all.... no were not monkeys... well some of them are... BUT THATS NOT THE POINT

.....back to what the topic started as, MixNMojo was born to be purple, change it and youll wreck it, and purple to green cant be good for peoples health, or the monkeys having to type it all, the monkeys have learned to write it with purple change the colour and youll have annoyed monkeys wandering..... around... to your house..... to eat you... and your bananas..... repeatdely... with a large frying pan....

dont ask how that works.... JUST DONT.... JUST DONT

Gabez 12-08-2001 04:29 PM

How does that work?

*Re-reads post*


Riffage 12-08-2001 04:32 PM

/me goes insane





*coughs* ahem yes... *coughs*

Redwing 12-08-2001 07:32 PM

A) The purple color here rocks. :D

B) Star Wars haters need to DIE.

Frenchyd 12-08-2001 07:48 PM

A) I like the purple :) Very Purdy

B) Dinghy! :D

Gabez 12-09-2001 09:07 AM

I... er... have never seen Star Wars before...

Well, apart from Episode 1, but that dosn't count.

Riffage 12-09-2001 09:10 AM


Originally posted by Gabez
I... er... have never seen Star Wars before...



Lemon Head 12-09-2001 04:22 PM

that's a dsgrace - you shall be taken from this place and suffer the terrible londonese porridge torture, you wont like that AT all

Frosty_V2.1 12-09-2001 11:39 PM


Heh, that's what it looked like to you anyway
Doh!, my mistake:o


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