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Antilles 12-31-2001 06:27 AM

Fc 2?
Should LA made FC 2?

Here is what i think they should do:
1.Make an expanded set to the origin FC, which should enhance the old engine and add new unit(like Jedi, Hunter....etc) and new species(like Wookie, but no GUNGAN!)...

2.Make FC 2 : Prequel War...add TF and Naboo.....with see unit......Isn't it cool to see the whole droid army in 3D?

GB is fine...but just for FUN...if u want fun, how about Bombed Racing?

Rogue15 12-31-2001 12:04 PM

Hey, the gungans aren't that bad, at least it's not ewoks.

Darth Simpson 01-01-2002 08:13 AM

Ewoks are better than Gungans... ;)

Sure, a FC 2 would be nice, but it would have to be miles better than the original. A new engine, but keep the classic triology setting, without the Gungans / Naboo / Trade Federation. Also, a new interface is a must!

Antilles 01-02-2002 10:02 AM

I think they should be TF at one side and Naboo with Gungan at another side....if we can play the ground battle between Gungan and TF....and in 3D....wouldn;t that be COOL!

Chiles4 01-02-2002 12:20 PM

I think that even today, the whole concept of incorporating tactical combat, full-on 3D graphics, and real-time strategy may be more than any game maker can do effectively. On the other hand I heard alot of good things about Ground Control - though never played it.

If FC2 was done, they would have to scrap ALOT of the things that were heavily criticized in FC: interface, AI, pathfinding, etc. I think a good compromise would be to cut back on the strategy and maybe produce a land-based SW combat game that focused more on tactical combat a little more like the Mechwarrior series (never played that either). Think how fun it would be to actually drive and do combat from inside an AT-AT or AT-ST! Remove the strategical elements from the combat and focus more on tactics...and visuals. Or move the strategy to a higher level, separating it from the tactical combat.

I really think a land-based tactical shooter with jaw-dropping graphics would be great! They do it with air combat, why not with land?

EKaterin61 04-07-2002 01:41 PM

:atat: Well I would certainly like to see a Force Commander II Or an Expansion Set to the Original. One thing really needs to be addressed though is the Game Engine, this needs to be re done. but adding new civilizations to the set would be a welcome addon for me. That would be cool ! Come on Lucas Arts give us Focom II :D

Chiles4 04-19-2002 06:37 PM


Come on Lucas Arts give us Focom II
Yeah, that'd be awesome but I don't think they'll do it. They probably feel that they got burned a little once and won't want that to happen again. They'll probably just want to play it safe.

IMHO, I don't think Lucasarts will be developing any more SW games themselves - they'll probably outsource all development to more accomplished gamemakers. Gone are the days when you could simply shoot a laser at a cheesy-looking Tie Fighter and make everyone ooh and ah. Everyone expects UT-Max Payne-MOH sort of quality in a game (and there's nothing wrong with that).

Honestly, I doubt Lucasarts will delve into the 3D-strategy arena again - it's just much safer for them to develop tried-and-true genre games like GB. It's a major shame because the SW license is incredibly ripe for ground-based 3D combat.

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