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geekosphere 03-31-2002 07:55 PM

Rogue Squadron and Hercules Terminator 128/3D GLH
Just picked up Rogue Squadron for my kid and put it on the "family" puter. It is running Win98 AMD K6-2 350, 128MB, with a Hercules Terminator 128/3D GLH video card and a Sound Blaster PCI 128 Sound card. The sound is fine, and I can get to the setttings screen, but when ever we try to play the game it dies. I have installed the latest drivers for the card, DirectX 8.1 and keep my system up to date on WindowsUpdate.

The game works fine on "my" puter (Win98 AMD K6-2 400,, 128 MB with an ATi Rage 128 and on-board sound.)

Just wondering if any Jedi masters out there have any ideas.


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