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Kar_M 03-16-2002 04:23 PM

Help With The Oil Can In Solomon's Mine!!!!
hello, i need help. this is my problem: i'm in the king solomon's mines' level and i have to use an oil can on the lever 4, i already got the can but when i make indy use it on the lever it just doesn't work! and i really don't know why. is it maybe that the can is empty and i need to find oil somewhere or is there something wrong with the game? i'd really appreciate it if someone tells me what to do, and as a last resource give me some cheat code or something to get out of there! it's driving me insane!
thanx a lot!!!!:eek:

nd 03-18-2002 06:13 AM

Use the oil on the switch itself, not on the lever. That is, take another ride in the mine cart and stop at switch #4. Leave the cart. As you approach the switch Indy will mention "the switch needs some grease", so apply the oil (Indy will knee down and glubb it into the switch). Afterwards, ride back to the switch house, lever #4 should now be ok.

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