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MaulClone 01-26-2002 05:20 PM

Where does Zanzibar dissapear to??
I wanted to ask Zanzibar if he knew any good 3d modeling (freeware) programs..

Do any of you guys have any contributions??

:duel: (This is great!!)

CaptainRAVE 01-27-2002 07:08 AM

Whose Zanzibar?

Redwing 01-28-2002 03:03 AM

One of the TPM developers. I wonder where he is?

Zanzibar106 01-31-2002 07:01 PM

Well, I'm here, I kept checking in at the old location and kept getting bounced.

Somebody already took Zanzibar :)

Anyways, freeware? Not many that I know of. If you want a really good CHEAP modeler, try Hash - - it has AMAZING capabilities for modeling organic creatures.

Rhino3d is another good alternative. I currently am using Maya for our game character development, but you can't go wrong with Max for architectural and machinery.

Pedro The Hutt 01-31-2002 07:37 PM

Yeah Zanzibar.. you did.. all our old accounts are here intact ^^"

Redwing 02-02-2002 09:18 PM

Zanzibar, are you sure your name got taken? When the forums merged, I had multiple accounts...and all the ones with the lesser post counts got deleted. Now the posts by the deleted account "Redwing" have all user information as unavailable, since the account is no more.

However, your old posts under "Zanzibar" are intact. That means you should still be able to log on as Zanzibar...

Master Qui-Gon 02-07-2002 09:27 AM

<div align="Justify"><font color="green1">Yeah, you should be able to log in as Zanzibar. I have the same user name and password... I just had to log in again. Assuming of course that you are Zanzibar.

FunClown 02-11-2003 07:36 AM

You can download Blender. It is a 3d modeller that is freeware.

Go to :)

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