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Blue Leader 05-26-2001 12:38 AM

I cheat!!
I actually don't cheat. I was kidding.

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The Master 05-26-2001 01:31 AM

Cheater! Now we have to give him the good ol' treatment. Rogue9 get the Bacta Tank filled. And I'll get the cut electric cord. Tsk tsk tsk, you really shouldn't have done that.

rebel alliance 05-26-2001 03:04 AM

I call the masks *grabs all the oxygen masks and burns them*

The Master 05-28-2001 02:55 PM

Nice Rebel Alliance. Now he pays.

Rogue15 05-28-2001 03:08 PM

those who cheat get beat. *takes a spiked mace out of backpack*

Rogue9 05-28-2001 04:54 PM

I used all the Bacta on a XWA spy last week, I got some Ryll Kor though will that work. if it won't I canprobably scrounge up some low grade stuff somewhere.

Rogue-for-Higher 05-29-2001 04:46 PM

Here use this IT-0 interogation droid.



"There's nothing like a seeker proton torpedo when you want to reach out and touch someone"

The Master 05-29-2001 08:03 PM

The interigation droid wont do. You must understand the process of the torture. Thje Bacta is continuously healing him while he is being electrocuted.

Anyways, I do have a rusty old bacta tank in storage, along with a three month old supply of bacta. It might not be as effective, but oh well. It still works.

Rogue-for-Higher 05-30-2001 10:28 AM

Ok, lets use the tourture droid Jabba used.



"There's nothing like a seeker proton torpedo when you want to reach out and touch someone"

Wade Vox 05-30-2001 04:19 PM

I don't get this. At the top of the page, people are getting rewarded for finding out cheats, yet here people are getting punished for using them...

Rogue9 05-30-2001 10:05 PM

Double Standard

Shootist 05-31-2001 03:09 AM

Raw squid in the pants for cheaters...cooked squid for the cheat finders. For the perfect few of us who only cheat when necessary...wonderful warm fuzzy glowing kudos.

Never sweat the petty things...and don't pet the sweaty things.

Rogue9 05-31-2001 04:09 AM

Flips on Breaker for Bacta Tank

The Master 05-31-2001 06:56 PM

Lets just say that you can only cheat if you have done it the right way once, and have succeeded.

srl45 06-02-2001 04:30 AM

OK, I really don't want to cheat with my newly purchased RS 3D game. But I can't seem to wrap the tow cable successfully around the AT-AT in the Defection At Corellia level. I fly slowly around the legs until I hear the message to release the cable and it starts to automatically loop around while I'm watching the 'cut sceen', and then all of a sudden I'm back in the Airspeeder with no cable attached. I have attempted this so many times I swear I have begun to dislike the level. Anyone have a suugestion for the newbie? (Smile)

Uh, figured it out for myself. Man that felt good downing that AT-AT finally!!LOL

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Rogue15 06-02-2001 12:20 PM

whoa, i wouldn't cheat, it's not worth it since there's like 3 more levels with at-ats in them (3 at the most), there's 2 on the level that you're at. use the brake that is closest to the at-at while turning towards it. someone else here can probably help you better though.

All security forces, full red alert!

The Master 06-02-2001 02:37 PM

And Rogue15 spilled the bacon for you. It's as easy as that Im afraid.

Shootist 06-03-2001 07:01 PM

Srl45, I found it easier to stand on the ground, get right in front of the big ol' buggers. Wait on him to lift his foot, tickle it with an ostrich feather. When he picks that foot up to scrath's cow tippin' time! Boy that embarrasses 'em.

Never sweat the petty things...and don't pet the sweaty things.

The Master 06-03-2001 08:02 PM

Cow tipping! On the count of three push. Hehehe.

Shootist 06-04-2001 03:02 AM

Clank clank, thud, thud, tickle,tickle, heave ho, tip,tip, ,Keeeerrrrrrrwwhhuuuuuuuumpp!! hehehehehe
Hey does that make us Big Tippers?

Never sweat the petty things...and don't pet the sweaty things.

Rogue9 06-04-2001 03:40 AM

Tusker Tippers

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

Rogue-for-Higher 06-04-2001 10:41 AM

You could use a reversed tractor beam to tip a AT-AT.



"There's nothing like a seeker proton torpedo when you want to reach out and touch someone"

The Master 06-04-2001 03:51 PM

We are beyond cow tipping now. Lets go Bantha tipping.

Rogue9 06-04-2001 10:14 PM


Helix 06-20-2001 04:41 AM

I cheat too!!
Come and get me, I'm in the Death Star Super Laser control room, but nobody will ever get me because I have modified my death star with 699 more superlasers and 10000000000000000 more turbo laser turrets and 1 quadrillion Long range missile turrets

I hate scrolling! MANAGMENT
<font size=1>

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Corran Horn 06-20-2001 05:03 AM



Lynk Former 06-20-2001 05:05 AM

Oops... used the wrong UserName... *shrugs* that was me who said that btw... (I'm Corran Horn)

|:&gt;8()8&lt;: Lynk Former :&gt;8()8&lt;:|

Rogue9 06-20-2001 03:44 PM

GAAH!! Your Traveled into the Past and Stole my Username...forcing me to use my Callsign.

Helix 06-20-2001 04:43 PM

I'm a cheater!! nanananana!!

The Master 06-20-2001 05:36 PM

Helix, shutup. You don't want to know what we do to cheaters in here. It is very nasty.

Helix 06-20-2001 08:52 PM

Who gives a rip on who cheats! Everybody probably cheats sometimes!

Grand_Admiral_Ice 06-20-2001 09:10 PM

*Two Eclipse-class Star Destroyers and three Sun Crushers drop out of hyperspace right next to Helix's Death Star. The Star Destroyers proceed to ram the Death Star punching giant holes in the hull of the Death Star causing it's crew to be sucked out by the vaccuum of space. The Sun Crushers rams right through the Death Star with their lasers blazing, destroying what is left of the Death Star. Right before Helix dies, a hologram of yours truly appears.* Not as invinicible as you thought you were. *The Death Star blows up and becomes no more than a fiery spectacle for the citizens on the nearby planets. The two Star Destroyers and the three Sun Crushers hyper out.*

For the empire! MY empire.

Helix 06-20-2001 09:31 PM

I forgot to tell you, the HMDS has
alot tons of High Compact, heat-resistent armor. 1 inch of its armor weighs 1000 lbs.. Its shields have a rating of 6892347975934789525894395 SBD. And if u get past that, which not even all the firepower in the galaxy could get past, is a invulnerable Plasma Shield, witch will bounce any energy or projectile off. And it's so big, it would look as big as naboo from the the northern-most edge of the galaxy and you were on most southern of of the galaxy.

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Grand_Admiral_Ice 06-20-2001 09:55 PM

How would it even be able to move? I doubt any engine in the universe can move that much weight. Also I doubt any of that armor can resist quatum armor. *Two-hundred Galaxy Destroyers and two-hundred Galaxy Defenders dropped out of hyperspace. The torpedo tubes open fire sending over 3 million Nova torpedos at the HMDS. Instead of directly attacking the HMDS, they are fired in it's vacinity. The ships begins hypering out and the torpedos are denonated by the last ship before the it hypered out. Once again a hologram appears in front of Helix's face.* You made an incredibly foolish decision to challenge the might of the Ice Fleet. *The hologram disappears and the HMDS blows up into a million smoldering pieces. The power of all those Nova torpedos creates a giant blackhole sucking everything in.* (Even if you can come up with any more dumb excuses you can't escape the blackhole.)
You can't have an invulnerable plasma shield, it has to draw energy from the engines and since most of the engine power is used to move the HMDS, it severly hampers shield power therefore if enough stress is applied the shield will overload and disperse.

For the empire! MY empire.

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Helix 06-20-2001 10:12 PM

Ok. I surrender.(little white flag waving from the top of the HMDS).
But stop trying to kill me or I'll get The Master!

Grand_Admiral_Ice 06-21-2001 12:53 AM

Your not suppose to try to intimidate the other Rogues with your dam super weapons. I was mearly putting you back in line.

For the empire! MY empire.

Rogue9 06-21-2001 04:19 AM

thats pretty pathetic Helix, you got knocked into line by GAI...

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.

Helix 06-21-2001 05:18 AM

Well what was I suppose to do? Make my HMDS have anti-blackhole sheilds?

Corran Horn 06-21-2001 09:34 AM

Well I was suprised no one took this name

Blue Leader 06-21-2001 03:15 PM

Look at the beginning of this post.

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