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Darth_Rommel 01-12-2002 10:09 PM

Ouch. :S
I lost posts... alot of posts! In fact, I lost about 900 posts (4300 to 3400!)! Could I PLEASE have them back?!?

Thanks in advance, to whoever helps me! :)

Darth_Rommel 01-13-2002 03:06 PM

Could I PLEASE have them back?

wardz 01-13-2002 03:33 PM

you are not going to get them back, most people lost some in the changeover, you just happen to have lost a lot.

You have been here since July and had over 4000, thats plenty of posts.

I'm afraid its "tuff"..



Rogue15 01-13-2002 04:00 PM

u got that wrong. ;)

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