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Conor 12-07-2001 04:40 PM

Duplicate account
It looks like my account at has overwritten my XWA account of the same name and password.

I would prefer my XWA one as it has me registered in May 99 and has roughly 1350 posts.

Thank you for your time.

Aristotle 12-07-2001 04:56 PM


Conor 12-07-2001 05:52 PM

Thank you

Darth Simpson 12-14-2001 07:02 PM

Aristotle, I was messing around with the forum member search, and I discovered I have two accounts as well.

I think one is from JK.Net ( Darth_Simpson ) and the other from JKII.Net ( Darth Simpson ).

Could you please delete Darth_Simpson, or possibly merge the two if possible.

Letalis 12-14-2001 10:35 PM

Heya, umm, yeah, my account is fine, except the fact that I'd sent some 500+ posts is no longer noticed...

Can you help please?

Letalis 12-16-2001 06:25 AM

Thanks heaps to whoever fixed my account troubles, it's good to get all my messages back, but to be a Gungan? Bantha Fodder is almost appealing... ;)

Much thanks...

CaptainRAVE 12-16-2001 12:02 PM

Indeed, but all you have to fix now is your sig ;)

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