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nova_wolf 01-07-2002 08:19 AM

A new concept, new depth of mission design...
I have had 2 really funky ideas ! :D

Using the fact that I do so love the original trilogy more than the prequels (so far admittedly - forever changing is the future), but recognising some nice ideas from Ep 1, I have come up with a great idea.
I am going to do not just a tactical scenario, but an all out epic story through the use of Star Wars Battlegounds !

I have the storyline, a name for te campaign/story, and loads of sweet ideas on how to do it. And to gie you an idea of how much continuity there will be, there is one VAST map, and each mission will be based in a section of it. Some will take place in the same areas, some will include familiar areas from previous missions. Some may take place in orbit above the planet.

I have characters, units, twists, turns, intrugue, and best of all, tactical situations planned that will have you fighting on four fronts, a mix of air land and sea, with 4 different races' unit, trying to decide the best combination.

You will win some, lose some. Retreats and advances. Obvious storyline and shocking revelations.

If anyone would like to know more on my grand scheme, then reply to tis topic, and a new depth of mission design shall be unleashed.

As for XWA missions aswell - 'The Point of View' campaigns. Missions seen from the point of view of the Empire, Rebels, Family Company, Pirates and Warlord Zsinji. Same missions, different sides...
See the injustice, reasoning, stubborness, resourcefulness, love and hae between the factions where moral black and white are merely dreams in a gray scale universe.

Dagobahn Eagle 02-10-2002 05:51 PM

Good idea, but I think, no offense, that would be a better place to post this.

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