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igloo 04-04-2002 04:45 PM

Help with lower bespin start
Ok i just started lower bespin and im stuck. Im pretty sure ive checked everywhere, but they all lead to dead ends! I went through the room with the ugnaught(sp) and took the elevator up. It lead to a big cylander room with pads that move up and down creating laser floors. As far as i can tell there are no exits from this room, and if i go to high up im instakilled. Am I going the right way, or have I missed something???

igloo 04-04-2002 05:15 PM

anyone know what im talking about??? guess ill go play some more mp for a bit :P

Kung_Food 04-04-2002 05:55 PM

u have to go to the room with those pads moving up and down, creating a forcefield .. once it's created, u've got to run (force speed might be useful ;) to the other side and jump on the pad .. it'll take u to the next level .. there u have to wait until the next ff is created and so on ..
at the highest level u should find a door .. at ur left .. or right ?

igloo 04-04-2002 06:17 PM

thats what i thought you had to do, but every time i try to go to the 3rd lvl I get instakilled... i guess ill try again tho.. thanks for the help :P

Kung_Food 04-04-2002 06:20 PM

maybe u got squished between the pad and .. somthing else ? ^^

or simply shot ?

igloo 04-04-2002 06:24 PM

well, you were right, every time i had previously tried going up to 3rd lvl, i wasnt in the exact center of the pad. Thus leading to the insta death. Thanks again for your help.

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