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Wraith 8 01-23-2002 06:24 PM

Post your character for the RPG. + BIO!
State the name and a little background of your Character.
Try to do so according to my settup :D
If you have a PICTURE of your character, you can post that too.
if you do not. NO PROBLEM.

Name: Garik Loran.
Rank: Captain of Wraith Squadron. Wraith 1.
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 22.
Home Planet: Sluis Van.
Appearance: A tall man. Very good looking to standards, if it wasnt for the big scar running across his face. the scar goes from his left cheek, across his nose, and marred his right forehead. Wich nicknamed him: 'The Face'.
Bio: Born on Sluis Van. got in to acting when he was about 5 years old. supported by his wealthy family he went to Coruscant and did acting school. he made propoganda Holo's for the Empire and was loved my many young girls at that time. He was kidnapped by rebel extremists when he was 10 years old. The Empire tried to rescue him but in the fight a laser blast scarred his face. everybody died in the fight except Garik. The rebels had shown him what the Empire was doing to the Galaxie. after he saw all that, he faked his own death and went into hiding. after 5 years his Parents died in Gundark attack. When he reached 19 years old. he joined the rebellion. able to go in his self bought X-wing. he soon was promoted to Lieutenant. and when he was 21 he was promoted to captain of a new kind of X-wing squadron. WRAITH SQUADRON.

EvilleApplePie 01-25-2002 01:52 AM

Name: Charlie Dios
Rank: Medic. Wraith ?
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Home Planet: Zhar (cause it also looked I like the letter z...)
Appearance: She's gracefully tall at 5'9", with soft dirty blonde hair that barely brushes her slender shoulders and the figure of one who works out frequently. The only thing that keeps her vibrant green eyes from being just as stunning is the patch over the right one to hide the fact that she's missing that eye. Although the patch is rarely visible since her hair is kept to hide it.
Bio: (I'll come back and work on this I's late and I'm tired...-_- but thanks for letting me join!)

Kyle d'Tana 01-25-2002 11:02 AM

Name: Kyle d'Tana
Rank: Flight Officer, Wraith Eight
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Home Planet: Chandrila
Apearance: Tall, light(?) man, with short black hair ( like han Solo, only Black!).

Bio: With 14 Years, he was * as a flying talent, by the rebels. He was in a rebel alliance school, for young pilots, and after he finished, he didn't wanted to join a squadron anymore. He wanted to see the corporate sector, and lost there his girlfriend, which he many loved. Then he gets back to the rebel alliance. There, Garik Loran, wants that he joines the Wraith Squadron, and so he gets the rank of a Flight Officer in the Elite X-Wing Squadron of the alliance!

Kyle d'Tana 01-25-2002 11:03 AM

Sorry, * that replaced ----discovert-----!!:D :D

Dark Sad Shadow 01-25-2002 03:49 PM

Name: (unknown) Know him as Shadow
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Home planet: unknown
Appeareance: A tall man with 1.97 cms. Black Hair, with a scar in his neck.

A lone man who was training in the ways of the Sith, he got his black lightsaber, and have learning almost nothing because his masters death.

He doesnt say a word until someone ask him, discretly and silently, only appears when danger is near someone he protects.

Once served the Empire until he learns that they betrayed him, making him believe that the Rebellion killed his family.

Once he got revenge no one knew nothing about him, until "The Face" found him in Chandrilla, trainning in a simulator. The face wanted him in the Squadron.

Shadow agreed until he found the reasons of the Death of his

The Shadow:

Devil Doll 01-25-2002 09:37 PM

NAME: no one know her name, but she`s called Hassany
RANK: Mechanical of all the squadron, also she`s flight leader like all.
GENDER: Female
AGE: 20
APPEAREANCE: a tall lady, she`s tiny, black hair and white skin, she always look serious and always look like she`s thinking a lot.

BIO: This youg girl is a smart Lady with a special hability in all mechanics things, her mother always show her that she needs to obey the Imperials, but her father was sent to Kessel when she had 9 because he was a a member of the Rebellion, That was the reason she joins the Rebellion when she had the opportunity.

She likes to read all about machines and she talks only when someone talk to her, she always dress her pilot uniform, but few months ago someone make a draw of her using a very beautiful dress, she likes it and she have it in the console of her X-Wing the draw is something like this:

note:for some reason I can NOT post any image, maybe I don`t have enough post to do it, I tried to edit that but i can`t, so this is the link and you can see the image

CaptainRAVE 01-26-2002 03:50 PM

Subject : Jake Lloyd
Species : Human
Born: 3049
Height : 1.89 meters
Transport : Lambada Class Shuttle for transporting important personnel

Orphaned as a young boy, with no knowledge of his family, Jake was immediately taken in by The Empire in the hope that he could be used as a tool to build their empire. Jake's desires did not venture beyond his studies. He was content in working, and did not desire anymore. Beyond his work there was
nothing no friends, no life and no family. Jake grew up to respect The Empire and learned to use his special abilities for the good of her employers.

At a young age his talents were noticed by The Empires highest ranking Grand Admirals. Jake stood out as a bold individual with outstandingly high test scores. For the interest
of security he was trained in various forms of self-defence and in
the use of modern day weaponry in the case of an emergency, in which he also ranked highly. Later on, this would prove to be essential....

Redwing 01-27-2002 07:38 AM

((ummm....was gonna post chara bio when his brain went dead ^^;; will edit post later))

Redwing 02-01-2002 09:14 PM

Name: Raschel Sheire
Rank: (demoted to Recruit status)
Species: K'beran
Gender: female
Age: undisclosed
Home Planet: unknown, raised on Coruscant
Appearance: Tall and thin. She has a mane of long light blue hair. Her face looks reptilian, and has a snout. Her facial expression has been described by Terrans as looking somewhat like a lionesses'.
Bio: Separated from her family at age three by slavers, she was rescued by a high-class Coruscant family who used their connections to protect her during a time when nonhumans were looked upon with hatred and prejudice. Wanting to prove the Imperial mainstream attitude toward aliens wrong, she joined the Imperial Training Academy at Carida. She fought her way up several ranks through sheer determination and skill, but found she was not allowed to become a TIE pilot because she wasn't 'human enough'...despite her incredible skill level. With this came a double blow, for the same day her promotion was refused, the news arrived that the her parents had been executed for "conspiracy against the Empire". Just what the charges entailed was classified information. Enraged, crushed, and full of hatred for the Empire, she dropped out of the Imperial Academy and joined a Rebel-affiliated group of smugglers. She used her excellent piloting skills to help them assist in the undermining of the Empire. When the fledgling Rebel Alliance was first put together, she applied to become a starfighter pilot. Impressed by her scores, she was briefly assigned to their Y-Wing division; but her temper got her kicked out. Now she has been assigned to Wraith Squadron. She is a very skilled pilot, and has flown more fighters, transports and other vessels than the average pilot would see in twenty lifetimes. She is quite skilled with a blaster and other small-scale ranged weapons; and her smuggling experience has afforded her quite a bit of technical expertise as well.

[EDITED for mention of Alderaan...Wraithy you should've been clearer on that stuff :p )

REEDIT because somehow I changed her name from Racshel to Raschel :D

Deac 02-02-2002 01:53 PM

Name: Orthos Darkstar
Age: 19
Homeworld: Byss
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Bio: It is not widely known that Syrnl Darkstar, artificial sith, cousin and enemy of Deac Starkiller, had a son, but he did. The problem with his son was that he had no affinity for the force at all. It seemed to ignore him entirely. Having fled the wrath of his father, Orthos, he joined the rebellion and was promoted to Lietenant J.G after risking his life to save a transport under attack from his father's personal star destroyer.

LQ. 02-03-2002 01:18 AM

Name: Jekari Duran (really Dunari but he changed it along with his entire past)
Species: Human
Age: 15 or 16. Says 18 on his records though.
Sex: Guy, but could get mistaken for a girl.
Height: About 5'7 or 5'6
Wrank: Wraith 4?

Bio: Jekari grew up with a good family. They weren't super rich but they had money. He has an eerily high IQ and is a whiz with computers. After he hacked into several Imperial Corporations he saw the things they did and crashed their systems. Trying to get to him his house was attacked and his family was wiped out. He survied and vowed to get revenge.

Using his skills he was able to forge documents that let showed him as being older and an orphan. He joined a squadron and did very well. He loved and still loves being a smart ass and playing jokes. His numerous practical jokes he'd play on people who pissed him off and his normaly smiling attitude earned him the nickname "Jester".

When several officers who were total jerks kept picking in him and his friend he hacked the comm systems on all the fighters to display obscene messages about said officers. Needless to say they were not amused and he was kicked out.

Still desperate to get the Empire back for what they did to his family he joins the Wraith Squadron. He always has a smile and a joke for everyone but doesn't really let anyone get to close to him.

((sorry it took so long to post this. ^^ My time got eaten up by a HUGE school project. Which i am pretty sure i got an A on! YES! Worship me!))

armadillopillow 06-03-2002 03:36 AM

NAME : Ariel Gehn
Age : unknown (prolly in her 20's)
Sex : Female (although she is almost always mistaken a
Homeworld : unknown
Appearance: she is a very good looking woman but she is always
wearung loose clothes and maintains a masculine
Bio : She was raised by a Jedi and there fore learned many Jedi skills, although sh was not actually trained in the jedi arts, so she does'nt know any mind tricks. She is very skilled in most types of weaponry. She doesnt know how old she is exactly or who her parents were. She prefers to build things rather than purchase them, this way she knows all the secrets put into them. She shares her ship, the Artenium I, with a creature she picked up in deep space. The only creature of its kind known to exist (kind of like yoda!) the creature is kind of like her pet, its name is Artemis (named after the ship) cause when she first met it it had grafted itself to the innards of her ship! Now its kind of like a watch dog, and it never leaves the ship. Another thing about Ariel is she interperated jedi light saber dualing styles into her own unique style, she tends to hold the light saber upside down in her hand ( samurai style ). oh and she goes by the name Gehn.

Wacky_Baccy 06-20-2002 10:42 PM

Name : Tarin Daan

Age : 25

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Occupation : Assassin and occasional thief

Home Planet : Coruscant

Appearence : Tarin is about 5'10" tall and fairly slim. He always wears dark coloured clothes, and is almost never seen without a serious expression on his face, which often makes him look older than he is. His hair is a dark brown, kept short, and his eyes are a piercing grey-blue. He is considerably stronger than his appearence suggests, but prefers to avoid violence for the most part. He is fairly quiet (possibly a result of losing his father at a young age), and tends not to strike up conversations.

Bio : Highly intelligent and partially Force-sensitive, he was briefly trained as a Jedi in his early years until his father was murdered, at which point he lost faith in the Jedi and the Force, and left his training to seek revenge on the one who killed his father.

Weapons : One orange-bladed lightsaber (a remainder of his time training as a Jedi), a custom vibro-knife, a Tenloss DX-6 Disruptor rifle, an SD-77 sonic pistol, and an assortement of small explosive devices. He also usually carries a small range of security-related equipment, used mainly to bypass high-tech anti-intruder systems and avoid detection.

Vehicles : One slightly modified E-Wing fighter which he is overly attached to, and anything else he cares to steal at the time... (his security knowledge comes in very handy then...)

It'll do for now :)

[edit: updated]

Redwing 06-21-2002 07:07 AM

HEY. I just figured out that this thread can be for ALL the RPGs, not just the Wraith Squ one...:D *feels stupid*

armadillopillow 06-22-2002 09:25 AM

lol and all this time you were confusing me about this sticky! geez red.. you ought to be ashamed of your self! lol

Redwing 06-22-2002 04:12 PM

Name : Marin [last name unknown]

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human (mutant)

Home Planet: Terra (near former New York, U.S. East Coast)

Description: Marin is about 5'4" tall in her normal form. She is fairly thin, with medium brown skin and darker brown straight, thick hair. She appears mostly normal at first glance, but she is anything but. First of all, she can naturally breathe water. In fact, she lives with her father (who has the same talent) in the ocean that is underneath New York in her dimension. But this isn't what makes her most unusual; besides being able to breathe underwater, she has the ability to shapeshift by touching a creature's skin and absorbing its essence. This ability is somewhat unpredictable; sometimes she can shift blindingly fast, (normally taking about two minutes but once did it in little over five seconds), and sometimes she can't do it at all (often at the worst possible times.)

Bio: [Withheld]

superthrawn 06-25-2002 01:35 PM

Uh, someone told me I should post this here. It's already in the New RPG thread, but I guess this is probably more accessible, so you don't have to dig for it.

Name: Thrr-gilag, Clan: Kee'rr
Gender: Male
Species: Zhirrzh
Description/ a little background: Roughly human in height, with slender torso and a pair each of arms and legs in more or less hman arrangement. A hairless head sits atop what passes for a neck, the face roughly triangular in shape as large brow ridges over the deep-set eyes narrow to hawklike beaks. Always dressed in tight fitting jumpsuits, made of a shimmery material. A small scar rides on his neck just below where it narrows backward into a triangle, the scar is roughly the same size and shape of that of an small appendix removal scar in humans. This scar is due to the removal of the fss organ. The fss seems to be unique amongst the galaxy. It is an organ, that, when removed from it's host and kept from decay, it acts as sort of an anchor. Should the former host be killed, or raised to Eldership as it is said amongst the Zhirrzh, then they will immediately (not physically, but their essence, spirit, soul or Force presence, however you want to say it) yanked back to their fss in their family shrine. There they will become nearly literally a ghost, with decreased sensory abilities, but the ability to pass inside the anchor areas of their fss instantaneously. Also, the fss can be cut, in order to move that cutting even as far as a different planet. The Zhirrzh can then move instantaneously between those pieces, so long as they are not blocked by concentrations of some of the denser metals. (That includes Deac's head... just kidding Deac). As well, when radio waves are passed over the fss in high enough concentrations, the Elder will feel wracking pains in growing amounts up to death. These concentrated radio waves are known as the Elderdeath weapons to the Zhirrzh. Uh, I think that's a pretty good physiological background to the Zhirrzh, oh yeah, they have two thumbs and three fingers, both thumbs opposable, and the Zhirrzh homeplanet, Oaccanav, is in the Unkown Regions, though they do have hyperspace capabilities, just at much slower speeds than normal. Within the Unkown Regions, the Zhirrzh have built a small empire of about 18 worlds, which they control through their strict clan system which is over seen by the Overclan Prime, most powerful of all the Zhirrzh.
Personal Background: Thrr-gilag is from the planet Oaccanav, home planet of his clan, the Kee'rr. After his bond-engagement to a female from another clan was broken for political reasons, he devoted himself to the furtherance of Zhirrzh society. As a result, he rose highly through the ranks of his clan, before becoming Speaker, and using his incredible political leverage and background as a scholar and student of alien cultures to get himself appointed upon an expidition to search beyond the Zhirrzh empire for other peoples. It was in this way that the Zhirrzh stumbled on to the New Republic. And so, in due course, they have traveled to Coruscant to contact the New Republic, and find out what they can...

superthrawn 06-25-2002 01:42 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot Zhirrzh weapons. All in all, they are rather similar to Republic weapons. Thrr-gilag's standard armament includes a laser rifle (not blaster, there is a difference) and a stinger, a small lazer pistol that can be easily concealed, as well as a ceramic knife.

bdbbbddddbdd.... that's all folks

Genota 06-27-2002 03:52 PM

Name:Guy Dabula


Rank:Squad Leader



Guy was a small boy when his parents were caught by the imperials and sentenced to death. He then joined Rogue Squadron and became a top notch pilots whose talents were superb

DashRendar 06-30-2002 09:50 AM

Name: Theisdon (He doesn't tell his last name)
Rank: Temporary Medic at the Bimmissarri Base
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Home Planet: Reytha
Bio: Theisdon lost his parents in a "Rebellion" strike versus on an Imperial Food Processing Center on Reytha, where his parents worked. Well this outraged him and he decided to dedicate his life on avenging their death. As soon as he was old enough he joined the Imperial Academy, where he showed very good skills in Medicine and Piloting. Although an odd mix it seemed to be a good one. Almost as soon as he got out of School he was sent to a base on Bimmissari. He soon heard rumors of a hidden rebel base and decided this would be a good time to take my revenge. The first thing he did was to search the archives to find out who the Rebels were that were in the strike force on Reytha. Oddly enough he couldn't find anything out about the Rebel Strike. What he did find out though was information on an experiment that failed, killing all who were involve. It didn't take Theisdon long to piece together what had really happened. Theisdon quickly destroyed the information as best as a low ranking Soldier could from the Archives. He took along only what he could carry-it included his trusty blaster, a custom flight suit that was given to him by his best friend in the Academy, and a picture of his parents. He then rushed to where he heard that the secret Rebel base was located. He was quickly accepted and assigned to a squadron. His first mission they were ambushed, but he was saved by his wingman who didn't make it. When he got back to the base he was made a medic until they could find another spot for him...

Kuuki 07-02-2002 10:46 PM

i tried to play a character like this once:
Name: Sephiroth
Gander: Male
Age: ???
Current Statis: Presumely Deceased
Bio: A man on a Industral and Pre-Space Evolutionary Planet in uncharted Territories, Known by most as 'The Man in a Black Cloak' wandered the planet gathering followers, after finding out his mother was merely used becuase she was thoguth to be one of the last Ancients (along with another character from FF7 :p).
To make a long stroy short, he was bent on destroying the planet with a metor but in the end failed.

Next is:
Name: Grendal
Rank: Emperoir of The Empire in Eminesent Chaos (spelling)
Gender: Male
Age: ???
Current Statis: Deceased
Bio: Warroir of the Sith, with unknown ties with Emperoir Cracken.
extremely powerful with force, and one of the few to still use a lightsaber (hundreds of years after BoH)

Kjølen 07-15-2002 07:42 AM

Subject: Kjølen
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Saiyan
Home Planet: (Unknown, NOT Vegeta)
Abilities: Super Saiyan 4, KaMaHaMay Ray, other energy attacks
Hieght: 5"9
Mood: Mysterious
BIO: Born on an unknown planet but never on Vegeta. Raised too the age of 14, then took care of myself. Super Saiyan at age 6 (scared my kindergarden teacher), Super Saiyan 2 at age 16, Super Saiyan 3 Age 19, Super Saiyan 4 at age 21, still trying to control it.

Acrylic 09-28-2002 11:57 PM

Name: Nick
Occupation: Guitar Player
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Planet: Earth
Height: 5'2
Appearance: Kinda Short, but still cool. Appreciated and liked by his peers and comrades
Bio: Was born a normal human baby until one day....I got exposed to a radioactive beam...then I became "Acrylic Guitar" 'Boy With the Guitar of Magic'

Bastalek 01-12-2003 07:11 PM

Well, here's the name and backround of my character, plus a little bit more. Just FYI here, but all of this (With the exception of Bastalek's childhood) was actuall role-played at one time or another (Yes, that includes the four jedi). Anyway, without further adu...........

Name: Bastalek
Home World: Coruscant
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195lbs
Eye Color: Deep green
Hair Color: Short, light brown
Skin Color: White
General Physique: Not huge, but in good shape
Attire: Bastalek tends to wear a pair of dark navy blue pants, a Hawaiian shirt over a white T-shirt, and a waist coat with holsters and grenade bandoleers sewn on the inside of it.
Force: Force is for wussies
Profession: Grifter/Hobo
Faction: None, Bastalek despises most forms of general organization and is firmly considered by himself to be an anarchist.

Weapons and Other Possessions
Pistols: Two 434 “Death Hammer” pistols, and Two T-6 “Thunders”
Grenades & Explosives: 6-flash grenades, 6-E.M.P. grenades, 6-Fragmentation grenades (Note: These are all thermal detonators, the name after the number describes the function)
Melee Weapons: Two mono-molecular, 18 inch gruchai knives (OOC: Imagine a long, single edged curved blade) originally used by Bastalek’s father. Each are crafted from mandalorian iron and display several engravings along the sides of both blades. Bastalek also carries the light sabers from each of the jedi he has killed (3 single bladed, and 1 double bladed).
Note: All weapons are either attached inside Bastalek’s coat or holstered to his back.
Miscellaneous Possessions: Red Swoop (referred to as “The Lucky Dog), deck of cards
Credits: 200

Personality: Bastalek usually comes off to those who see him as cocky, sarcastic, and clueless, all of which are part of the image Bastalek has set for himself in public. Under normal circumstances Bastalek is witty, cocky, and light hearted no matter how severe the situation. Although Bastalek lacks formal education most find that he has a surprisingly extensive vocabulary as well as being mechanically inclined.
Skills: Bastalek allegedly has the fastest hands in six sectors, and as a result is highly adept at anything involving his dukes. Gambling, pick pocketing, and melee combat are all fortes that Bastalek employs in his day to day life (Gambling more then anything). While it should come as second nature to him, shooting is a skill that has eluded even the slightest of Bastalek’s ability (He claims to have shaky hands from shuffling cards too fast). Although the number of pistols Bastalek carries would convey that he is a pistolier, Bastalek’s general strategy with them is to “Dump as much ammo as I can in the general direction of my target, throw a grenade or two, BAM! Job done.” Albeit Bastalek’s amount of weaponry would suggest that he is not much more then an extra gun in a fight, it has become apparent through most of Bastalek’s encounters with jedi that it is cleaver and lucky last ditch attempts that make him a formidable opponent in any engagement.

Bastalek hails from Coruscant, and was raised on his fathers gambling and cheating. After his father (Went by the name of Hakkon) dug himself so deep in debt and killed himself, Bastalek left Coruscant for fear of his fathers debts catching up with him. Once he had taken his leave from Coruscant Bastalek turned to the merchant world of Corellia, where he resided for two years as a mechanics apprentice.
Soon after he turned eighteen Bastalek tried his luck at a more unsavory profession, and joined up with a crew of smugglers and began working for a crime syndicate on Corellia. During what appeared to have been a standard smuggling operation it was found out that the their cargo had originally belonged to a rival company of pirates that is currently known as The Red Python. As a result The Red Python sent a jedi to retrieve the cargo, and thought it necessary to do away with the crew as well. At the end of the desperate fight the jedi laid dead, along with all the crew, save Bastalek.
Over the coarse of five years Bastalek tried to escape and elude his violent past, but has never been able to shake off the mercenaries and bounty hunters of The Red Python. Since his first encounter with The Red Python Bastalek has killed three more, and keeps their light sabers (NOTE: Bastalek’s reason for having light sabers is purely ornate, and they wont be used in any manner of fighting) holstered on the inside of his waist coat as proof to others of his fighting prowess. Recently, Bastalek took down the main headquarters of The Red Python on Coruscant and Corellia, as a result a heavy price has been placed on his head by both the Imperials and The Red Python.
Through his eight years of traveling Bastalek has picked up several “Tricks of the trade” along with his original abilities to deceive he has become no less then an expert at grifting and hustling. Bastalek still refuses to give out his last name, even to his closest friends, as he fears someone may identify him. That and his father always told him it’s unfriendly to be called by your last name, and so chooses to be known on a first name basis with anyone he should happen to meet.

Stormtrooper X 05-26-2003 09:59 AM

Name: Tongo Fett
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Dark Jedi
Age: 44
Species: Mutant Zabrak? Mutant Human? Xizzor Cat?
Home Planet: Trando
Languages: Basic, Wookie, Rodian
Hair Color: White/Leopard Colors
Force Sensitivity: 10/10
Lightsaber? Yes. 3. Uses two at a time and sometimes one.
Saber Colors: Two at a time: One Silver and One Black. One at a time: Orange
Bio: His parents were killed at the age of two by a rebel assault. A Jedi Master Echuu Shen Jon rescued him and took him to the Jedi temple. He say that Tongo's Medichlorians were higher than Luke Skywalkers, but thay couldn't stop training him. When he was 5, he discovered the dark side. By then, he was already a Form VII Master, and on the level of Mace Windu when he died. Jerec, an evil Dark Jedi was struck down by Kyle Katarn, and Tongo left the academy a year later. After Desann had been defeated, Tongo reappered to the Jedi, having been a bounty hunter for the time he was not a jedi. Tongo knew of the Dark Jedi ready to wreak havoc at the corner of the galaxy and joined them. When he met Kyle Katarn, at the Academy, they had a massive fight. Kyle was left with half his left arm and one third of him right leg, apart from his main body and head. Tongo left feeling guilty, and disguised as his bounty hunter self, he was hired by the Jedi to Kill the Dark Jedi. Tongo wasn't in it for the money, he was in it to realise his true fate. He helped destroy the Dark Jedi, and later helped New Republic to overcome the Yuuzhan Vong. After that he was hired to be cloned, with Vader, and all the mighty jedi, including kyle. They said it was for an experiment. An experiment for a Jedi to protect the Jedi forever. They lied. The clones struck down kyle. Tongo Fought two of them until he was tragically stabbed in the back, and he fled, deeply wounded. When he had healed in a bacta bath, he decided to destroy the new death stars, and fight the new tie shadows in an extremely dangerous dogfight in space. Tongo won. And eventually after painful and tiring space and ground battles, he completed his task. He was suddenly hit by a neutron beam 5 years later, and these were his final words" I'm ready, for it's my time, to die..."


Everyone was crying. Everyone but the new Emperor, Emperor Palpatines Clone combined with the superhuman clones from before. He had been voted chancellor, but since Tongo was around in spirit, he crippled the emperor's heart, and changed his ways to the good before he could cause disruption and war.

RoxStar 08-06-2003 12:01 AM

EDIT: Please, no more with the off-topic posts.

- Redwing

ZBomber 08-08-2003 02:29 AM


Originally posted by -=TheTycooner=-
Why is his last name Fett?
Oi. Cut the spamage. All your posts are 1 sentenced. :rolleyes:

Name: Zoman Komas
Rank: Another Low-lifed bounty Hunter
Species: Human.
Gender: Male.
Age: 32
Home Planet: Unknown
Appearance: About 6'4. No facial hair. Dark Brown Hair. Old Black armor, flamethrower on right arm.
Bio: Not much is known about Zoman's child hood. The only person who knows about that is his partner in Bounty Hunting, Ariele Fallan. Not able to get many bountys with other good bounty hunters around, Zoman makes most of his own gear, including his armor and flamethrower.

Kjølen 08-10-2003 03:47 PM

Ok Kill my old character.

Name: Suakto Kjølen (Japanese custom, family name first)
Gender: Male
Species: Inu Youkai and Human (Hanyou)
Age: 17
Height: 5 feet 10 inches or about 178cm
Weight: 120Lbs (I'm light but strong, makes for better running.)
Eye Color: Radient Green
Hair Color: Light Silverish Blue
Hair Length: Almost to my shoulders
Skin Color: Pale White
Languages: English, Japanese, Youkai (Understand not speak)
Attire: White and blue Kimono with chain. Japanese sandals.
Weapons: Claws, Energy Whip, Small youkai sword, or very large knife, made from a mithril and youkai bones, with the energy of 50 oni and 100 youkai. Used for good.
BIO: I was born from a human mother and I had a Youkai father. My father was a powerful Inu Youkai warroir, that fought for the protection of humans, and my mother was a strong willed taija-ya. (Youkai exterminator). They were married in a Catholic church with the same beliefs.
I inherited my great determination from my moth, as well as her powerful green eyes. My father gave me his youkai strength. I am able to run very fast with my strong legs, light body and youkai energy, even when carrying something a little heavier than me. I can fly, not as fast as I can run, but fast enough to make a short cut. My claws with youkai energy can take down powerful evil youkai. Out form my claws I can produce a strong energy whip that can tear through rocks and strong metals. Any lethal ingury to a human, would be an injury healed in a day or two for me. I have the power over regeneration, an uncommon gift in my family. I could regrow a limb in a month.

Mandalorian54 10-06-2003 08:22 PM

For now I'm going to use this character in all star wars RPs.

Name: Selene
Age: unknown
Race: unknown
Sex: female
Weapons: a silver sword
Rank: a hunter with her own agenda

Bio: She is one of the few remaining survivors of an ancient world long destroyed. And the only publicly active member of her race. She has high morals on life, and gives her service only for cause. She is an attractive female, one so that all eyes gaze upon her when she enters a room. And she is as deadly as she is beautiful. Her speed and agility are lightning fast, and her reflexes rival the greates jedi, but she is not force sensative.

And for non star wars RPs I'll just simplify, but basically the same person.

steven 06-28-2004 12:58 PM

weapons:customized sword + sniper riffel
rank:rouge fighter
ship: X-wing
bio:he started out as a smuggler and he stole an x-wing and got in a fight with Wedge. he disabled wedge ship. Steven knew if he killed wedge he'd have the whole republic after him so he spared his life and was soon recuited, by wedge himself, in2 rouge squadron

DarkSolitude 07-15-2004 02:13 PM

Name: "Jack" Dyan Ariadne
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Female (mistaken for male)
Eye color: greenish brown
Hair color and syle: Was brownish red, now Silver, short cut to a little past the ears
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Skin color: Tanned from sun
Home World: none
Profession: assassin
Misc. Attire: modified flight goggles for her destoryed sight (also sees night vision)
Ship: Old Corellian Corvette called the Pure Enigma
Weapons: Modified snipper rifle, an assortment of detenators and other explosive devices, a silver-beam lightsaber she can't use, vibro-knives, and Imp. issue blasters.
Force: No force powers none of (thus she can't use the lightsaber she found), but does have uncanny agility...slighty psychic in fighting abilities
Company she beholds to: called the 'Lurkers', she doesn't know anything about them besides the fact that they send her the assignments...they don't like the New Republic
Personality: Witty, occationally sarcastic, more noble-hearted than she wants to be, likes to be "one of the guys" but is still very female, slightly annoyed with her height. Quite optomistic despite her profession. Associates often get freaked out when she talks so easily about her eliminations.

Born to bounty hunter father and moisture farmer's daughter mother on the family ship. Had two younger siblings (brother and sister) Was sent to recieve education at 15 and fullfill her dreams of becoming a pilot in the Imp. Army Failed her dream after a bad flight accident (age 16) in which she lost the majority of her sight (and most of her sanity) and died. She was placed in stasis as they tried to figure out how to save her sight and her life. She was in stasis for several years (don't feel ike figuring out how many right now) Was revived after the Fall of the Empire. Was given the goggles to help her see. Went on a mad search to find her family, only to learn they were murdered. Find the 'Lurkers' to see if they'll help for a price. The price, however, is her employment as an assassin (they want to see if they can make the perfect killer). Still looking for murderer and the new mystery as to who her employers really are and what they want.

Sidenotes: Got lightsaber after assassinating a Jedi Master name Tolan. Hair turned silver after stasis.


Redwing 11-14-2004 09:06 PM

Okay, I've noticed (well more like it's blindingly obvious) that no one ever uses this topic who's actually playing in an RPG, really, so I'm destickying it unless anyone has an objection.

jokemaster 11-15-2004 06:07 PM


Originally posted by Redwing
Okay, I've noticed (well more like it's blindingly obvious) that no one ever uses this topic who's actually playing in an RPG, really, so I'm destickying it unless anyone has an objection.


I've always wanted to say that

Kuuki 11-15-2004 06:23 PM

nice random useage there JM :D

although needs more badger

jokemaster 11-15-2004 06:28 PM



Redwing 11-15-2004 07:26 PM

Don't make me lock the thread and/or delete your posts as well :xp: ;)

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