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GAT 03-20-2002 10:37 PM

You've probably already seen this but .....

It claims it will be out March 27 .. unless of course I misread it.


Jedimaster74 03-20-2002 10:39 PM

I already pre ordered mine from EB and they said that I will be able to pick it up on the 28th of this Month. I can't Wait to start playing this Blockbuster of a game!!

hahadude 03-20-2002 10:41 PM

I think I am the only person in the world who ordered from LEC and hasn't cancelled my order. Maybe they will feel sorry for me and send it to me early, since I'm their only customer.

Darth Ewok 03-20-2002 10:45 PM


Actually i'm with you too hahadude, so that's two!

Were getting Lapel Pins dude!!!


Valdarious 03-20-2002 10:55 PM

Heh, I still havent canceled my order through LEC, maybe since everyone else did, they will stop showing its out of stock on my order status screen.

hahadude 03-20-2002 10:57 PM

Lapel pin...holy ****! I forgot about that. I don't care if the game comes 2 MONTHS late, as long as I get my im happy :)

[Edit - Stormy - swearing ]

Miss_Stalker 03-20-2002 11:00 PM

Im not so sure about it being shipped on the 27th

Demijedi 03-20-2002 11:02 PM

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! It will be out soon... calm down guys... at the latest it'll be out March 29th... stop trying to start more and more and more and more threads about the release date... good lord...

Miss_Stalker 03-20-2002 11:04 PM

yea plz it makes me want to kill myself

hahadude 03-20-2002 11:04 PM

Hey, we are the calm ones here...all I'm trying to say is that everyone should order from LEC to get a lapel pin...

Miss_Stalker 03-20-2002 11:05 PM

LOL NO WAY i dont want any kinda risks just for a pin!

Demijedi 03-20-2002 11:06 PM

... yea... anyways... I don't happen to need a pin... but besides that.... let this thread die... we don't need another one about someone saying "I FOUND THIS! LOOK! IT'S COMING OUT (such and such a date)" Just stop.... it isn't that hard.... around 8 days guys... we can handle it.

hahadude 03-20-2002 11:07 PM

yes...but can you handle the wait for your lapel pin, thats the real question

Miss_Stalker 03-20-2002 11:09 PM

LOL it'll probably be shipped to you with your game

Brick 03-20-2002 11:09 PM

I still haven't cancelled my LEC preorder. I'll go to Software, Etc. on the 29th and try to find a copy if my card hasn't been charged by then. When I get home, I'll cancel my preorder. So much for that guarantee that preordering at LEC will get you the game the same week...

GlobuleSO 03-20-2002 11:40 PM

3/27/02 is the CORRECT date. This is the "shipping date", i.e. the day that the game boxes leave the production warehouses and get sent to the stores. The stores generally receive these shipments the next day, hence the commonly heard date of 3/28. I should know, I worked at Babbage's for about a year.

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