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IcedInferno 04-04-2002 07:03 PM

Stuck in Nar Shadda hideout
This level's name is "ns_hideout" just for clarity. I've included a pic as to where I am stuck in this level. There's a mine(trash) cart in front of me that I can force pull, but it doesnt move very far. There's a door to the right that is locked. The cart blocks the path... anyone know what to do?

Kung_Food 04-04-2002 07:11 PM

there are 2 ways, as far as i know
the one i used: crouch and push the cart behind .. that requires some patience, but it works .. then push the other

other, more 'normal', way ;) :
when you enter the room and walk straight ahead, you'll encounter a barrier out of crates and a door behind .. there's no way you could jump over that barrier .. but u can try to walk through one of those machines ..
there should be one without a cart underneath its .. pipe

IcedInferno 04-04-2002 07:53 PM

Oh, I'm way past that walk-thru-the-machine part. This is right after the huge room with all the boxes, and if you fall , you fall into a bottomless (maybe) pit.

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