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Hoth 03-28-2002 11:56 PM

Does This Happen to Anyone Else?
JK 2 makes me sick; literally.

I find after playing for 30 minutes or more I start to feel dizzy and then I feel like I am going to puke. The fast turning and movement in the game must effect me.

This isn't a joke.

Does anyone know something I can do to avoid this? It's ruining my fun. There's NOTHING worse than that feeling like you're about to vomit :(


Grinch2020 03-28-2002 11:58 PM

That's a bummer to hear Hoth. The only thing that I can think of right now is to just try and take breaks every once in awhile.
That or try plating like a real jedi and play blind-folded! :P

Neko Lain 03-28-2002 11:59 PM

Yeah, i know what you mean, i remember i started getting sick from playing wolfenstein, it was weird, but i couldent play it for more then 15 min.

Anyway, looks like your screwed.

Hoth 03-29-2002 12:00 AM

That's actually not a bad idea. I could only improve blindfolded LOL. :P

I suspect this is a "balance" thing. I know it happens to friends of mine. It's something to do with the "middle ear" and sea-sickness.


H-street 03-29-2002 12:01 AM

read the readme.txt they recommend turning off the sway option.. (the bobbing when you are running) they even mention that it makes some people sick.. so turn it off :-)

Hoth 03-29-2002 12:03 AM

Where exactly is the Readme txt. ?


HBK 03-29-2002 12:06 AM


Originally posted by Hoth
Where exactly is the Readme txt. ?


There is one on the CD in the Install folder

'CD drive'\Install\readme


H-street 03-29-2002 12:07 AM

sorry should have said.. its either on the CD or in the JK2 installed directory.

if you go through the options under Setup.. then Options.. it is called View Swaying....

StormHammer 03-29-2002 12:09 AM

I agree with H-Street. Turn off the swaying in the game configuration menus. You'll find it under Setup->Options->View Swaying. Make sure it's off, then try the game again. If you are still having problems, try setting the default movement to Walk to slow things down a bit.

The only game I ever had a problem with was the original Wolfenstein 3D...because I checked every damned wall for secrets...and I blame that for messing up my right eye... Used to make me dizzy. :(

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