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fortuneman 04-02-2002 03:32 PM

How do you guys have your custome controls for multiplayer?
I was just wondering how you guys have your keys laid out. The standard F-keys for the force powers are too cumbersome and I've tried to place them closer for easier access. I also wonder how many of you guys user your mouse and how many just use the keyboard. When I played Dark Forces 2, I just used the keyboard and not the mouse but force powers seemed to be more crucial and more often used then I'm finding in JK2. Anyways I'm just curious and if anyone wants to share please do so. I want to try to put the most often used and most crucial keys closer, I'm just not certain what those are yet. :). Thanks in advance.

BrainStorm 04-02-2002 05:45 PM

So far, I have my keys laid out the same way I do for all FPS games. The main ones are:

R-Ctl = move forward
R-Shift = move back
Z= strafe left
X= strafe right
C=Force Heal
MsWheel up=Force shove
Mswheel down=Lightsabre Combat Style

I just cant do the WASD or the arrow keys because it does not fit my hand well enough.

I am still experimenting with the others. I am considering a new mouse with two additional buttons.

Forhekset 04-02-2002 05:53 PM

My controls are as such:

Mouse button 1 - Primary Fire
Mouse button 2 - Move Forward
W - Secondary Fire
A - Strafe Left
S - Move Backward
F - Strafe Right
R - Next weapon
Q - Previous Weapon
G - Use
B - Sabre Stance
C - Crouch
Z - Previous Force Power
X - Next Force Power
Q - Force Push
E - Force Heal
D - Force Absorb
T - Force Pull
V - Bacta

Dan12R 04-02-2002 06:22 PM

lft mouse = primary fire
rht mouse = secondary fire
up = forward
down = backwards
left = strafe left
right = strafe right
shift = jump
ctrl = crouch
end = previous force power
pg down = next force power
delete = use force power
Then I use the numpad to assign diect force powers. Like num pad1 = force pull

remmius 04-03-2002 05:59 AM

esdf = movement (you figure it out)
r = saber style
q = seeing
a = speed
shift = grip
v = lightning
g = drain
t = push
space = jump
h = rage
mouse1 = primary att
mouse2 = 2ndary att
mwheelup + down = weap switching
(my mouse 3 + 4 dont work cause of gay windows 98)
b = bacta cannister

Red Solo 04-03-2002 06:19 AM

man, you use some wierd key combos!

I go for the standard wads movement and place the force powers around that.

z=up force powers
1-9 and mousewheel=weapons


t-man 04-03-2002 11:59 AM

What I have set up (for multiplayer), is the same keys for forces on the light and dark sides. There's too many buttons to map them all on a single keyboard map, so this is more convenient.

Just make two files with the bindings for light and dark, then replace some quick keys in jk2mpconfig.cfg:

bind F1 "exec lightforcekeys.cfg"
bind F2 "exec darkforcekeys.cfg"

Then hit the appropriate key (F1 or F2 in my case) after you've reconfigured your force powers.

As to what keys I use, I have push on the right mouse button always... yeah I use it a lot :) I also have the sabre stance toggle on my thumb button, I have a 5 button mouse

DragomanJK 04-04-2002 04:52 PM

t-man: THAT RULES!!!!
I use esdf, it seems better for asdf jkl; typers. also you have the A, Q, Z, W keys accessible much easier.
I guess now I will play around with keys more since it's so easy to change the config!!
awesome t-man...

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