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JaG|Kaiser 12-17-2001 09:56 PM

Calling the Old School
Looking for KRT, @, JEV and any of the old school. Anyone seen them?

Goozle 12-18-2001 02:48 AM

They all sucked pretty much. I was one of the leaders of the Kamikazes. We dominated one or two tournaments, then disbanded. Some little prick kept trying to take things over. We may reemerge for JKII, who knows ;)

JaG|Kaiser 12-18-2001 08:33 PM

Never even heard of you. Please don't post anymore.

Goozle 12-18-2001 08:40 PM

Funny. Maybe you shouldn't post anymore. You obviously aren't even worth the time it took me to post this.

digl 12-18-2001 08:45 PM

Maybe non of you should post in this thread, because If you start fighting Itll be closed :p

CaptainRAVE 12-19-2001 05:14 PM

Digl has a very good point :p......the mod gun can be painful

JaG|Kaiser 12-19-2001 06:49 PM

I bet you couldn't even name 5 KRT members, one of which was a regular. This post wasn't meant for Goozle anyway. It was meant for old school JK players. When I mean old school, I mean pre-1998.

Porl'' 03-15-2002 08:02 AM

I guess im old school then....I used to play back in 97' .. ...on the Gameplay site... ..

i wasn't in any clan or anything...but I used to play..:atat:


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