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hannibalscipio 03-27-2002 07:46 PM

Character backgrounds
This is a thread for you to post your PC's backgrounds. I'll be posting all of mine shortly.

Tie Guy 03-27-2002 08:24 PM

I left my homeworld at a young age, much younger than most. As i said good bye to my Dad, he pulled something from behind his cloak. It was a small pack. Inside it help a black cape, and a a pair of red googles. The sun of other worlds hurt my eyes to look at, so i always must wear these precious goggles my father gave me. To this day i still wear both regularly. Then he pulled something off his belt. As he lifted his cloak it revelaed his blaster, his trusted old DL-44. He had used it in his service of the Republic. With it, he told me to always fight hard, and courageously.

I was a freelancer for about a year, where i ended up on tatooine. One night i met a man in a bar. He seemed unusually quiet and calm. When a man in the bar started yelling at him for taking their seat, he gently tried to dissuade them. When it escalated, the man drew his blaster. Much to my suprise, before the man even lifted his blaster the young man beside ignited his silvery blade of light. I was amazed and dumbfounded. The young man neatly deflected the man's 2 shots harmlessly off to the side. I saw a man approaching from the back, and another from the front. I drew my blaster and fired 3 quick shots at the man coming up from behind. Meanwhile, the young jedi had dealt with 2 men in front of him. We both quickly left the bar.

"I had no idea you were a jedi." i said to the man.

"Still, you befriended me. Thats a rare commodity on this planet it seems. Thanks for the help back there, can itake you to where you need to go?"

"No," i said, "i have no ship and i'm simply a freelancer."

"Well, with your skills, you could hold a job in the Republic. Why don't you return to corusccant with me."

I rembered all the stories i had been told by my father, all his adventures in the Republic."Sure, why not? I had nothing else to do." i said.

So i served in the Republic for many years. I was a spy, and a good one at that, i did many dangerous missions, and met many dangerous people. I also met many people, jedi and others alike. I never lost my friend with the silver blade, he taught me so much, things that i could not learn anywhere else.

Then, i left the sevice of the Republic, never againt to serve as a spy and scout in the army. One day, ironically i guess, i ended up on tatooine, the place where it all had bagan. So, when i walkined into the same bar i has left so long ago, i was shocked to meet so many old friends.

I wrote this awhile ago for the "strange things happening on Tatooine" game.

hannibalscipio 03-28-2002 06:51 PM

Yeah, too bad that that game died. It rocked there for a while. I remember reading that story.

Here's the background for Vulcanis, my adult male Sakiyan PC:

Shadart grew up on the city-planet of Coruscant. His life was a happy one, at least for the first 11 years. He lived with his parents in one of the giant skyscrapers, never having to venture out for anything. Then, soon after he turned eleven standard years, he walked into his parents bedroom and saw 2 men standing over his mother and father's dead bodies. They saw Shadart come in, and jumped at him, but he managed to get out of the room, then off of the floor, then, crying in shock and exhaustion, he left the building. Shadart heard the men coming after him, but he ducked into an alley and hid. He stayed in the alley for a few days, too fearful to come out. After a week or so, Shadart began exploring other alleys. He lived dangerously, many times tempting death, usually without knowing it. He grew in street smarts, in the things you must master if you are to survive on the Curascant ground level. After 4 years, Shadart decided he was ready to leave. He changed his name to Vulcanis, and spent most of his money on a ride off-planet. For the next decade, he spent his time honing his skills as a droid repairman, a craft he showed natural skill at. He moved from place to place, working where the work was good. A few times, he was involved in minor smuggling runs. As payment for one of his jobs, Vulcanis received a Spineback snake, which he nemed Puhr, after the bounty hunter, Djas Puhr. He now is looking for good jobs, as well as some more action.

Heavyarms 03-29-2002 09:22 AM

I'll tell my bio of Salculd, my hardened Selonian Dark Jedi.

I was born to a great selonian den, one that had great power and influence in the Corellian system. My older sibling, Dracmus, was allowed to take the family business, and I was left with nothing. I decided to fight him and trry to kill him. I barely escaped with my life. Badly beaten, I decided to leave, and ended up on the planet Sith. I was found by the dark jedi master, Mag'ee Turos. I was raised with my full-flowing anger and hatred, to be the most ruthless Dark Jedi. On my last mission, I showed my ruthlessness by destroying another dark jedi, Tek Joolar. I still have the big scar on my back from that battle. Now, I follow the will of my master, hoping for revenge......

hannibalscipio 04-02-2002 07:36 PM

Here's the one I will be using in my RPG, which will start in 2 or 3 months or so.
Dante, a Sakiyan, was born on the city-planet of Coruscant, but lived most of his childhood on Corellia, where his father had a job as an official in the government. It was a happy life, but one that did not last long. A little after Dante had turned 8 standard years old, he was told that his parents had died in a tragic air speeder accident. The engine on their speeder had malfunctioned, and the vehicle had spun out of control. It struck a building, crashed to the ground, then exploded. They all said it was an accident, but Dante remembers long discussions between his father and mother, late at night. Something about a new government program. Dante's father hadn't liked it. Dante lived the next 6 years as a ragamuffin beggar/thief/whatever else kid, learning pretty much everything about the street life. When he was fourteen, though, his luck changed. He met his uncle Vulcanis, through a stroke of luck. Dante had been trying to pick Vulcanis's pocket, but Vulcanis caught him. Vulcanis brought Dante to the authorities, but when he found out who Dante was, Vulcanis won custody of him. Vulcanis then spent much of the next 2 years teaching him his trade, how to repair droids. Dante showed much promise at this, as well as at piloting. At the time of the RPG, Dante is using a rented repair ship, trying to get enough credits to get his own ship.

TieDefender75 04-21-2002 02:29 PM

i would like sokme help for maing a story about dewbie and i.

DashRendar 04-21-2002 02:35 PM

Just make it up: the only guidelines are to make sure it fits the timeline (just after and I mean JUST after The Phantom Menace) and that it's fairly realistic.

TieDefender75 04-21-2002 03:05 PM

I was born into a fairly rich family, but then my family lost all of their money through a crash in the stocks and we moved to the bottom of Coruscant. i was thinking of ways to help my family get their money back, then i heard it......... i heard about a man named Jango Fett, a famous bounty hunter, i was excited by the acts and crimes he commited and decided that being a bounty hunter would help my family regain their money. I would start by stealing food for the homeless for 2 or sometimes 3 credits. As i grew, i hijacked taxis and stole their credits and robbed banks with the help of other would-be bounty hunters. Then it happened, i saw two bonty hunters killing a wealthy man. then i saw that it was a set-up for the bounty hunters as snipers took aim from a building top. I took out my trusty distruptor and fired two shots at the snipers. they disappered and the bounty hunters killed the man. The bounty hunters thanked me and asked me my age and said" im 18". The two talked to themselves for a while and said "hpw would u like to join us!" I was excited, but then they told me i would have to leave my family. with a heavy heart i decided and went to my family and said "when i come back, i will bring riches beyond imagination!"

with that i left and ran several missions. Then on one mission to tatooine my friends came back with a dewback and gave it to me. they said it was mine

"ill call you Dewbie" It wasthe first name that came to mind!

On another mission i heard of Jango Fett again from the locals and imagined how his armor would look on me.

I skipped 10 bounties and made a copy of his armor that wasnt as strong but could take a beating.

A mission came that i couldn't resist, it guaranteed me 30 million credits by someone called Nute Gunray to assasinate a naboo senator named Amidala. I took it and appraoached the senate building and disguised myself as a guard. There she addressed the senate, and i took and with a blaster. Someone touched me and i turned around and then i blacked out...

i found myself in a jail and found out i was shot by another guard. Days later my bounty hunter friends came to rescue me, but in an intense gun- fight they were killed and i escaped. i swore revenge as i doned my armor again and named myself David Fett and flew to Tatooine and took Dewbie from our hideout. I returned to Coruscant and my family, only to find them dead..

with rage i destroyed the house and left swearing to one day destroy the rpublic with my bare-hands.

How was that guys? too long? ill delete it if u want? :confused

hannibalscipio 04-21-2002 11:22 PM

That looks good to me, TD.

Come on, guys, I know that there's some other good backstories out there? Am I gonna just have to put out more for mine than y'all do for all of yours combined?

DashRendar 04-22-2002 08:44 AM

Well doesn't truly fit with the OoDaL storyline.

You were hired by the Jedi Council, meaning the New Republic had a hand in it, so I'm not so sure that that storyline would fit...but I could be wrong.

TieDefender75 04-23-2002 01:00 AM

ill do anything for money:D
and do you want to mess with the Jedi?

TieDefender75 04-24-2002 10:06 PM

ill take that as a no dash.
i thought so.

hey heavy, why dont u add the background of trowa?

TieDefender75 05-23-2002 05:06 PM

people please post your backrounds, it is interesting to know the creativity of these stories

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