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Wraith 8 01-26-2002 09:36 AM

Rpg! Wraith Squadron!
Ok. this thread is now in use for the RPG im opening.
Please! only post reply's in here to the RPG not questions. for questions go to:'insight on the rpg'
post your Bio here:'Background of your character'

Hope you all have fun.

-Wraith 8-

Wraith 8 01-26-2002 09:54 AM

*The planet of Alderaan. a lovely planet, a beautifil world.
It is a planet full of history. now a peacefull planet, but once it was a planet full of war.
This planet was part of the Empire. but secretly it was part of the Rebel Alliance. some parts of the planet were secret bases of the Rebels. even a training camp for pilots.*

*It also housed the new squadrons. Red Squadron, Gold Squadron, Blue Squadron and now the new squadron too. Wraith Squadron. These squadron were to ship out in a couple of days to new hide outs. It was said that Gold and Red squadron were off to go to the 4th planet of Yavin. and Blue squadron were of to clear out the old base on Dantooine.
Wraith squadron on the other hand are send out on a covert missions to take out Imperial bases. they are going to be send too an asteroide belt in the neighbourhood of Bimmisaari. *

*In the hallways of the rebel base, two man were walking to a briefing rrom. Garik Loran and his Executive Officer were walking along the hallways. Garik was the Squad leader of Wraith Squadron. Garik turned his head to his XO.*

What do you think of out new pilots? Do you think they will be good at this?

*The XO shrugged and turned his head to Garik.*

The Master 01-26-2002 12:10 PM

Ton Phanan showed a grin and nodded to Garik.

"I think they are okay. Excellent for starters. I beleive that they will be reliable."

Though Ton hadn't known any of the recruits to well. But from the results of the simulator runs, they had done exceptionally good. Ton infact had been expect much from these pilotes and with the up coming mission they would be able to prove their worth. Or die trying. Of coarse he didn't want that... but this is what the squadron was built for. Wasn't it?

Ton still found the grin was spread across his face. He quickly disposed of it and quickened his pace.

"What do you think of them? The recruits I mean."

Wraith 8 01-26-2002 12:50 PM

*Garik watched Ton. He smiled at his smile. He knew what he was thinking. He looked ahead and on ahead, he saw the guy he found on Chandrilla. Known as 'the Shadow' walk into the briefing room. The woman mechanic walked behind him. She wanted to be called 'Hassany'.*

Well those two there make me wonder a bit. I know he is a great pilot. And she is a great mechanic. But they are so quiet. They dont talk out of free will, only when someone talks to them, they talk back. I wish we could get them to open up a little.
About the others... well.. i think they will do nicely. Come on we need to get this party started.

*They both walked into the briefing room. They looked at the pilots. they were looking a bit nervous.*

Well pilots. Lets begin.

EvilleApplePie 01-26-2002 03:45 PM

She was busy filling in charts on the pilots, looking rather annoyed at not only the noise level before the Captain entered, but at the fact that a few of the more wise ass pilots didn't make their check up appointments. Which meant more work for her.

As Garik entered she set down her charts and pushed her glasses into her hair. Frowning slightly at her fellow crewmen for not shutting up immediently, she wondered if she'd ever get used to being in such an insane squadron, so different from what her job had been like with the Empire.

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Dark Sad Shadow 01-26-2002 07:22 PM

standing up in the briefing room, hiding his lightsaber, the shadow was watching every one, he doesnt like to fill papers, but he must.

after finishing signing, the Captain entered the room.
he gave him the papers and went to his locker to take his new uniform, and helmet.

Once he was dressed, he returned to the briefing room.

Devil Doll 01-26-2002 09:11 PM

looking for all the people in the base, she questioned herself why she is there? her mother was a member of the Empire and her father a rebel, a very big contradiction, and the only thing she had of her mother is a Dark LS with pink glow, only a record, she never used cause that LS send Hassanyīs father to Kessel...

She finished to fill all the papers and went to her locker, she puts her own things, tools and instruments, she will had a lot of work to do cheking all the X-Wings and all the other things she need to check, -"It will be a long day"- she think, she take the new uniform, but she will only use it to clean the tools, her old uniform is better to her, it was made it specially for her and she will not use another one.

When she is checking all the mechanic things, her Draw is in the locker, locked up like her motherīs memories, but the only difference is that her draw will be out of the locker in a moment, and it will help her to fight bravely, and the other thing will never be out again...

Wraith 8 01-27-2002 09:42 AM

*Garik looked over the pilots. He was a bit proud of his handpicked squadron. now like he said to Ton Phanan, he had some worries for some of them. he looked at the medic. she was always serious. maybe a bit too serious. But she was the best field medic there was. he slowly looked at his young pilot, Kyle d'Tana. A young flight wonder. he was realy good. but so very young.. Hey! what is young. i mean, im 22 years old. Garik thought of that. This whole squadron was made of young people. He sure hoped he wouldnt get these kids killed. he looked at his Mechanic. A woman. she was very quiet. she didnt say much. Just like the 'Shadow' in the corner. he didnt say much either. but he was a good starfighter pilot.*

Ok pilots. lets begin. Are we all here? wait a second where is that new guy? has anybody seen him?

*Everybody shook they're heads. Garik frowned. he shrugged.*

Well that means kitchen duty for him. he shoulf have been on time.

*Everybody laughed. except for the medic. Too serious indeed. Garik should try to let her loosen up a bit. he looked at his XO.
He smiled at his former remark.*

Well i wanted to go threw the numbers you will be having. and the flight groups we will be anounced. Has everybody given they're medical record to our medical officer. officer Dios?

EvilleApplePie 01-27-2002 12:36 PM

She stands and briskly salutes the captain, her voice carrying a hardedge. "Sir, I regret to inform you that they have not all turned in the necessary documents, nor have all of them made their appointments for their physicals. I won't name names, but they know who they are." She says as she glares at the room in general before sitting down, flustered.

(ooc: sorry it's not longer...tiiiiiired *goes back to bed*)

Wraith 8 01-27-2002 12:53 PM

*Garik glares across the room. he catches some faces.*

People. This is a requirement for everybody. If you get hurt out there, officer Dios has to know how your physical condition is. now Mister Phanan and myself already did this. we need this before we leave on our mission.

*He looked across the room to catch they're faces. some nodded. some sighed.*

Ok next point.

Devil Doll 01-28-2002 01:44 AM

Sir - she said - I will only say that my physical condition is good, when i was 9 I had a broken arm, that counts?
And my name, I prefer to be called as you read here, I will say my name when "the party" is over.

She smiled to Garik trying to say that she īs ok and she will help when someone needs help. Maybe she is serious, but nobody knows why. maybe if someone ask her she will say it, but maybe not...

She looked at the medic, she needs all the information, but that is imposible for some of the members of the squadron.

When the war begins - she said to herself - we will know more about each one of us, only when the war begins...............

Dark Sad Shadow 01-28-2002 12:37 PM

standing in the room, the Shadow began to remember the image of his master killed, listening to all about the medics test, he standed in front of them,
"ok im ready, want to test me?, Go on, i have nothing to hide, but dont wait some bad or good results"

The medics started the tests, the result were good, they told him that he is in good shape.

Watching Garikīs eyes, the shadow only said: "those are my tests, im ready, dont bother me until all of you are ready, ill be doing the finals touchs to my X-wing, the Dark Angel"

Done so, he went to the hangars.

The Master 01-28-2002 04:55 PM

As Garik started to lecture, Ton took a seat and looked over the pilots. A strange troupe we have here. He thought to himself with another smile. People from all over the galaxy come to this room. Come to this squadron. Wraith Squadron. He enjoyed watching the expressions of the new pilotes as Garik went on.
Ton Phanan let out a loud sigh and kicked his feet up onto a chair in the row in front of his. Several pilots glanced his way, but Ton stared contently at Garik, listening to the lecture. Ton always thought he was a good lecturer.
Out of the corner of his eye, one of the pilotes kept drawing his attention away from Garik. His was named the shadow. Ton knew that he wasn't trying to draw his attention... but a certain aura surrounded this man...
Ton blinked and turned his attention back to Garik.

Wraith 8 01-28-2002 05:36 PM

So if we finaly worked out the numbers on everyone, even if some people are still not here. we can go to the next subject.

*Garik stared at his XO. the guy made him laugh. he was nothing like other officers. he had some disrespect fo higher ranking officers. but in a funny way.*

Our flight groups:
We have 8 pilots. 4 short of a full squadron. cause we are not with many yet. But maybe in the near future it will change.
Like i said in the numbers. Ton Phanan and me, Wraith 2 and 1 will be wingmates.
Wraith 3, Hassany and Wraith 4 (edit later LQ) your together. Lets call it Wingladies.

*Garik smiled, So did some others*
Wraith 5, (redwing) and Wraith 6, The Shaddow. you two are teamed up as well.
Wraith 7, Kyle d'Tana and Wraith 8, Charlie Dios. You are the last of the group.

If i call the command to go by pairs we go as wingmates. and if i go by flight groups. we get in to two flightgroups of four fighters.
I will lead the first flight group. I want Dios to have lead of the second flight group. But i know you are a busy person Dios. if the others in the flight group extend to a sertain command level. i will take it to them.
Flight group one:
Me. leader of group
Ton Phanan
(lizard queen)

Flight group two
Kyle d'Tana
Charlie Dios. leader of group
I hope it is all clear.

*He looked around. and got some nods.*

EvilleApplePie 01-28-2002 09:57 PM

She bobbed her head in an affirmative motion, almost making her glasses fall. "Thank you sir. I appreciate the responsibility." She couldn't help the small smirk that formed on her lips. Who else was as capable as she of a leader posistion? No one. Because the whole lot of them were disrespectful misfits and she knew the rules so well she could have written the book.

Kyle d'Tana 01-31-2002 03:53 AM

He takes his helm and salutes: "yess sir" !!

The Master 02-01-2002 09:43 AM

Ton grinned a toothy grin once his name was said. He drew his feet back off the chair so the younger pilotes would pay more attention to Garik than himself. How interesting it would be to try to work with these guys in a simulator run. How iNteresting indeed... Of course Ton and Garik would probably whoop these kids like hapless eyeball pilotes. But they were better than most he knew. Ton started to put his feet back up with out himself realizing, but cuaght himself before the movement was made. Bad habits. Gotta love em. Ton thought then winked at Garik, who glared at Ton for a second.

Wraith 8 02-01-2002 05:09 PM

*he looked at the small grin Dios made and the reaction of Kyle.
this should get interesting.*

Now about those two laser brains. If they dont get in here soon. we will have to put them up as wings on our x-wings.
Anyway. We will leave Alderaan in 10 hours. I want to have a little talk with each one of you in my office. Ton will be there with me and we want to ask you some questions.
I will contact you by your comlink, so dont turn it off. while you wait. you will get your gears ready and put you X-wings into shape. so that we dont have to wait when we want to leave.
Hassany? After you get your gear together and you put them on your fighter, You investigate all X-wings. I want you to look at the Hyperspace engine. cause there were some troubles with them when they arrived.
Dios? get your medical dossiers to my office as soon as you are able. i want to review them with you.
Ton? you come with me to my office and formulate some questions for us to ask these kids.
OK. everybody got it?

*all nodded.*
Good. now dismissed.

Redwing 02-02-2002 04:18 AM

Raschel Sheire, K'beran, enters the room as Wraith speaks his last sentence. Her transport had been delayed on the way, but she had hoped she could make it to the briefing on time. No such she walked in, the stares of her fellow pilots pinned her to the floor. She hid a grimace as she realized everyone else in the room was human. Just like at Carida... She shook her head to clear her mind of the memories. This was not the Imperial Academy, and the pilots surrounding her did not serve the Empire. She found her voice. "Am I late?"

EvilleApplePie 02-02-2002 11:03 AM

She can't help herself as she stands and walks over to the newccomer. Her expression holds nothing but curiousity as she looks Raschel over. "You are indeed when the Captain is done with you, I'll need to see you for a physical." She says before stepping back and looking apologetically at Garik for butting in. Straightening herself as if she were still in the empire.

Deac 02-02-2002 02:00 PM

*A young man dashes into the door way, panting for breath. He then sees his superior and stands to attention*

Sir! Lieutenat J.G Orthos Darkstar reporting for duty sir! (He then glances at people he doesn't recognise) Is..uh.. am I in the right place sir? I've been trying to find out where I'm needed but no-one seems to know.

The Master 02-02-2002 03:37 PM

Ton was on his feet the moment they were dismissed. Before he left the room two extra tardys came in. He recognized them from their profiles. The one named J.G Orthos Darkstar panted, "Is..uh.. am I in the right place sir? I've been trying to find out where I'm needed but no-one seems to know."

Ton walked over to him smiling. "Yes I beleive you are late. Late for you spanking." Ton smiled at his own joke then continued. "I suggest you catch up on the breifing with one of your other fellow pilotes." Ton started to walk away then turned back around quickly. "Oh and I'm the XO of the squadron, Ton Phanan. Don't forget it."

Ton went from there to Garik's office. Once thetre Ton started right away with his own suggestions for the interogation of the pilotes. "Alrighty, what shall we start with. What is your favorite color? What was your favorite animal when you were a kid? How are you today?" Ton trailed on but stopped when he thought he was going to far.

Wraith 8 02-02-2002 05:23 PM

*Garik was in his office and listened to his XO. He puts his gands over his face and tries not to cry. But what was the reason? should he cry for some of the missfits in his squad? or for the realy stupid questions Ton made up? Should he cry for being sad? or for finding it all hillarious?
He chose for the last one. he put away his hands and started to laugh at Ton.*

Now that is extualy a good start. ask them some stupid questions and they may come loose.
I want Dios in here as last. we can evaluate them all then.
and put those 2 late comers together in one flight group. I just heard that (Lizard Queen name?) has been delayed. She will be here as soon as possible, but she is with the Alderanians on a mission to Coruscant. to find out how long we need to keep hiding for the Empire. I even heard that Princes Leia is with her.
Ok. first of all, the questions:
i think we better start of with 'how are you doing'
and then:
how is your score in the simulators up to now?
Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
what do you remember from your child hood?
Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
How do you feel about Non humans?
What is your favorite colour?
Got any pets?
got any family left back home?

how about that Ton?
well .. lets first send in that 'Shadow' guy. He gives me the creeps with his stare.

*Garik put his comlink to his mouth and called 'SHADOW' to his office. *

Redwing 02-02-2002 07:24 PM

((EDIT: Disregard :D))

Raschel sits down in the waiting room and folds her arms. Being the only nonhuman in the squadron would be a tough job...unless the last remaining recruit happened to be alien as well...oh well, she thought. This is the Rebel Alliance... they won't have the Imperial attitude toward nonhumans.

If they did, she'd simply quit.

EDIT not New Republic, Rebel Alliance :p

Deac 02-03-2002 02:26 PM

*Orthos hated psych exams. He also feared them. Ever since signing on he'd had nightmares about being asked about his family and having to say:
"My father's Syrnl Darkstar, you know, the evil sith knight. He hates me." He feared that he wouldn't be accepted because of his father.
Orthos sits in the waiting room, next to the squadron's only non-human.*

"Um... hello. I'm, uh... Orthos Darkstar. Where are you from?"

LQ. 02-03-2002 04:45 PM

Muttering curses under his breath Jekari rushed to where he hopes was the correct loactaion of the breifing room. Not only had he overslept but he had wouond up going into the wrong room. Twice. Finaly getting himself oriented he realized he was on the oppsosite side of the compound.

//Great. First day and you not only sleep in and get lost, you show up late.//

He supposed he would have been on time if he hadn't stayed up all night on his computer. But he couldn't help it. He was having fun! The system here was better then anything he'd ever had access too.

//Hmmm...wonder if i could get into the brain. Oh what fun that would be. //

Lost in thought about the things he would do if he had control (all good though. Just play a few jokes in case some peoplee had bugs up their bums) he ran by the breaifing room. Realizin his error he turned and ran in. Skidding to a halt he stood at the door, flushed and panting from his long run.

((ooc. okay. my contribution. hopefully i wll be able to contribute more specialy since i'm taking a lighter school load this semester))

Devil Doll 02-03-2002 11:58 PM

After she finiched to check all the X-Wings, she can check, she went out the hangars, someone told her that her "wingmate" had arrived few minutes ago. she start to look all the people, some new faces, two boys and a girl, - Maybe I need to ask to someone else the names before I talk-.

Orthos Darkstar, Jerkari Duran and Racshel Sheire, she was going with Racshel to talk, but she read the notes, her wingmate is Jeraki Duran......
-I need to talk with my officer, My report is incomplete and I need his help-
After she said that, she went with him and start talking:

-hey, are you Jeraki Duran, nice to meet you, Iīm hassany and Iīm your wingmate, I was suppose to wait for a girl, but anyway, it doesnīt matter, Iīm the mechanic here and Iīm a little tired, i think i need more help or a fast computer to insert some cheats In the console, heheh, oh! sorry, Iīm talking a lot and i didnīt let you talk, how are you?, say me something about you, we need to know us each other to work perfect. wahy are you late?

Wraith 8 02-04-2002 01:11 PM

*While they were waiting for 'the shadow' garik let his eyes fall over the names. he had to make new wingpares as he saw he forgot the new lieutenant. well it would just have to go under the new planning. he was thinking about the time he had.
a total of maybe 2 hours to talk to these guys and galls. an hour to get his gear and report to Bail Organa that he was leaving.
he could get some rest later. maybe an hour or 5 sleep. and an hour to get ready. than he had at least one hour left. he could call another meeting tomorrow just before they left. yeah i should that.*

Ton? lets have a meeting an hour before we leave tomorrow. so that we can go over flight procedure one more time.

*He called in the squadron 3PO unit. H-3PO, also known as Heini, was the quarter master of the squadron. he walked in.*

Heini? would you tell all squadron members to report in the briefing room in 9 hours. But also tell them after they see me, to get some rest. and if they have large equipment, Take it with the crew of the Calculators Edge. ok? Oh and if you see 'Shadow' out there. send him to my office.

*The calculators Edge is a Corellian Corvette. It was an old ship and it was assigned to Wraith Squadron.*

Now where is that 'shadow'. his comlink was on.

Deac 02-04-2002 02:31 PM

*After being told to report to the briefing room in 9 hours, Orthos decided to go to the cantina. He had a reletive who frequented a particular one in Mos Eisley. But Father didn't talk about him, save for making evil schemes to kill him.
Orthos sits in a corner, hoping some of his new wingmates will join him. Or has the secret of his parents slipped out, and do they all dislike him for his father's crimes. If so, he would be the one that killed Syrnl. Not Deac.*

Dark Sad Shadow 02-04-2002 03:26 PM

*after finished checking the dark angel, the shadow went to the quarters for some tools*
he shouted at hassany telling not to touch the Dark Angel, he dont want some strange hands in hi wing
at te corridors he heard the voice of his officer

running to the office he sat in the chair in front of Officers Garikīs desk*

i heard you wanted to talk with me, what can i do for you?

Wraith 8 02-04-2002 04:30 PM

Well i wanted to ask you some questions. this is totaly of the record. i just want to get to know you besides what it sais your record. im gonna ask you some questions.
how is your score in the simulators up to now?

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?

what do you remember from your child hood?

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?

How do you feel about Non humans?

What is your favorite colour?

Got any pets?

got any family left back home?

Do you have any friends?

((ooc: euh.. i posted the questions behind eachother.. cause it is a lot easier than making 20 posts :D. just answer them all.))

The Master 02-04-2002 04:45 PM

The Shadow came in moments later. He looked around then took a seat. Garik imediatly started to interogate.

I always like listening into these little question sessions. How entertaining they are! Ton smiled and listened carefully, recording everything mentally. Eventually he broke out into a hum. Garik glared at him.... Again. Perhaps I should let up on the little annoyances I give him... Naw... I think it is what keeps him going.

Ton tipped his chair that he had taken in the corner and grinned a very distracting grin.

LQ. 02-04-2002 11:53 PM


Originally posted by Devil Doll
-hey, are you Jeraki Duran, nice to meet you, Iīm hassany and Iīm your wingmate, I was suppose to wait for a girl, but anyway, it doesnīt matter, Iīm the mechanic here and Iīm a little tired, i think i need more help or a fast computer to insert some cheats In the console, heheh, oh! sorry, Iīm talking a lot and i didnīt let you talk, how are you?, say me something about you, we need to know us each other to work perfect. wahy are you late?
"uhhhh..." Surprised by the vocal outburst from his new wingmate Jekari sat silent for a few seconds before shaking his head and grinning at her.

"Yep. Jekari Duran would be me. Or was last time i checked. It's been a while though." laughing softly at his own lame joke he stood up and stretched. Removing his hat he shook out his short red and black striped hair.

" As for the girl part." here he sighed. "My name occasionaly lets others think i'm a girl. But I'm all male. If you need help with computers I am your man. Fastest fingers this side of the Empire."

Devil Doll 02-05-2002 12:27 AM

-Thatīs exactly what i need, Now, letīs talk, what do you know about the X-Wing console? i thinking in somethins special for the squadron ... hehehe-

(its a secret. maybe it will be showed, but not yet, *needs to talk with LQ)

LQ. 02-05-2002 01:10 AM


Originally posted by Devil Doll
-Thatīs exactly what i need, Now, letīs talk, what do you know about the X-Wing console? i thinking in somethins special for the squadron ... hehehe-

(its a secret. maybe it will be showed, but not yet, *needs to talk with LQ)

"Hmmm...well I know how to bypass all security features on them. And make them say all sorts of cool things."

((we're afraid very afraid))

Dark Sad Shadow 02-05-2002 01:21 AM

Being in the office, the shadow begun to answer:

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
-- yes sir, until i found they betrayed me

what do you remember from your child hood?
-not too much, i was with my master all the time

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
-i think thats because you think i can be useful?, i had a little force training but i can feel something else

How do you feel about Non humans?
nothing against them

What is your favorite colour?

Got any pets?
yes, a Womprat "Grip"

got any family left back home?

Do you have any friends?[/b][/i]
- im not the talktative kind of person... and i dont want to get involved with nobody else,

its that all sir?

Wraith 8 02-05-2002 11:30 AM

Yes that will be all. Hope you will be a great help to the Alliance.

As the 'Shadow' walked out of the room Garik looked at Ton. Garik raised his eyes. Ton agreed with him by nodding.

Ok. lets bring in our wonderfull mechanic. Hassany? could you report to my office?

Deac 02-05-2002 01:32 PM

*Orthos looked about. No one seemed to talk to him. They must know about his father and distrust him. Orthos didn't want to care. He wanted to feel that he'd signed up to be able to rid the galaxy of his father. But he'd seen what the empire had done to Attanash. He'd been in the hospital, seen the victims of the Emperor's Wrath plague. He really wanted to end that. With or without friends in the squad.

He gets out a pad, and studies his enemy fighters, hoping for some conversation.*

Redwing 02-06-2002 04:02 AM

Raschel sits off in a corner to herself, observing her squadmates. She senses that the dark one had Force sensitivity, and perhaps the one doodling on his pad... The technician Hassany is chatting with the youngest human. Raschel notes the mischievious looks on their faces and wonders what they are up to. She considers using her superior hearing to listen in briefly, but decides against it; doing that had once nearly gotten her kicked out from the Imperial Academy. Stupid Impe...

Raschel folds her arms, sets her face, and stares at the ground. As far as she is concerned, she is the only one in the room.

Deac 02-06-2002 02:14 PM

*Orthos decides that he will just have to make conversation*

Hey... anyone here ever flown before? I flew back with a group of escapees from Byss. Had to fight my Dad to(swears at the fact he'd let slip) ...well, anyone flown proffessionally before?

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