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Frosty_V2.1 03-19-2002 05:25 AM

Hmmm, this seems to be old but I haven't seen anything on the boards(at a glance anyway)
Here u go;)
Not much info really but a couple of screenies with the new weapons I think...

L'Equa Sinar 03-19-2002 06:52 AM

Yeah, i saw that review, not too much to say really ws there, but still a nice insight into CTF, i don;t think too many ppl really ply CTF though do they? Still, was nice to see, and kept us going with 10 days left! :)

ReAcToR 03-19-2002 03:50 PM

A copy of my post regarding the ELiTeD interview, over on the ELiTeD forums:

Good job getting the CTF interview. Were there many questions that you asked that weren't answered (-curious-)?

She informed us that "all skins available in normal MP games are available in ctf. In addition to symbols above the players, skins will be colored either blue or Red to signify which team you are on."

I like this idea. It's very Tribesish. I think that the flag is a little large, but that's also very Tribesish. I wonder if the same flag that's in Capture the Ysalimari will be used in Capture the Flag. I would assume so.

Jedi Outcast introduces a slew of new weapons, force powers and advance saber moves and thus the gameplay has changed and evolved to accommodate those new features.

It still sounds like JO CTF will be DM with flags, but I'll reserve judgement until the game is released.

"There are endless strategies and combinations of tactics in the multiplayer games. Just like the rail jump tactic players will need experiment around in order to figure out the best tactics to match their particular playing style," she replied.

This is the best news in the interview. Heather is admitting that JO CTF will feature at least some depth within the gameplay/levels. I fear that JO CTF won't offer the depth that JK CTF did, but again, I'll reserve judgement until the game is released.

Heather also told us that there are four maps to play ctf in.

Notice that she doesn't say there are four CTF maps, she says there are four maps to play CTF in. Recently, in the XGR interview (#5), Brett Tosti says the following...

We have at least 10 MP only maps...if we have...we have a couple more that will probably make it...but I can safely say we have 10 right now...And you can play them on a variety can play some of them on Capture the Flag, you can do standard deathmatch, we have at least a couple of dueling maps...

In my opinion, this insinuates that the CTF levels will be DM levels with flags or vice versa. This is a very bad idea and I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

I'm continuing to be optimistic about CTF/CTY, but things aren't looking up at this point.

Kurgan 03-19-2002 07:12 PM

Yeah, I agree, I'd much prefer maps specifically made for CTF, rather than just converted DM maps (if that's what they meant).

Keep in mind JK had six DM maps, and three CTF maps (that were totally different). MotS of course had quite a few maps... and the KFY and Saber Training Maps were (understandably) converted versions of those DM maps.

digl 03-19-2002 07:28 PM

L'Equa Sinar, that's not a review, and yes, many people play CTF.

That sounds bad. I hope at least two of those 4 maps are designed for CTF. There will be plenty of great user made CTF levels probably, but I'd like a few good ones to start. a DM level with flags on it just isn't CTF, a CTF map must be design for that.

ReAcToR 03-19-2002 09:17 PM

Originally posted by digl.

I hope at least two of those 4 maps are designed for CTF.

Hopefully. I just can't fathom why there wouldn't be at least a few CTF-only maps.

There will be plenty of great user made CTF levels probably, but I'd like a few good ones to start.

Yeah, Mormegil (creator of Fusion and Mandos), is already learning Radiant and is planning to recreate/rethink Fusion for JO. He is just trying to figure out what will need to be changed at this point. The lack of keys/keydoors will make a port of Fusion, Nar and Mandos virtually impossible, unless you plan on editing the levels quite a bit. I suppose it's possible that there will be keys/keydoors in JO, but I'm not counting on it. I've heard a few other people talking about porting The Challenge At Nar Shaddaa to JO as well. I have a few projects to finish up in JED and I'll be back into learning Radiant myself. It would definitely be nice to have some good CTF/CTY maps to start with, but if not, I suppose we'll just have to wait a few months, until some decent usermade maps are released.

Jedi Legend 03-19-2002 09:35 PM

Don't worry, those four capture the flag maps can be played as deathmatch maps, but they were designed to be CTF maps. In other words, those maps will be more fun in CTF than in deathmatch. They are capture the flag maps that can be played as deathmatch maps, not deathmatch maps that can be played as CTF maps.

digl 03-19-2002 09:44 PM

I hope so, but how do you know?

ReAcToR 03-19-2002 10:24 PM

That was one of my theories, but I thought it unlikely. How do you know this as being fact? I've seen no preivews/reviews/interviews that have said this and I think I've seen them all. Also, in my opinion, this issue works in both ways. CTF levels rarely make good DM levels and DM levels rarely make good CTF levels. It's a rare occasion when it works well both ways.

Frosty_V2.1 03-20-2002 12:31 AM

CTF and other "Team" based games are the best IMO, of course with the DM mentality it isn't as fun, as for the mixed type maps, I hope that info bout being designed for CTF but usable for DM is true, but, again, where did u find this?

ReAcToR 03-20-2002 07:48 AM

Originally posted by Frosty_V2.1.

where did u find this?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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