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Metallus 12-17-2001 12:33 AM

Emoticon tests!

TESTING. This is a max emoticon/posticon/smily. If it works out, more will follow.

Setion 12-17-2001 06:01 PM

****ing pimpage.

Yea, you heard me.

Metallus 12-17-2001 06:15 PM

Thanks Sam. I've tweaked it a little to get rid of some of the matte, so it can be used in all forums and still look ok.

Schmatz 12-17-2001 09:31 PM

That's pretty cool. Did you draw it all yourself? Cool beans! I can't wait until my emoticons are put up :D

Jester 12-17-2001 09:38 PM

As stated before, capital work met.

:max: :max: :max:

sheaday6 12-17-2001 11:03 PM

you can't have a max without a sam!
i trust you'll make one of those too, right?

Metallus 12-18-2001 02:10 AM

That I did. It will probably be added tomorrow if I can track down an admin.

Schmatz 12-18-2001 09:32 PM

It was added! Yay! :sam: :max: :sam: :max:

Setion 12-18-2001 10:35 PM

The battle of the century.
The battle no one want's to wait for.
The Fight that people are selling organs for.

That's right...

:sam: and :max: take on :jarjar:

It might not be more than 10 seconds, but it will be the best ten seconds of your life.

benjoyce 01-05-2002 06:17 AM

That's very nice. What about a moleman, or a fish?

Metallus 01-06-2002 12:25 AM

Hehe, you showed up a little late, but eventually I'll make some more Sam and Max posticons. I'm really busy with the GFN and school right now though.

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