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sheaday6 12-12-2001 05:33 PM

whats with the web page?
the menu on the Unofficial Sam & Max Page isn't working. Is the page not finished?

sheaday6 12-12-2001 05:36 PM

and theres alot of broken links on the snuckey's too. same reason?

Jake 12-12-2001 06:17 PM

Both sites recently underwent enormous overhauls and don't have content up yet.

I'm tempted to open up Unofficial's vacant pages for peeking but I think I'll wait.

Metallus 12-12-2001 06:29 PM

I think I'm going to take down all the broken links at Snuckey's; it's bugging more people than I had previously estimated.

Schmatz 12-12-2001 07:11 PM

Damn Straight you'd better do that! (I have no idea wtf I'm talking about. I didn't lok at the site yet!)

The Dogfuchow 12-12-2001 07:38 PM

it's not that it's not working, it's just that it's not linked to anything..

sheaday6 12-12-2001 11:04 PM


Metallus 12-12-2001 11:38 PM

Yeah, I'm gonna take down the links to sections that aren't up yet. Sorry about that.

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