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SaberPro 03-22-2002 10:06 PM

General summary on giga1.avi *SPOILER CITY!*

Thx for the trailer Fin. Very tight stuff :)

Anywayz, here's some important aspects of the trailer...

First, a main menu! With the difficulty settings:

On the top it says:
New Start (?)

Difficulty settings include:
- Padawan
- Jedi
- Jedi Knight
- Jedi Master

Then, the good ol' Star Wars Intro..

After the intro, you see a little cutscene with Kyle and Jan, and a transmission:

Then, FIRST MISSION!! (supposingly)

It says, "Datapad Updated. New Information - Mission Goal"

A look at the Datapad:

- Examine the abandoned Imperial base (?)
- Attack the troops at _____________ (?)

Then, you found a secret area!!

Then, you stole from an Imperial Officer a provision card...

That's it on giga1.jpg....those 2 guys are funny even though I have a hard time following up with them....:)

giga2.1.avi report coming up :)

Zek 03-22-2002 10:14 PM

They're pathetic, that's what they are. I was pondering starting up a charity for them when they started making the lightsaber sounds.

It looks to me that the bottom 2 difficulties are greyed out; maybe you have to unlock them? According to Fin, it's a review version they're playing with, so maybe they're just disabled.

SaberPro 03-22-2002 10:18 PM

About the difficulty...
I think the difficulty works like N64 Goldeneye; you have to beat the entire game with easy, to unlock the next difficulty..etc... are there going to be time-cheats like Goldeneye? Hehe I'm just kidding :)

Zek 03-22-2002 10:20 PM

If it's going to be like that, then the difficulties had better be different than the ones before them(Goldeneye had new objectives, and different cheats unlockable for later difficulties). I'd probably play through it 3 times to unlock everything because I'm both a completionist and a JK nut(got 4 stars in all powers in the original, have beaten it both light and dark).

SaberPro 03-22-2002 11:59 PM

Giga2.1 Report :)

So...Giga2.1.avi is basically a showdown of the JO weapons:

I think this is a Disrupter...the gun that disintegrate living things...

Looks like the Q3A Railgun...

Then Bowcaster...basically does the same thing, except the charging up is a bit different...

Now an Imperial Heavy Repeater...primary fire is the same thing, secondary fire fires a concussion grenade (I think)

DEMP2 aka Jawa Gun? Looks like an EMP wave...

Now the Rocket Launcher: (nice explosion :))

End of caught my attention...when Force Speed is used, the game slows down (even you, but others are even slower) this

Kinda hard to tell's slow

End of giga2.1.avi.....more reports coming up heh :)

Damn I'm bored :D

Bar_Tender 03-23-2002 12:05 AM

Umm... maybe I've missed something, but WHERE'S A LINK to this trailer????

SaberPro 03-23-2002 12:25 AM

I think they are taken down...

IM me if you want the videos: saberprojk

Harbinger 03-23-2002 01:22 AM

Thanks for the screens and the commentary, SaberPro.

There are some of us who can't view the clips and for that, many thanks.

SaberPro 03-23-2002 02:09 AM

For those of you who can't find the trailers anymore, come to my FTP:

I have all the JO trailers online :)

I'll try to leave my computer on overnight :cool:

Jade Skyhiker 03-23-2002 02:33 AM

thanks a bunch saberpro :D :D

you da man!

now to learn more german...

M@nd@lori@n 03-23-2002 02:38 AM

Well after viewing the clip all I can say is WoW.The movements and physics of the game are almost true to life this should game of the year.:fett:

The_One 03-23-2002 06:30 AM

It keeps asking me for a password, so I can't log into your ftp :(

Man, I NEED these trailers! Please help...

Fin 03-23-2002 06:39 AM

check out

TUS_Tomcat 03-23-2002 07:38 AM

your post should NEVER have been renamed by the admins Fin... Now everyone thinks it's about a screenshot :rolleyes:

Fin 03-23-2002 07:54 AM

yes, bad bad moderator job :rolleyes:

TUS_Tomcat 03-23-2002 07:56 AM

heh I've used the Report this post to a moderator button.... Thats really for reporting flame wars etc. but i told em PLEASE rename it back to

New JK2 in game footage *spoilers*

Also, I'm reULing part 1 to my webspace... I'll post in the original thread when it's done, so you can edit your first post and add it in...

SaberPro 03-23-2002 01:31 PM

Ahh just woke up..another beautiful day :)

First, you see a LOADING screen, notice that the background picture is the level you are going to be on, and the same stance you will start off with...

You work with Luke! :)

Now something interesting...Kyle threw his saber towards Luke and it bounced off and fell to the ground...(at least that's what I saw)

Kyle getting his saber hehe :D

Now..the Death Scene!

Looks much like the beheaded Kyle :confused:

Now he may rest in peace :(

One more things: these Germans can't play!! The first time, Kyle gets sliced...and the second time, Luke's dead! WTF!! :mad:

More reports coming up!

TUS_Tomcat 03-23-2002 01:42 PM


Originally posted by Zek

It looks to me that the bottom 2 difficulties are greyed out; maybe you have to unlock them? According to Fin, it's a review version they're playing with, so maybe they're just disabled.

No this is an illusion... whats going on is the following:

The selected difficulty is Jedi, so it's white and with a light blue glow, Padawan is also white, cause the mouse cursor is over it, now if you view the movie, it is flashing, this screen is taken just as it flashes

So white with blue glow is whats selected, grey is not selected no mouse over, and flashing white-grey-white-grey is what you hold mouse over....

my theory :)

NoodlyGod 03-23-2002 03:13 PM

Follow Fin's link above for the movies, I'll leave them up on my host until the game comes out.

SaberPro 03-23-2002 04:03 PM

Hello beautiful people! Let's take a look at giga3.avi.....

First you go to the Jedi Academy (i think) and you see 2 people 'fighting' through glass windows (windows are everywhere!)

More pictures -

Here Kyle goes to Luke...many LEC screenshots were taken here :)

Kyle throws his saber again....

Saber Destruction!

After all the havoc you caused to the room, you meet the Robot Man hehe

These Germans are getting their asses kicked by the Robot Man hehe :D

Then you see the AT-ST scene, which Kyle got squished the first time (thx to the Germans)

After the German's escape from the AT-ST, they tried out the turret gun...looks pretty cool

Mission Failed - Too many prisoners/civilians (?) are dead.

That's it on giga3.avi....Multiplayer giga4 coming up!!

SaberPro 03-23-2002 06:06 PM

<-- pissed cuz i lost my report but here it is
Here's giga4.avi! Multiplayer JO!

First, as you probably saw before, the player selection menu!

Quite a few characters to choose from....Kyle, Jan, Luke, Greedo, Stormtrooper, Jedi Trainer...etc

Then you see the Force Allocation Table!!! VERY COOL!!!

sprung - Force Jump
schub - Force Push
griff - Force Grip
geschwindigkeit - Force Speed
sicht - Force Persuasion

absorption - Force Absorb
heilung - Force Heal
schutz - Force Protection
geistertrick - Force Jedi Mind Trick

schwertangriff - Attack Stance
schwertabwehr - Defense Stance
schwertwurf - Saber Throw

*note: On the side, there's a box of pre-set characters, for example, Jedi Knight, Jedi Masters, with pre-set Force stars*

Then you see the 3 stances:
Stance 1 -

Stance 2 -

Stance 3 -

Now, the below picture is one of the stances shown above...but the funny thing is what the German said...

*low pitch, German accented, imitating Vader* "The circle is now complete! When I left you I was but a learner now I am the master!" :rofl:

Ok. Now something I've never seen before...
"You demand : Eddy-Wan-Kenobi"

No idea...

Ok, this makes more sense to above. There are two aspects to this screenshot...

- The TAUNT before "You demand: Eddy-Wan-Kenobi." Sounds like a 1v1 dual
- The glowing green....sounds like Force Protection

Something funny again:


giga5.avi coming up!

SaberPro 03-23-2002 06:33 PM

<-- excited and giga5.avi!! final!!
Final part of the wonderful German trailer, giga5.avi!!

We see the first appearance of a FORCE FIELD!!

Looks pretty cool...but what for?

Now, Force Grip (can be countered by Force Push, and Force Push can really damage you if you hit a wall!)

Then, the German guy had Luke (w/ the red lightsaber) fall TWICE and died :mad:

Then, we see the Force Selection Table, which is almost the same as the Weapon Selection Table...

It looks like that a saber can glow a lot! Down the hole! A long strip of green saber glow!

The Eddy-Wan guy said "achtundzwanzigsten Marz" = March 28...release date for Germany?

There's really not much going on in giga5.avi...but it's the end of the German trailer!

Wraith Nine 03-23-2002 06:40 PM

Re: <-- excited and giga5.avi!! final!!

Originally posted by SaberPro

Looks pretty cool...but what for?
The Eddy-Wan guy said "achtundzwanzigsten Marz" = March 28...release date for Germany?

1. Well it certainly would come in handy to stop the flag carrier from escaping in CTY :)

2.The 29th's an easter holiday over here, so they release it on thursday.

SaberPro 03-23-2002 06:43 PM

Argh...I don't get any days off...argh...have to wait until Friday

Man I have no idea how in the blue hell i can stay in school for 6 hours on Friday......*Impatient*

milestone 03-23-2002 08:44 PM

Isn't Friday a public holiday, it being Easter Friday? I thought shops would *cough* close on Friday.

TheStorm 03-23-2002 08:54 PM

I'm confused? so this was a show on NBC in germany? Like a gaming show or what?

SaberPro 03-23-2002 09:49 PM

NBC...? I thought Microsoft made that channel lol

milestone 03-23-2002 10:04 PM

Ack, what I just noticed in clip 5, there's no grenade throw animation. It just seems to pop out like it did in that other trailers.

SaberPro 03-23-2002 10:06 PM

in giga2.1 where they showed all the weapons, the thermal detonator doesn't have a throw animation either...just...popped

But probably they were using some super-fast computers that the frames per second is SO FAST that you can't catch it...

We can only hope....

Necro 03-23-2002 11:26 PM


Originally posted by SaberPro
in giga2.1 where they showed all the weapons, the thermal detonator doesn't have a throw animation either...just...popped

But probably they were using some super-fast computers that the frames per second is SO FAST that you can't catch it...

We can only hope....

i think they just tapped the button
didn't hold it down :D

SaberPro 03-23-2002 11:39 PM

The Giga guy said that the version they played wasn't the final hope that Raven notices it and tweak it and add some *Force Rage* ANIMATIONS TO THE THERMAL DETONATOR DAMMIT (oops sorry)

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