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Setion 12-23-2001 04:27 PM

So, I go away for 18 hours
And a handful of people have caused chaos, disruption, annoyance, brought new members in, been silly, crazy, whacky, and fought the man. Basically everything but TAKE IT TO THE STREETS!

Sometimes it just brings a tear to my eye that I belong to these forums.....

So, next time you guys want to do anything that get's people close to getting banned, would you ****ing give me an e-mail?! I mean DAMN! I missed out on stuff!!!!!! This is better than that time I stole that cop car and drove it into the lake MOBSTER style.


P.S. Stupid is not Funny. Don't cross the line

Jester 12-23-2001 04:31 PM

Don't take him seriously folks. By car he means bike, and by Cop he means kids.

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 04:33 PM

never leave these fourms again :tsk: man you guys are funny

Setion 12-23-2001 04:37 PM

Fool! Have you ever read 1984? That kid was up to some brother ****!.


Jester 12-23-2001 04:40 PM

He asked you if you wanted to buy some lemonade.

Setion 12-23-2001 04:43 PM

Sure....lemonade. And that guy with the feather in his hat and the fur coat standing next to the liqour store is just selling whores. He's got a FEATHER IN HIS HAT!!!!!

He's one of them, you are just in denial.


Jester 12-23-2001 04:47 PM

No - you bought some, and when he told you fifty cents, you laughed and took his bike. I had to tell the authorities I didn't know you.

Setion 12-23-2001 04:50 PM

And I had to tell the cops that it was laced with LCD and I thought I was taking my dog to the park.

Wait, I forget - was the before or after I stole the cop car and drove it into the lake.

Jester 12-23-2001 04:53 PM

You owe me fifty cents.

Setion 12-23-2001 04:53 PM

Dude! I payed you back in twinkies.



Jester 12-23-2001 04:57 PM

So I could help you throw them at cars.

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 04:57 PM

ARE YOU KILLING MY GUNGANS....can I help you:)

Jester 12-23-2001 05:00 PM

Sure, where's your car?

Setion 12-23-2001 05:06 PM

*breaks out the pack of cream filled goodness*


Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:10 PM

my car is ummmmm*thinks of an excuse*...stolen,yes thats it last week bloody hoolagons

Setion 12-23-2001 05:14 PM

Wow, we got lucky Jester!


Jester 12-23-2001 05:16 PM

Shh...Do you want everyone to know you're a hoolagon, the most superlative of gons?

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:18 PM

:max: :lightning :atpt: --------- :sam:

Setion 12-23-2001 05:19 PM

Yea, well, I told you that evil carny workers bleed just like the rest of us!


Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:24 PM

okay now you are scaring me again what are yous talking about?

Setion 12-23-2001 05:24 PM



Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:28 PM

well jar jar absorbs them shots and becomes stronger and the light sabres arn't even touching jar jar. jar jar binks is a god :)

Setion 12-23-2001 05:29 PM

God of things people like to beat up with a little minature baseball bat.

:jarjar:: ore:: ore:: ore:

"Who fed Jar Jar chocolate?!"

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:31 PM

*sob*you win,I can't take it anymore I am going away to cry, good day*sob*

Setion 12-23-2001 05:34 PM



Even Yoda hates him.

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:35 PM

this is the part where you go I love gungans and will always worship them

Setion 12-23-2001 05:40 PM

The only thing I like about Gungans is the look on their face as I beat them with a minature baseball bat.

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:43 PM

no, yoda is protecting him
btw you seem to know your star wars;)
the imperial fleet arrives

:vsd: :vsd: :tie:

:vsd: :deathii: :vsd: :tie: :tie:

Setion 12-23-2001 05:48 PM

That is sad.

Jedi_Knight 12-23-2001 05:50 PM

what is sad?

Setion 12-23-2001 07:10 PM


sheaday6 12-23-2001 10:17 PM

I had a dog named exactly, but he got run over by a cop's bike. and guess who was riding the bike. THATS RIGHT, SOCIETY WAS RIDING THAT BIKE. I BLAME SOCIETY!!!

:freakout: :jarjar:
jar jar scares small

sheaday6 12-23-2001 10:20 PM


:evanpiel: <---this guy knows what i'm talking about

sheaday6 12-23-2001 10:33 PM

I also had a little horsy named Paul Revere
Just me and my horsy and a quart of beer
Riding across the land - kicking up sand
Sheriff's posse on my tail cause I'm in demand
One lonely Beastie I be
All by myself - without nobody
The sun is beating down on my baseball hat
The air is gettin' hot - the beer is getting flat
Lookin' for a girl - I ran into a guy
His name is M.C.A., I said, "Howdy" - he said, "Hi"
He told a little story - that sounded well rehearsed
Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst
The brew was in my hand - and he was on my tip
His voice was hoarse, his throat was dry - he asked me for a sip
He said, "Can I get some?"
I said, "You can't get none!"
Had a chance to run
He pulled out his shotgun
He was quick on the draw - I thought I'd be dead
He put the gun to my head and this is what he said,
"Now my name is M.C.A. - I've got a license to kill
I think you know what time it is - it's time to get ill
Now what do we have here - an outlaw and his beer
I run this land, you understand - I make myself clear."
We stepped into the wind - he had a gun, I had a grin
You think this story's over but it's ready to begin
"Now I got the gun - you got the brew
You got two choices of what you can do
It's not a tough decision as you can see
I can blow you away or you can ride with me" I said, I'll ride with you if you can get me to the border
The sheriff's after me for what I did to his daughter
I did it like this - I did it like that
I did it with a whiffleball bat
So I'm on the run - the cop's got my gun
And right about now - it's time to have some fun
The King Adrock - that is my name
And I know the fly spot where they got the champagne."
We rode for six hours the we hit the spot
The beat was a bumping and the girlies was hot
This dude was staring like he knows who we are
We took the empty spot next to him at the bar
M.C.A. said, "Yo, you know this kid?"
I said, "I didn't." - but I know he did
The kid said, "Get ready cause this ain't funny
My name's Mike D. and I'm about to get money."
Pulled out the jammy - aimed it at the sky
He yelled, "Stick 'em up!" - and let two fly
Hands went up and people hit the floor
He wasted two kids that ran for the door
"I'm Mike D. and I get respect
Your cash and your jewelry is what I expect"
M.C.A. was with it and he's my ace
So I grabbed the piano player and I punched him in the face
The piano player's out - the music stopped
His boy had beef - and he got dropped
Mike D. grabbed the money - M.C.A. snatched the gold
I grabbed two girlies and a beer that's cold.


Setion 12-23-2001 10:38 PM

Yea, please read what I said in the P.S. in my first post in this thread.


sheaday6 12-23-2001 10:40 PM

... well if you're gonna get pissy about it...

Setion 12-23-2001 10:48 PM

Damn Strait. Pissier than a senior citizen!

Rogue Nine 12-23-2001 10:54 PM

Use AIM or some other instant messaging service, people. Don't use the board as your personal chat room.

Jester 12-23-2001 11:33 PM

Speaking of people, anyone else besides met working on some fabutastic sam and max avs? Come on, I'd like to see some of Bernard, or moleman, after an odd intro, any more ideas?

Setion 12-23-2001 11:50 PM

Howabout an exploding Gungan?

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