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R.A.V.E.N. 11-25-1999 12:27 AM

I will be gone...
I'm just announcing that your favorite black feathered bird will be taking a 4 day leave of absence for thanksgiving. See you in a bit.

Lujayne 11-25-1999 09:38 AM

Have fun!

R.A.V.E.N. 11-26-1999 03:11 PM

Aha! Success. I found an internet worthy computer over here. Watch out, I'm still watching you! Muha ha ha ha!

ps. Thanks Lujayne, I am!

Little Vader 11-27-1999 11:03 PM

Well, R.A.V.E.N., I guess you're back from you're abscence t; even so, while you were gone, you were still looking over this forum like a, well, Raven.

"And, your point is..."

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