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madmayan72 12-27-2001 10:08 AM

HELP - Wookie Camp. scen 4??
I've beat everything so far this is the last campaign I'm playing and I'm stuck.

For the Chewie's Hope scenario - I can't get to the last Transmitter, the Imperial base is too strong.. Any help would be appreciated.

Is there something special I need the walker's for?

I tried the path from the east, and the Path from the west, now I'm trying an assault from the north but I'm way stuck.
I keep running out of resources.

Kudar 01-05-2002 02:11 PM

Cannons to hit the gates, use mechs and troopers to fend off anything that comes through - keeping your cannons defended(workers to repair it too ;) ) to let you take out the fortresses.

Try splitting your attack into 2 instead of forcing everything in one direction move in from 2 fronts and split the enemy forces too.

Use a cannon to hit the jamming thing.

hope that helps.

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