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DanSky 12-07-2001 07:05 AM

New MicroXel Arts site !
Welcome back MiXnMojo, and greetings to all the staff !
Thanks for bringing back to us the best LUCAS related resource on the net !

Hoping for the hosting on MiXnMojo, the MicroXel Arts site has been restyled. A mini-MicroXel for exactly, because I'm still working on it. However you will find there 2 new artworks inspired to Monkey Island !

On the next days I will update the 3d gallery, the MI section, the Indy's crate, and some more nice stuff.

DanSky 12-07-2001 07:21 AM

oh sure, the address is: :D

Lemon Head 12-07-2001 07:36 AM

damn, dansky, it's lookin pretty damn good, i love that MI photo thing :D

P.S. - i edited your URL so that it worked as a link, i hope you don't mind

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