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Obi_wang_kenobi 12-20-2001 01:25 PM

Dig anomaly
I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but there is a weird thing in The Dig. At the base of the museum spire, put your cursor over the spot in the top right where the lightning flashes and then wait, when the lightning flashes the cursor turns blue showing that you can interact with it. When the lightning flashes again and you click on it with the blue cursor Boston walks up to the top of the screen, just around the corner out of site and the speech menu appears. If you try to choose one of the speech options nothing happens but you can click the stop talking icon and keep playing. I was just wondering if anyone knew if this was something left over from a scene taken out or if its just some sort of bug. Tell us what you think.



Schmatz 12-20-2001 07:36 PM

Hmm... being a Dig guy and all I must check this out :D Thanks for the idea... it probably is a glitch... unless it is meant to talk to the god of lightning...

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