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UniKorn 02-06-2002 04:26 AM

Me first ;)

Anakin 02-06-2002 05:52 AM

Me second :p
This is good, but to the Admin- Can we have a Models section as well please.

Ahh at least we can pass ideas and talk about what we have learnt from editing Unikorn.
This should hopfully make our lives a bit better :0

Roger 02-06-2002 10:33 AM

I will take care of the Modeling category.

Any other wishes?

Oh please e-mail me some more information about your mods, so I can add that to the mods page.


JPMaximilian 03-01-2002 08:55 PM

Are there some good mapping programs out there for Q3A, as well as tutorials?

digl 03-01-2002 09:22 PM

of course
check here for Q3 editing tutorials

UniKorn 03-04-2002 04:02 AM

Digl, I suggest you point people to gtkradiant. Q3radiant hasn't been updated or supported for quite some time now, while GTKRadiant is improving every month.

digl 03-04-2002 11:18 AM

I thaught of mentioning GTK Radiant, but I dont know exactly what it is :o
Is it a Radiant for all Q3 based games?

UniKorn 03-04-2002 11:32 AM

It is actually an enhanced version of q3radiant. When the q3radiant source was released gtkradiant continued with adding extra and better functionalities to the quake3 editor. The compiler is enhanced, the program is less buggy and has more features.

digl 03-04-2002 11:57 AM

ok thanks

nykel007 03-05-2002 06:11 AM

How do you uninstall QERadient anyhow?

UniKorn 03-05-2002 07:32 AM

Hein? Just use Add/Remove software I think, otherwise just delete the directory.

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